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Author has written 6 stories for Warriors, Twilight, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

For my Leafpool vs. Squirrelflight poll Leafpool got 64 percent and Squirrelflight 36 percent. It was who was Jaypfeather's mom. Thanks for the polls.

Age: Guess

Hair color: dark brown-black

Eyes: kind of a heather-chocolate brown

Favorite Color: Crimson and black (just like Shadow)

Favorite Books/ Comics:

-Warriors (kitties and fighting)

-Naruto (blood. Gaara!)

-Bleach (blood)

-Twilight seires (vampires, who can't love this book)

-Sonic the Hedgehog (Shadow!)

-Harry Potter (I have all 7 =D; but Twilight and Warriors are better)

Favorite Songs:

I Am All of Me (Crush 40)

-Before he Cheats (Carrie Underwood)

-Backward (Rascal Flats)

-Sweet Escape (Gwen Staffani)

-Kyptonite (3 Doors Down)

-Bless the Broken Road (Rascal Flats)

-Citizen Solider (3 Doors Down)

Favorite Movies/ Plays:

-Work and the Glory (great movie that portals the truth)

-Iron Man (action packed and funny)

-The Incredible Hulk (can't go wrong with the classics)

-Batman Begins (Batman's my favorite I loved this move).

Favorite Quotes:

-Why's all the rum gone? . . . Oh that's why. -Pirates of the Caribbean

-When Maria said 'save everyone, give humanity a chance to be happy' which part of that sounded like 'unleash havoc and bring Armageddon?' (-Sonic) . . . Selective hearing (-Shadow) Sonic Outakes made by Sonic the Hedgehog on Smack Jeeves

-Shake me, I'll burst from this egg and hunt you down. (Evil chao egg from Sonic Outtakes, made by same guy as in quote 2)

-We're all mortal (-Priest during Josh's funeral on Moonlight)

-It's a cruel world, ain't it great? (A comedian on CSI)

-We're not retreating. We're advancing in a different direction. (?? Saw it in an email from a friend)

-Hell's not so bad when you have an angel with you . . . (-Emmett Cullens, Twilight deleted chapter except)

-One by One the penguins steal my sanity. (-online joke)

-It's only funny until someone gets hurt . . . then it's hilarious! (-Common T-shirt seen at school. It's true)

-It's all fun and games until the cops show up. (-Common T-shirt seen at school. It's true)

-Don't make me sic my flying monkeys on you. (-Common T-shirt at school)

-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I will kill your family. (-Dane Cook's speak n' spell)

-The thought; a pig-bat, flying out of hell with three snowballs chasing it comes to mind. (-My dad when he was drving me to school, he was thinking about the most unlikly thing possible)

-Great green globs of greasy, grimy gopher guts. Mutilated monkey meat. Chopped-up parakeet. French fried eye balls rollin' up the dirty street. And I forgot my straw. (-A bit sick but yet so funny. This is the version my dad and me sing.)

-Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not all out to get me. (-One of my drama teacher's famous lines.)

-You'd have to be odd to appreciate how odd we truly are. (-Me after coming home from play practice on a Thrusday.)

-We leave the rest of them wondering what the hell is going on. (-My day on the day as the one before this quote.)

-For the young, and for the young-at-heart; do not under any circumstances, try this at home. You will kill yourself! (Criss Angel Mindfreak before the car hits him and he vanishes completely safe inside the SUV.)

-In this case they said: the king is dead, long live the queen. (The Work and the Glory 3: Truth Will Prevail)

-We're bringing moderatly attracted back (-school dramam T-shirt this year)

-Breaking more legs then the Sopranos (-school drama T-shirt)

-Hello, is this Nina's Photography, I heard you shoot people and pets? Yeah, well, I've got this girlfriend and her parents don't like me . . . (-Senior in high school drama. Nina's Photography not owned by me.)

