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Author has written 5 stories for Danny Phantom.

Name: Desi (for short)

Age: 18

About me:
I love watching anime and cartoons and I love reading manga.

Favorite Cartoon: Danny Phantom

Favorite Anime: One Piece, Gintama and Bleach

Favorite Manga: Full Metal Panic Sigma

About my Stories

(This is just some random information about the stories I've written, and any that I plan on writing! Enjoy!)

Error's Love

I really love this story actually, but the problem with it was that I knew how I wanted it to start and how I wanted it to end, but in the middle I was somewhat iffy. Even now I am able to see how I've improved as a writer from chapter 1 to chapter 35. I don't like how I wrote in the beginning, I feel like I was just giving a half-a*ed attempt at making it sound good. The chapters are short and not well detailed because I was just trying to get to the action, I really wish I had edited my work while I was doing it, I think it would be much better!

Chapter 35 on the other hand is definitely my favorite thing I've ever written. I took my time going through it and making the corrections I needed, and in the end I love it! I happily re-read the last chapter and think to myself "this is great!" but of course that's my opinion. Others might dislike it. Everyone can have their opinion of course!

I was excited to pretty much re-write the entire Danny Phantom series. In Error's Love, Danny wasn't turned into a half-ghost by his parents, in fact Jack and Maddie aren't even his real parents. I of course love the cartoon DP and wouldn't ever dream of changing it, but I was thinking to myself "what if THIS happened..." and sort of went with the idea!

I was going to have it end up being a whole "government conspiracy" sort of thing where he was created as a weapon for war, buuuut I ended up going with the idea that some crazed scientist created him for his own goals!

If you haven't read Error's Love, I would definitely say it's my best work. The beginning sort of sucks, but it definitely picks up as it goes on!

Error's Rival

Ah yes. Error's Love did sort of end on a cliff-hanger. I can understand why people wanted me to write a sequel. And I gave in to people's suggestions. I was very happy that people liked my story and wanted me to continue, so I did. Aaand, if you haven't noticed, this story has yet to be completed. It's not because I don't know what I want to have happen, when writing Error's Love, I had everything all planned out! But I was going to leave some of it up to the reader to decide. But now I guess I'll just be revealing everything by the time Error's Rival ends.

I don't particularly love how this story is coming out. I mean, I like the ideas, but the words just don't seem to work well with what I wanted.

At the moment, Shattered Tears and Guilty are the ones I have my focus on right now though.

Angel of Darkness

This was the second story that I ever completed. And it ended up exactly how I wanted. Which makes me very happy! It is a much darker story than any of my other ones, because the main character is a villain. I normally have the main character as the hero of course, so this was a big leap for me! Also, I decided to do this story from first person POV, which is also something I had never done before! I really wanted to the readers to know what was going on within Trinity's head, which ended up being awesome to write!

A little bit of background.
I started writing the story a long time ago (at least a year before I posted this online), and originally, I had the main character named "Tyson", sound familiar? There's a character in AoD named Tyson who is somewhat of a main character, but not THE main character. HE (not a girl, like Trinity) was going to be Danny Phantom's son who didn't know him, and was going to overtime learn to use his powers and become a hero alongside his dad!

But that sounded a bit too boring in my opinion. That would just be like re-writing Danny Phantom, only in this case it would be "Tyson Phantom" or something stupid like that. Actually the name for the story was "Frozen" because the first signs of his ghost powers were that he was really cold and would sometimes turn things into ice around him (like Danny's ice powers). But again, even I was getting bored from writing the story.

I put the story away for a while and started working on other things. Then I went back and picked it up again, this time changing the main character to a girl who would become the Villain! Now that's definitely more interesting in my opinion!

This is another one of my stories that I enjoy. And for anyone who asks, I will not be making a sequel to this story. I like it as it is and I don't want to ruine it!

Shattered Tears

I am a fan of anime and manga. And from that, I became a fan of ninjas and assassins and such! Does anyone remember the episode of Danny Phantom "Infinite Realms" where Danny shows up wearing that ninja outfit with a sword? Hell yes! After seeing that I couldn't help but make Danny an 'assassin', sadly he isn't a ninja. So pretty much, this story was inspired from "Infinite Realms" and "Memory Blank" where Danny loses his memories and has to pretty much re-learn his ghost powers.

