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Yep, I'm MagmarFire. Not too much to say other than I'm a hardcore gamer, particularly for game series like The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank, Super Smash Bros., Pokémon, and others. I've also created a language based on the Sheikah in the Zelda series that I use sometimes in my fanfics, and I've been using it a bit in the RPG I'm making.

Typically, I hail from The Desert Colossus, a Zelda fansite devoted especially to lore and community. You'll see me there as a moderator of the forums; and we're a very jolly, albeit small, community, so pay a visit, will ya?

I also have a YouTube account, if you care. I don't have that many videos up except for Brawl videos, C showcases, and whatever. Truthfully, until I get a capture card and another game id, there won't be a whole lot of videos. However, if you want to see some more Brawl videos (I kind of doubt it XD ), check out my friend's channel. Commentary is also included.

Super Smash Bros. is, in my opinion, the greatest multiplayer franchise ever, and this is clearly evidenced by the fact that I wrote a Pokemon shipping story that revolves around its concept. Screw Halo and Guitar Hero (and all of the latter's numerous milk-ups...; I do like them both, though, so don't get any ideas)! Those of you who think that it's just a huge button-masher need to repent immediately, because it is not. Brawl is awesome, of course, even though Link is, once again, low on the tier list... T_T Brawl, however, is even better! Gameplay is slightly faster, there's more hitstun to perform true combos, characters are more balanced, and you can do a lot more crazy stuff that you couldn't do in it before. Character texture hacks and custom music come to mind--Fierce Deity Link and Squall Leonhart, anyone? But anyway, here's the link to it if you're interested.

Being an avid Internet user, I hardly watch TV anymore, but as far as anime goes, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is my absolute favorite. It is seriously one of the most inspirational, epic, and downright awesome shows I've ever seen; and its theme of never giving up and "do the impossible and kick reason to the curb!" is what more people need to hear. If you have heard of the show and never took the time to take a look at it, you should be simply ashamed of yourself. Redeem yourself of the sin by opening a new tab in your browser and experiencing the glory that must be seen to be believed. (Just so you know, it's up for viewing on YouTube; completely legal, as it's uploaded by one of the distributors! Go check it out right now!) Avatar: The Last Airbender is my favorite show as far as American-made television shows are concerned. I really don't want to have to choose favorites between the two, lest I hurt one of the shows' feelings. T_T

I am also a large fan of Advanceshipping. C'mon, Ash and May fit so nicely together; two adjacent jigsaw pieces in a puzzle, I say! And when it comes to Advanceshipping fics, no one can beat PikamasterADV (there are those that come very close, but he's still top tier in my book XD ). If you're an Advanceshipper, check out his spectacular fics, which are sure to leave a fluttery feeling inside you. That's right--PikamasterADV is, like, the deity of Advanceshipping, and don't you forget it!

Another pairing I love, too, is Rion (Riku/Xion) in Kingdom Hearts. Surely fans have noticed how horribly unpaired Riku is: any chances he's had with Kairi (or Naminé, from what I've heard in a few places) have been flattened, rolled up, and tossed aside. Now I dare you to challenge me when I say that that's not fair! Because it isn't! Riku needs someone, too! D: Plus, Xion is freaking adorable, and based off of scans given to us over the past few months, the pairing is incredibly cute. I mean, just look at them! :D As of September 2010, I still consider this one of my OTPs. Loyalty! For great justice!

Thanks to my friend Matt, I've (as of early 2011) become quite the fan of Marta/Emil from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Man, the scene at Altamira was simply mind blowing... Of course, their interactions throughout the game were awesome in general, even if it was mostly Marta doing all the initiating. The girl is relentless, I tells ya! (Perhaps you should expect a fic in the future to help counterbalance the disappointingly short supply of Marta/Emil fics on FF(dot)net after I get over my laziness to finish writing those Rion and Zelink fics? Wink, wink.)

Here is the current list of my fanfics that have TV Tropes pages (I encourage you to go through them and edit them!):

Under the Great Tree

UPDATE (1/2/12):

Happy new year, everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that Under the Great Tree, my first ZeLink fan fiction, is now ready for reading. Contrary to what I said it would be in a previous update, it does not, in fact, cover Spirit Tracks, but Skyward Sword. Therefore, there are spoilers; most of them are subtle, except maybe the description, but I'd like to have a clear conscience. Read at your own risk! When you're done with that, feel free to check out the TV Tropes page and edit it to your leisure!

Other than that, writing has been really slow. I guess you could say it's come to a complete halt because of all the college stuff that's been going on. And laziness. I warned you to not hold your breath on anything, so it's not like you didn't expect this, right?

So, anyway, until inspiration strikes again (which it probably will before long), enjoy the new year!

UPDATE (3/11/10):

Yeah, I'm late in saying this, I know. After many, many months waiting, Event V of Teching Cupid's Arrow is now up and ready for reading. With that, the tale has come to a close. I hope you enjoy reading it and tell me what you think!

With that said, I don't think I'll be writing another Advanceshipping fic anytime soon. As fun as it was incorporating a whole crapload of Nintendo properties in one work of writing, I must say that I'm not familiar enough with the anime to write more about it. All the back-info I had on it was what I had heard around the fandom and what I had read in other Advanceshipping fics. It was a good pool of inspiration while it lasted, but I'm sorry to say that's all I have. I won't say that I won't write another one later, but the odds of inspiration; motivation; and a good, interesting plot striking me are rather slim. I do plan on adding a TCA trivia section here later, but that's it as far as Advanceshipping goes. :(

Rion, on the other hand, still has much potential for writing in it. Weeks ago, I started, yet, another one (not the multichaptered one, unfortunately), but due to a loss of motivation and a desire to limit the number of simultaneous projects, I stopped. However, with TCA now completed, I feel ready to continue it as soon as the creative inspiration comes back to me. For the sake of the lack of Rion representation, I should probably get to it soon... So expect that!

As for The Legend of Zelda...yeah, The Master Sword Chronicles is officially on an indefinite hiatus (but I'm sure you already knew that). I can't say when I'll get back to it, or if I ever will, so if you were looking for another update, sorry. But that's not necessarily what I want to say!

With Spirit Tracks out, I actually got motivation for a short ZeLink story, if you can believe it. Therefore, you can actually expect either this or the Rion fic later, or possibly one inspired by Zelda Wii when it comes out a few months from now. ;)

Well, that's it. I have quite the to-do list... So anyway, this is MagmarFire, telling you to have a happy belated Brawl Day!

UPDATE (7/14/09):

A new fanfic? Seriously? A NEW FANFIC!? In only a little more than two weeks after the previous update!? What's going on here? Am I crazy!?

I dunno. You decide. XD

But yes, a new fanfic is, surprisingly, up and running. It isn't the multichaptered idea I had in mind after I wrote "Xion's Protector," but after hearing "Full Moon" by Sonata Arctica, I was inspired to make a homage to it with a romantic tragedy. ...Yes, it is a tragedy. Don't expect a fluff-filled story this time...even though that would be nice to have. So be sure to check it out! I still have plans to write the other idea I had, but I really wanted to get this one out of the way. Plot bunnies can be...vicious, as you know. DX

Anyway, this is MagmarFire saying that "He's a Pirate" Pirate Ship in Brawl == epic win!

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