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Author has written 3 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender.

You know, I haven't really been active recently. I've dabbled in the earlier parts of 2010, but apart from that, I haven't been around since 2007. So I thought, now that my significant other is starting up some writing again, I would come on back and give my hand ago at writing an epic fiction (That's 100k words plus, which doesn't seem like that much when you think about it, but it's a challenge before I pack of for university). Not sure if I'm going to finish off/rewrite on of my older stories or crate a new one, but meh ;p

Name- Alex


Gender- I Get told often i'm a boy

Date of Birth- 1/1/1993

Location - England


The Final Battle: A story about life and death. The gang (but no Toph) go in to fight the Fire lord with heads held high. But when Aang is killed everything starts to go wrong. This story was my first one shot, hell it was my first story! It's done from Kataras and Aangs POV. Kataang and angest.

Last Man Standing: The war is over, the fire nation have been beaten. But wining the war has come with a price...Aang and Katara have died. Sokka is left telling their story, but soon the story is to painful for him to tell. He starts to hear voices, he starts to wonder If life is worth it without his friends. He decides to tell the story one more time. Kataang and angest (what can i say, angest is so much fun to write!). I'm really happy with this story, and hope you like it as much as i do!

Man In Black: The war long over, the fire lord is dead, and Aang...is missing. 7 Years later in Kataras home town, a tournement is held to pit the best benders in the world in battles, one on one, to find a champion. Everything is ready, all fighters have drawn on there bending skills, the swordsman there blades. But what happens when a stranger dressed in black turns up at the citys front door, asking to fight in the tournement, and still the question of where Aang is hangs in the air. AxK with a bit of SxT, and for once not an angest story!!

A little more about me


First off I love to write. I don't care what i'm writting, I love it all the same. It's strange that I love to write seeing as I'm boarder lined dislecsic and basicly rely on a spell check to keep my spelling under control, so if you find any spelling mistakes, tell me, but don't have a go, I'll be greatful.

I love to surf the web for forums that I can enjoy. I do that rarely now,because i just don't have the time, but i look at fictionally.net, ect for HP fanfics, I'm a sucker for them, so if you know any really good ones, tell me, and i'll go looking =D

As well as acting and sitting down next to a computer, I enjoy simply going out with mates, and just doing what ever any normal 14 year old guy would do, though for some reason everyone thinks I'm older then 14, don't know why.

Favorite TV shows:

Ok, might as well make a list.


-Family guy

-American Dad




Favorite Movies:

YAY! Another list!

-Green mile

-All the lord of the rings films

-Harry Potter 4/5 (lets face it, in 1/2/3 not one of the kids could act well, Danial being one of the worst, i still say they left out to much in all the films)

-Pitch black/ COR

-Blood River (just incase a mate of mine sees this and thinks i've forgoten her =P )

-Simpsons movie

-Final Fantasy spirits within

-Final Fantasy advent children

Favorite Games:

I'm a massive fan of the Final Fantasy games. I have every single one of the games, and most of them i've completed!

I also love the Zelda games. I've completed OOT,MM,WW and TP. as well as having all the older games, but never having the time to play them!

As well as Guild Wars I play WoW (world of warcraft). If anyone on Eonar is reading this, drop me a line on Twixle

Ohh I also play WC3 TT (warcraft 3 throzen throne)


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