A little side-fact, "Memory Blank" was the very first Danny Phantom episode I ever watched, which was what got me hooked on the show and I ended up watching the entire thing!

So, memory loss is definitely an interesting thing to mess with. There is so much that can happen! It could be that they got bonked on the head and can only remember a few things, or it could be that they lose their memories of everyone they've met but still remember how to eat, drink and take care of themselves. In this case, I had it that Danny loses ALL of his memories and is brought up to work for the bad-guys, acting much like a child after he loses his memories because he can't remember how everything works. I didn't go into full detail about his memory loss and being raised, but it is somewhat implied.

I have yet to complete this story, but I still love it and am working on completing it! I have everything planned out, now it's just a matter of typing it all out and making it sound good!


Teen Titans was a show that I watched from beginning to end back in 2007. I even read several of the comics that involve each character, because it is a fascinating story! I always have ideas for fanfics with Teen Titans, but generally, my Danny Phantom fanfics take over because I love DP so much! This fanfic however was one that I came up with originally as just a DP fanfic where he is accused of murder and confesses to murdering multiple people. I had the whole DP part planned out, but then a lightbulb lit up in my head! The Teen Titans are somewhat of detectives, they catch bad guys just like Danny and his friends do! Inspiratioooon!

I ended up adding the Teen Titan cast into this story to make it a crossover!

I have read several DP / TT fanfics before, and they always seem to work so well together! The characters just mesh so nicely. And both shows have the same general idea, which makes it that much more interesting! It's hilarious how similar some of the characters are. Danny and Robin are very similar in several ways, but also very different. They both fight to protect their city and the people in it, and are willing to risk their life to do so! But the difference is that they go about it different ways. Robin thinks ahead more, in other words, the logical one. Danny just goes with whatever his heart tells him and doesn't consider the consequences.
The other characters that are similar are Tucker and Cyborg, both are the tech-guys of the group. They're both somewhat of comic-relief characters, acting like idiots a lot but can also be very serious and help with fighting!
Then of course we have Sam and Raven. Not only is their appearance similar, but their attitudes as well. Raven is a bit more quiet than Sam and is different of course because she has magical powers and such. They are both quite logical thinkers and are able to see through Danny/Robin whenever they plan on going about everything on their own.

Other parts that are similar, I think, are Danny and Starfire's powers. I think they're quite similar. Both have bright green powers where they gather it up in their hands, throw it and everything. They have their eyes glow bright green. And they can both fly.
Then we have Sam and Beast Boy's vegetarian-ness. Both are very strict about what they eat. Which is something I can relate to because I am a vegetarian (I have been one for 8 years now).

Anyway. When I do end up finishing Guilty, I will probably do a crossover between DP and TT in the future. But of course I am going to finish what I have already started!


1 February 2011
A call out to all of my reviewers and fans, thank you all so much for your support! I don't know exactly why I have stopped updating lately. I guess I just sort of lost the magic of my stories for a while. And I sincerely apologize! I plan on starting up again on my unfinished stories from where I left off. To anyone who is still interested.
I understand that I will have lost many of my fans over time. But to the few out there who are still waiting for updates, I'll try my best to give you one soon.
Sincerely, Desi.

7 February 2011
Hey everyone, I finally updated chapter 32 of Error's Rival. It has been, what? About a year since my last update. I have to give a special thanks to La Ann for giving me such a lovely review which totally boosted my writing confidence! I'll try to update the next chapter within a week or two! I promise it won't be a year before the next chapter! XD

13 February 2011
I have mentioned that I will continue Error's Rival and I plan on completing it. For anyone who liked and followed my other story, "Shattered Tears", I will also be continuing with that as soon as possible! I'm sorry for making everyone wait.
I will post the next chapter of Error's Rival either tomorrow or Tuesday.

14 February 2011
Hey again. I just posted the new chapter of Error's Rival, just as I promised! :D
In the new chapter we meet a character named Raine. Originally, when I writing the outline of the first story, Error's Love, "Venom" was originally a girl who resembled Raine nearly perfectly. But after writing more, Venom ended up being a guy who was also Klayton, etc. Even though Raine isn't going to be a major character, I do like bringing old unused characters into my stories! Haha!
And although this is quite random, I am trying my best to keep the swearing out of my stories. Sometimes I forget and will throw them in there for dialogue between characters, but while editing the chapters I take them out and replace them with something more PG-13. Some people really don't like swearing in stories and I try to respect that as much as I can!
Thank you to everyone who reviewed on chapter 32!

