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_woot...I'm all about the team seven love!_

~"I'm a fangirl, not a writer."

...Therefore, all of my works are mostly due to plot-bunnies on crack! Lol! Hello my lovelies, and welcome to my delirious little corner of fanfiction! Not much to look at now but I hope in time there will be stories on here worth real praise. I write for fun and only, ONLY when my muse acts up. Trying to pump things out while I'm not in the mood never ends well...(I suck like that, lol).

Let's see...

About me: I LOVE anime! And that love has only worsened into an unhealthy obsession with Naruto! I’m 21, live in Florida and I enjoy reading. Books, fanfic, manga; anything that’ll free my warped little mind into a fun fantasy world! It makes me happy: ) (I’m such a nerd) My favorite book atm is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I wish to lick her for that wonderful little gift she has bestowed upon me, and I don’t care who knows it! .

Fanfic Likes:

- Anything team related: from the fluffy to the smuttilicious! (Team 7 being my utmost fav…how unoriginal I be).

-Crack-fics: If you can make me laugh, you’ve made my day!

-Crack-pairings: There’s nothing better than finding a pairing that have never even met one another and reading about exciting escapades that’ll never be, lol.

-Naru/Saku fics: …I know I know! But I just can’t help it! I think they’re both adorable and I can’t help but want it to really happen! (Mostly because Naru’s so cute and she just happens to be who he wants!) - go OTP:sigh: most their fandom does them no justice~myself included

Fanfic Dislikes: (even if they all have exceptions)

-Character bashing: WAH! Why:( it makes me sad. That ppl feel the need to cut a character down to build another one up…I just don’t get it. Just can’t read it. [Now, if it’s some sorta parody-fic I don’t got a problem. Those are never meant to be taken seriously. ~.~

-Character Death/Angst: Not that I have a real problem with this…I just tend to cry so easily when reading them, lol! Unless I’m mentally prepared I tend to stay away!

-Mpreg: If I know a story has Mpreg in it I just don’t tread there. Why? Because even in the world of ninjas I find things a little too farfetched. XD Now if I’ve begun an awesome story and smack dab in the middle of in there’s Mpreg I’m still going to keep reading til the end, no sense wasting good fanfic…I’m just not a big fan of it. :P

-Sasu/Saku: LOL! No, it’s not because of my whole Naru/Saku thing (I PROMISE)…Im just a grudge holder! The fact that so much pain went into trying to make that work, I just can’t imagine Sakura wanting to try again! It’s more of a personal view point of mine as I’m sure this pairing could happen in the manga (…maybe). (Now if you wanna throw Naru into the mix with them, I can't help but fall in love!)

-100 word drabbles: Oh boy. These little babies are nothing but a frikken fic tease! Lol. And there’s nothing worse than a really, really good one! I hate them (tho not really)! They always end way too soon!!!

_Team Seven foursome for the win!_

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Calling My Soul by Yira Heerai reviews
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Team Gai: Chronicles by Erisabesu reviews
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Sorry I Asked reviews
When Team 7 ask Kakashi seemingly innocent questions, no one was prepared for the answers that they would receive. KakaSakuNaruSasu ...yeah, you read right!
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