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Name: You can call me "tezu"

Age: I'm legal, no worries

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Reading fanfiction...a lot of it...:D Oh, writing too! XD

Email address: leave me a message if you want it...=)

Other Sites you can find me: livejournal, insanejournal, youtube


Okay, so I've changed and added a few things aka Klaine to my name...well, thats because I am currently obsessed with that pairing and I am even more obsessed with Darren and Chris. I absolutely love Klaine, its like the epitome of all couples on GLee! Anyway, thanks for stopping by, I hope you check out my stories! I'll be updating this more sometime soon! :D

N O T E :

August 26, 2011

I decided to delete The Dominant Bottom and then reposted it again because I've received a very disturbing review from a reader even though I've given a lot of warnings at the start of the story. To the offensive anonymous reviewer, I understand that it was not your cup of tea but please understand that it was a fill in a glee kink meme and I dont deserve your bashing because as I've said before, I GAVE A FREAKING FAIR WARNING! If you didnt like it, then why didnt you just leave?



More Than Your Captain

More than your captain is the first story that I have written here in fanfiction. The story revolves mainlya about Tezuka and Ryoma. As mention in my personal data, I'm addicted to TezuRyo pairing so this is the effect of that addiction. The story starts with the first time Tezuka and Ryoma met-- at Seishun Gakuen, where they found out about their tennis and their feelings for each other. As time pass the two finally became an official couple, but can they defend their love for each other in the future? This story is both funny and romantic. It tackles the daily problems of lovers. Its not rated M so little people can read it. But I'm sure I'll make the next one rated M. I'm not sure If I'm still going to put it though, I'd have to see the results of MTYC so please check it out and leave your reviews. Thank you!

Ryoma's Inspiration

This story is VERY M rated. I do not advice little children to read this. This, unlike MTYC is very detailed in stuffs not suitable for young audience. It's point of view is in the future, not like in MTYC which is in the junior high stage. If you guys are thinking that this will be the outcome of MTYC then you're quite wrong. Sure, they would have sex in the future but it would be different. This fic reflects the love of Kunimitsu and Ryoma as adults and as proffesional tennis players who have been separated from each other for a while now and decided to show their love one night after going to their hotel/apartment. Please read this if you know you're old enough. Thank you!

Sacrifice Is The Best Form Of Love

Originally a threesome but my mind suddenly went crashing and my tezuryo side had taken over so it ended up as tezufuji at first then as tezuryo in the end...T_T Yeah, so basically thats how my mind change from one thing to another... The story started out with Mitsu and Syusuke being boyfriends but when Ryoma comes, he invades Tezuka's mind and it ended up being a tezuryo... I actually kept changing my mind on the last chapter: If I wanted it to be a threesome or not... because reviewers kept bugging me about making it a threesome instead...but I was a hardhead and refused... so its a tezuryo and I think Fuji's haunting me for it... Well, I'm not that rude, I made Atobe for him! XD So I hope anyone who reads this will be tempt to read the real story and review. Thank you!

Chapter/s Written For A Story Not Mine:

Vampiric Dream: Chapter 7

This is the first thing I have ever written in Fanfic. It's an alternative to the continuation of Vampiric Dream by YaoiIsLove. I would like to encourage all who peekes at this corner of mine to read this story. It's an interesting AU about vampires and I'm very glad I took part in one of the chapters in this story. Though the spelling's weren't checked and the there was no paragraph at all, I think I should explain that it was just send through PM so I think YaoIsLove was too busy to put the paragraphs. If you want the better version (as well as edited) you can PM me and leave your email. I'll send it there! =) This chapter was written in courtesy of my dream, I really couldnt stop thinking of the next chapter so I ended up asking YaoIsLove if I could give her my writing. She was very kind to accept it, since that was my first writing. I very much enjoyed writing my first chapter and I was very luck YaoIsLove allowed me and even granted me the privileged of my chapter being known to everyone. You can see there are lots of errors in it, I was very inexperienced back then and I hope I've gotten better now. Everyone, please read Vampiric Dream, it's a great story! I guaranty!

Borrow My Glasses: Pillar Pair vignettes: Chapter 8

Another M rated chapter written for a very appreciative Seyyan. I understand that vignettes aren't supposed to have endings but what I meant was that her story was not having "happy" endings. I guess she misunderstood that part, well it doesnt matter now. XD In this chapter I had continued the ending of Chess. I thought that killing Tez was a sin back then so I kinda talked to Seyyan and she challenged me to continue the chapter and I couldnt be any happier! This is my very first MPREG chapter so I was very excited on writing it. I didnt actually thought much in this story, I just wrote whatever my heart and mind were agreeing. This story has a good 4,000+ words and I think I was able to express my thoughts in this chapter very much. Chess is about Tez as a Prime Minister who sacrificed his life for their prince - Ryoma and now I made a continuation for it because like I said before - I hate killing Tez. Again, to everyone who stumbles upon my humble profile, please try Borrow My Glasses: Pillar Pair vignettes, its a wonderful story filled with different generes of one-shots that you guys like!

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