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I love Harry Potter and I got an autographed picture from Daniel Radcliffe. If you want to see something really funny, google video "Twilight Spoof" it's by Evil Iguana Productions and its the funniest thing in the world, it's totally perfect for all the die-hard Twilight fans :)

ok so for those who care my favorite pairing is james/lily marauder era. uhhh i wanna bake cookies on taylor lautner's abs, kristen stewart sounds like a dude and should practice smiling more because she is pretty and I absolutely LOVE Vampire Diaries, the show, not the books, cus i nvr read the books but i hear their totally different than the series, so im gonna stick to the series.

yeahhh so i think m-rated stories are the most fun... DON'T JUDGE ME

also its hard for me to read twilight fanfic because no one can write just like stephanie meyers can.

aaron johnson from "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" is sooooooo hott and if he was engaged to the 42 yr old he knocked up, i wud personally fly to england to claim him as my own