Favorite Parings:


-Firestar X Sandstorm (come on as long as he's in ThunderClan he might as well fall in love with someone who looks a bit like him)

-Stormcloud X Brook (I will find all who say otherwise)

-Brambleclaw X Squirrelflight (come on opposites attract, its like Bella X Edward, only without the vampire and werewolf mess)

-Goldenflower X Tigerstar X Sasha (great triangle)

-Brightheart X Cloudtail (go home Dasiy! Simplier is better)

-Heatherpaw X Lionpaw (cute, their Clans is in the way though)

-Redtail X Lily (its another writer's fanfict paring Silverpool's not mine almost like my Darkstripe X Tawny paring)

-Darkstripe X Tawny (my paring, but its almost as cute as Silverpool's Darkstripe X Lily paring)


-Bella X Edward (they were meant to be)

-Rosalie X Emmett (shallow princess and the bear hunter makes a lot of sense)

-Jasper X Alice (conlonial solider and freak of freaks. Nice)

-Charlisle X Esme (who else?)

-Jacob X Leah (I hoped for this paring in the fourth book, I can't believe what I got instead! But this is on here for my sanity's sake)

(-Sonic the Hedgehog-)

-Shadouge (come on, its obivous she likes him, and him her, my favorite pairing of all time)

-Sonsal (who can say more about it, it was too bad they split up though, real pitty that Sonic was kind of a cheater with a lot of girl. And let's not forget the little fact that, she came first!)

-Sonamy (okay, you guys have got me on board with this paring. I admit its likable, but Sonsal will always be first in my book.

-Ash X Mina X Tails (I want to see a triangle-couple fighting. Besides BrambleXSquirrelXAsh)

-Knuckles X Julie-Su (strong duo, Rouge is only trying to make Shadow jealous)

-Silvaze (Silvaze, nice paring name, cute couple)

(-Sonic the Comic-)

-Sonic X Amy X Jonny (I just wanted to see Sonic and Jonny fighting it out, too bad Super killed Jonny before things could really start)

-Ebony X Super (S.T.C she's always taking about him and what a 'good' guy he is it could work. Espicially when the 'pacifist' went out and killed Jonny. Another joke idea)

Shortfuse X Techno (S.T.C paring, there's really no one else for the other)

(-Harry Potter-)

-Harry X Ginny (I've warmed up to the idea)

-Ron X Herminone (cute)


-Mick X Beth (its cute, he's her guardian)


-Naruto X Hinata (cute couple, only because I don't like Gaara X Hinataor Naruto X Sakura)

-Sasuke X Sakura (cute couple, reminds me of Ebony X Super)

-Gaara X Sakura (I've warmed up to it thanks to a close friend, reminds me a bit of Shadow X Rouge)

-Shikamaru X Temari (cute couple)

Least Favorite Parings:


-Ashfur X Squirrelflight (yah, no. Squirrelflight belongs to Brambleclaw end of story, what's more AshXSquirrel is Twilight's JacobXBella to me)

-Bluestar X Tigerstar (he hate her, she hates him, need I go on)

-Thornclaw X Whitewing (he's her aunt! Come on, how sick are you people?)

-Firestar/heart/paw X Bluestar (come on, she's old enough to be his grandmother!!)

-Spiderleg X Daisy (WT# you've got to be kidding me!! She's got to be old enough to be his mom!)


-Shadamy (Shadow belongs with Rouge, so what Amy made him cry?!)

-Shadow X Tikal (really? sorry for my attitude but, where do you people get this?! When have they met in the real comics? Never, Project Shadow came after Chaos in both the comics and the series, they never meet)

-Sonadow (really I don't see how you people can agree with this paring, this sends creeps up my spine)

-Shadow X Cosmos (when I saw this one I was laughing, Shadow tried to kill Cosmos, I see no reason for the paring)

-Shadow X Cream (WT#! I can see a father-daughter relationship but this is insane)

-Knuxouge (look at Shadow X Amy, Rouge only wants the Master Emerald and wants to make Shadow jealous. It's true)

-Sonic X Tails or Knuckles (look at Shadow X Sonic, really its the same thing. People pairing up straight characters and making them look gay, not cool. If the characters are already gay its okay, but when they're not)

-Shadow X Silver (sorry, but I have to say to this pairing too: has the thought ever crossed your mind that they may be releated!?)

