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Welcome to My Profile!

It's been more than two years since I've updated this profile! These days I put my creativity into arranging a cappella music and writing my own songs, but it's so cool come back and see where it all started. Apparently I still get views to my profile, which is awesome in itself, and I wanted to thank everyone who's still reading my stories even though I'm a bit washed up.

I never thought I would be one of those older users that "moved on" but it looks like I am. I hope you all enjoy the stories I still have up, regardless of the age I wrote them (I think The Applekit Series was 11 years old?). There's no better outlet than writing, so my advice to future readers, keep doing it. It's great practice, and a really interesting way to see what makes you, you.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Don't let your plot bunnies run away! (Do people still say that? I feel like an old fogey.)


My Stories

These are my thoughts on all my stories that I’ve written so far.

1. The Applekit Series (1,2,3): I wrote this about two years ago when I first joined the site, which was introduced to me by my good friend, whose penname I have lost along the years. I’ll go and find it some other time. Applekit’s Adventures are the typical adventures of a n00b author (though I like to think it has more plot than some of the fics on this site), and I keep it up to remind me how horrible and n00b-ish I used to be. I lost interest in the series partway through the third, and never finished it.

2. What if Warrior Cats played baseball?: The second one of my n00bie fics, it’s written in script-form, yet another reason I shudder when I think how bad I used to be. Like the title says, what if they played baseball? Of course they can’t. They’re cats. What was I thinking?

3. Why Won’t Squirrelflight Tell Me?: Brambleclaw’s very short journal entries of when Squirrelflight is pregnant. They’re short, and sweet, and I laugh when I see the review count, because they’re such short chapters but people love them anyway. xD One of my better fics from my n00by days.

4. Battle of the Clans: Very vague oneshot that came to me while playing soccer. It was better in my head. Not good at all.

5. The Mossy Rock: As one of my reviewers said, “You’re a cat! Meow!” This is me as a cat (yet another sign of a Mary-Sue), in a made-up clan, where I find… a computer. Originally, I was going to have my Applekit story characters come to life, but alas, I lost my plot bunny and I stopped writing it.

6. The Nine Have Come: My breakthrough story, that started when I was a n00b, but ended when I realized how horrible I used to be. It was the third chapter story that I finished, and I am extremely proud of how it came out, and how not-sue-ish the characters are. Again, I’m happy with how it came out, and I’m never going to take it down. :)

7. Talking Things Out: My first Harry Potter fic that I posted. A oneshot about Lily and James, and how they became friends after they’re hostile meetings. I know that they became friends during their fifth year, and didn’t date until 7th, but I didn’t know that when I wrote it! I’m not that proud of it, but it’s okay.

8. Into The Wild: The Movie: A lot of people expect a script, but I learned from my more n00by days. This is the actual story of Into The Wild: The Movie, and how the cats audition for roles and such. Follows Sunpaw and his rise to fame for playing Firepaw in the first installment of the movies. I’m a couple chapters in, but I lost interest. I may pick it back up someday in the future.

9. Clouded Skies: A story of a Hero: After reading about the Ancients in Outcast, I came up with this little fic, and it isn’t far from what Long Shadows had to say about them! Go me, and my pwnsome future skillz. It’s okay, a little choppy in the flashbacks, but at least I had the lines this time!

10. Muggle Studies Mayhem: A super long oneshot that’s set during James and Lily’s 6th year. They get a project, and Lily and the other Marauders decide to play a trick on James. It’s a little confusing, and could have been written better, but I did enjoy writing all 17 pages of it. I may go back and edit it so it’s a little less confusing. I forgot the paragraph rulers here, which adds to the confusion.

11. A Sun’s Flame: Has anyone ever written about Firestar’s parents? I originally wrote this as a trailer in my plot bunny journal, but I decided to write it out, just vaguely. It’s a oneshot, and it’s confusing because all my rulers disappeared because FF deleted them. I’m a little fond of it, and I think it’s pretty original.

12. Heartbroken: My plot bunny for a while was set on this story. ApplexBirchxWhitexSpiderxDaisy… Commence huge love triangle! I wanted to write out the story of Applenose’s love with Birchfall, how he realizes forbidden loves don’t work, falling in love with Whitepaw, who’s in love with Spiderpaw who loves her back, but gets Daisy pregnant by accident while he was on catnip, and decides to stay with her for the kits. Heartbroken, Whitepaw falls for her other best friend, Birchpaw and they have two kits. Dovekit and Ivykit (stupid Erin Hunter, naming her kits. Grrr…) I meant to write this, and maybe I will. I hope I do.

13. My Hard Decision: Drabbles are actually supposed to be 100-200 words, so here are two drabbles, one of them about Leafpool’s decision to go back to the clans, the other a BrightxCloud for Fwirleh’s birthday.

14. Warriors News Network: The WNN tells all about the latest fandom problems, and what’s been going on lately. I believe I wrote it right after The Sight came out? I haven’t done another chapter, but I may soon.

15. I Want You: Duncan uses a pick up line on Courtney. She responds. “You so want me.” Courtney rolled her eyes and looked away. She could almost feel Duncan’s dominant expression on his face. She turned back to him and replied, “You’re right, I do. I want you Duncan.” Not what you think at all… ;) Go girlpower! Gotta love DuncanxCourtney. I love this little drabble, and I plan on keeping it forevah.

16. I’ll Wait For You: A oneshot on how Whitewing feels when Ashfur’s in luv with Squirrelflight. AshxWhite is a couple here, though I usually don’t ship it. I started shipping it when DaisyxSpider became cannon. My second choice for Whitewing was Ashfur, but then he went loco… Ah well. I like this oneshot, it’s not dark, but it has a lot of emotion.

17. StarClan’s Newest Prophecy: Humorfic. I’ve been doing a lot of those lately! Jayfeather mocks StarClan’s prophecy, because it was so easy to figure out, but then it really turns out to be something else… Poor Jayfeather. This oneshot was written when I was mad at people (and the Erin’s) for making the prophecies so easy to decipher.

18. Vegetarian Vampire: My only Twilight oneshot. What would happen if an actual vegetarian, became a vegetarian vampire? I wonder what Stephenie Meyer would do. Hm. Makes ‘ya think, huh? That’s why I wrote this. Because it felt too weird to call them ‘vegetarian vampires.’

19. Movie Night: Yet another Humorfic. I was a little weirded out by the badguy in Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian having a lisp. So I had Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, the essence of badguys, discuss it. Yes, it’s random. I love it.


Grassy Leaves

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