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Hey there!

I want to explain myself a little to you okay? okay :)
I am a complete anime/manga freak and can watch pratically anything anime related. My name is Jaclyn and I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and I'm a teenager. Thats the most your getting of my age. I like to write, mainly poems, but every once in a while I'll write a story like the three I'm working on now. My fav color is green and I can be completely random at the oddest of times. I like to roleplay and I cheer for my school. I'm able to tumble but don't do it that often. Well okay, bye!!

my favorite manga/anime:

inuyasha (anime)
kamikaze kaitou jeanna (anime/manga)
fruits basket (anime)
naruto (anime/manga)
.hack//LotT (anime/manga)
death note (anime)
absolute boyfriend (manga)
full metal alchemist (manga/anime)
kilala princess (manga)
chibi vampire (manga)
ultra manic (anime/manga)
hikaru no go (anime/manga)
bleach (anime)
vampire knight (anime)
ouran high school host club (anime)
gothic sports (anime)
tokyo mew mew (anime/manga)
tokyo mew mew a la mode (manga)
sugar sugar rune (manga)
scrapped princess (anime/manga)
mamotte lollipop (manga)
ultra cute (manga)
and a whole lot more (ill add them as I remember)

I'm working on a tokyo mew mew fanfic literally right now and boy, I'm so excited about it! TMM is my new anime craving though I've watched/read it for quite a while but it's gonna have a lot of Ryou and Ichigo fluff. Mild Masaya bashing, don't read if you don't like.

I appreciate helpful tips for my writing but I hate being flamed. I mean, what's the point in reading and taking time to review if you don't like it? I mean COME ON!! I wouldn't read something I don't like then go and make a stupid comment on it. I would probably check it out, if I didn't like it but the writing was good, leave a comment around something like 'Hey, I think your writing is really great but I hate to say that it's not really my type of story to read keep up the good work though...' blah blah all depends on the story I'm writing. Well ok...

Well, I'm so happy. On July 31 I will be turning 1...nope still not getting my age. Haha, but I'm gettin my motocycle lisence and I can't wait. Well, okie doke...I"m like really bored.

My song obbsession at the moment is The Waffle Song by, well I don't know who it is by but if you do, will you please message me and tell me so I can give this great random song writer my greatest thanks -

You can find me on username is KikiBunny23 or Sakura Blossoms. The web address is really long and I don't feel like writing it so get over it...oh, and if you are going to persacon for 2008, message me and we can meet up. Wow, my bio thing gets longer each sentence I write. Haha...but maybe its letter...ah whatever it is.

Leave me some random junk, send me a message or what not. I get bored a lot and I'll attempt to respond. Well byeas.

Jaclyn JK

~~~~~~~~~~~The Stuff below the squiggles is random junk...if ya don't wanna read it then skip down the rest of the page

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1. There is a very rude author called Flame Rising. Flame Rising flames everyone pardon the pun. So if Flame Rising flames you don't feel bad, just know that you are not alone. Flame Rising also uses curse words -_-

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2 but I am working on another and have ideas for another

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6 Weeks Alone


The Story after the Story

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6 Weeks Alone

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6 Weeks Alone

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Do you update frequently? I really have to answer that looks guilty

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Yes...but I have a character POSSIBLY coming in for 6 Weeks Alone don't get your hopes up though...I'm not very creative

What's your newest story?

The Story after the Story

Are any of your fanfictions based on things that happened to you in real life?

Yes, but its just mainly a spur of the moment mixed in with the reality of my life

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