-Sonic X Fonia (She used him! Sonic belongs with Sally or maybe Amy)

-Sonic X Sonia (don't ask, I saw this one on Smack Jeeves, I didn't make this one! I will track down who did though and question his/her sanity)

-Shadow X Mina (I don't know how you people get these ideas, they don't really meet that much)

-Sonaze (cool paring name but I prefer Silvaze and Sonsal)


-Bella X Jacob (does Isabella/Bella Black or Jacob Swan sound good to you, think AshXSquirrel)

-Charlisle X Bella (I can't believe this is even a paring!)

-Edward X Rosalie (Rose has Emmett, Edward has Bella)


-SasukeX Naruto (I don't like gay parings, sorry if that hurts your feelings but I don't like them)

-Naruto X Sakura (they're both paired up with something else)

-Ino X Shikamaru (they fight too much for me to believe it could work out)

You are a REAL Sonic fan when:

1) You stopped liking SEGA in 2002

2) You write numerous Sonic fictions which are very similar to each other, but slightly different

3) Sonic is one of three characters you use on Brawl (You don't use anyone else)

4) You wouldn't care if SEGA stopped making Sonic games now, but you'd die if someone repossessed all your Sonic stuff

5) You have your favorite Sonic pairings and you don't change your mind about them EVER

6) You prefer the Old-school games to the 3D Next-Gen crap we have nowadays (some acceptions)

7) There isn't a day gone by when you haven't done SOMETHING to do with Sonic

8) Your heart leaps whenever you see Sonic, or a different character, anywhere

9) Your favourite song is a Sonic game theme tune

10) You buy every Sonic product you see, no matter how crap, fake, expensive or many you own

Copy and Paste the above into your profile if you are a TRUE Sonic fan

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(-Upcoming Stories-)

Hot Shot- (sequel to Rouge's FamilyIssues) Shadow's been framed for a crime he actually didn't commit! Now him and Rouge have to find out the team responsible before everything goes up in flames.

Fanning the Flames- Sonic must uncover dark secrets when a bloodthirsty, vengeance seeking team called the Dark Army arises. And it will take more then strength or speed to stop the Dark Army from their goal; the total destruction of every major city on Mobius.

Futuristic Crisis- When the Dark Army and the Freedom Fighters are visited by three guests who claim to be from the future the world they know is turned up-side-down. And to stop the instanty that will torture the good and shift the evil; Shadow must not only turn to the newcomer Robin, but he must discover where he stands himself.

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Baby Bella by x-NeonQueen-x reviews
What will happen when Edward finds a little baby that has some how survived a accident. What does this little baby have in store for the Cullens. Later on EXB. Rated M for later chapters.
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 63 - Words: 54,547 - Reviews: 1476 - Favs: 1,089 - Follows: 523 - Updated: 1/1/2017 - Published: 9/28/2009 - Bella, Edward - Complete
Life Could Have Been So Different by Taranea reviews
Someone has died and Sonic finds himself unable to pick up the pieces. But when Mobius has already given up on its hero, Shadow drops in from a storm, intent on finding out whether there isn't a bit of spirit left. To coax Sonic out of his shell, the black hedgehog starts to tell him about his past...and what REALLY happened aboard the ARK. Shadow's childhood, now COMPLETE.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 56 - Words: 209,438 - Reviews: 1517 - Favs: 605 - Follows: 338 - Updated: 10/21/2014 - Published: 2/23/2007 - Shadow, Sonic, Maria R., Gerald R. - Complete
You've Got Voicemail! by FrostFire15 reviews
Give the Clans some cell phones and what do you get? Prank calling, horrible ringtones, annoyed toms in Starclan, and a crazy new prophecy that is sure to end the warrior world as we know it - until the appropriate cat saves everyone, of course. Ha, and you thought that AIMS and emails were bad...
Warriors - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 9,381 - Reviews: 469 - Favs: 113 - Follows: 97 - Updated: 9/29/2013 - Published: 12/12/2006 - Firestar, Bramblestar, Tigerstar, Crowfeather
The Book of Shadow by Lady Spritzy reviews
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Possession by Strange Hearts reviews
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Warrior Cats Letters reviews
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