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Hiya guys, I'm Luna and I'm here to give you proper profile filler about myself ;) since I usually correct myself a ton, for my profile I'll just type whatever comes to mind and you're just going to have to call off the grammar brigade ;o

So as you might have noticed I'm from Portugal, and I'm 27 years old. The reason I'm typing and writing in english instead of my mother tongue? Well, I don't really like how portuguese sounds, I think it's a language that has a hard time expressing emotion - you can basically say 'I love you' or 'I'm eating a mango' in the same boring, cold tone of voice. I fell in love with english watching romantic movies like "Dirty Dancing" (yes I'm OLD), blame my much older cousins, and set my heart to learn it as fast as I could. By age 10 I was having full conversations in english; at 12 discovered and played through the brilliantly done Broken Sword games, a series of point and click games entirely in english; by 14 I started reading english literature and I graduated from my english class with a 20/20 mark at 16 years old. Despite having come a long way I still have a LOT to learn; I appreciate when people know how to go beyond the grammatical errors and evaluate my work as an ensemble of creativity, imagination and dedication, beside my literacy.

Okay, so that was the boring part! Here's the fanfiction part of my profile you came to read ;)
I'm a total FFVIII nerd. NOT a fangirl - ten years later I can look back and tell you that I recognise the game is riddled with inaccuracies and plot holes. I can also tell you I'm at a love/hate relation with Square for leaving so much to the player's imagination; makes it hard to keep some things canon, both in romance and universe, but at the same times keeps things interesting and makes room for a lot of theories.

So here's the things you should expect to see in my stories:

x Draaaamaaaa. It ain't love if it doesn't hurt, babe!
x Tons of emotion. Some mushy, some serious. I like when it hits close to home.
x Theory dumps. When the main focus of the fic is romance I try to keep this to a minimum, but do kick my butt if I'm raving about the Ragnarok when Squall and Rinoa should be kissing 8D
x Character cameos and references. Makes me look witty, harhar.
x Secondary/tertiary/last resort mary-sues/OC's for the sole purpose of filling plot holes and getting away with smarmy comments. These will never ever be relevant to the story (see next point)
x CANON CANON CANON CANON. I'm a huge canon shipper; I don't care what you say, you didn't write the original fandom - unless you're expanding the fandom into the future I can't possibly fathom the reason for important original characters to exist within the timeline. You're welcome to prove me wrong, by the way.

That's it... I think.

Disclaimer: Disclaimers are dumb, I write fanfiction so obviously none of the characters/settings are mine. Derr. Avatar art (c) mogcaiz @ deviantart.

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