21 February 2011
I had planned on updating the next chapter of Error's Rival today. I'm really sorry I don't have it done. I was slacking a bit this weekend, haha, I don't really have a good reason other than I was hanging out with friends and just having a good time so I didn't spend much time on the computer. Again, I apologize! I'll work on getting the next chapter posted as soon as I can.

3 March 2011
I was hoping to update Error's Rival sooner, but school has really gotten in the way, which is quite annoying!
And ALSO a bad reason for updating late is because I started a new story! I know, i'm a horrible person. I really shouldn't start any new stories right now but I had so much fun writing the first chapter that I can't help but post it. I hope other people enjoy it too.
It is a Danny Phantom / Teen Titan crossover. My very first crossover AND my first fanfic that isn't ONLY Danny Phantom! I really hope that I can write the characters correctly.
Even with this new story, I still plan on finishing Error's Rival as soon as I can!
If it really becomes too much to have a new story on my plate, I will delete it from fanfiction. But I hope I don't have to resort to doing that!

31 March 2011
Hello again everyone! It's been a little while since I updated. I've just updated Guilty and haven't yet gotten to Error's Rival. I've been having a lot of fun writing the drafts for Guilty 8D but I'll do my best to work on Error's Rival as well!
Thanks again to the people who like to read my stories and review!

26 April 2011
It's been almost a month since I last posted one of these little updates. My deepest, most sincere apologies!
I am once again at a brick wall with writing. I've been quite busy. The school year is coming to a close fairly soon and I'm trying my best to finish up with good grades of course!
Feel free to hate me for never keeping up with my fanfics!
I wont make any promises for when I will update. But I'll do my best.
Thank you all for your support!

10 June 2011
Today was my last day of high school!! Which is freaking awesome!! So to celebrate, I wrote the new chapter for Guilty!
I know it's been forever. But hopefully people are still interested in reading it!
I'll do my best to update a lot this summer before I go off to college!
Thanks for your support!

20 June 2011
Woot! Only took 10 days for me to update! Dang it I was hoping to have updated within a week! Oh well, I've been a little bit busy this past week.
Hopefully my next update will be within 7 days! Wouldn't that be a miracle!? Haha!
I'm also turning 18 in 2 days! I shall be an adult finally! Muahaha! Watch out world!
I'm so immature for my age!
I'm a bit too hyper right now. Maybe it's that Monster I drank 0.0
Oh well, enjoy the new chapter!

26 June 2011
I don't think I will be updating "Guilty" until next week. I have just finished typing up the newest chapter for "Shattered Tears" and updated it, and sorry to say I'm not done with the newest chapter for "Guilty".
I apologize! But I did feel bad for taking FOREVER to update "Shattered Tears".
I will update "Guilty" by next week, or at least I plan to! Unless something comes up.
See you all then!

5 July 2011
Hey everyone. I haven't updated my stories because I have unfortunately hit a writer's block. Which makes me super angry because I was doing great for for several weeks and was totally inspired while writing! Haha, I'm working on breaking out of it though in any way I can, which includes reading other fanfics, reading my own fanfics, or just listening to awesome music and wait for magic to happen! Either way, I apologize.
As fellow writers, I'm sure you can relate to writers block, it sucks!!

16 July 2011
Sorry everyone. I'm leaving for a camping trip for about 10 days. Sorry that I haven't posted any chapters. It was my intention to post them before I left, but I haven't completed the chapters for either Guilty or Shattered Tears, but I'm working on them.
See you all in 10 days!!

8 August 2011
Wooooow! Time has just flown by!!! Gosh! I'm so sorry everyone!! Its been forever since I've really checked my fanfiction at all!
Well, you'll be happy to know that I am currently working on my stories again after taking a break. I should have the chapters up soon enough!
Aaaand, I was super inspired and started writing a new story. Which I love! BUT I promised myself I wouldn't post any other stories right now because I need to finish the ones I started!! Gah! But if I EVER finish them (lol, maybe in the next five years! jeez) I'll definitely post the one I started.
Anyway! I love you all! Your support and encouragement are awesome!

23 August 2011
Hey everyone, once again I fail to update on time. I had planned on updating everything last week but got distracted by other things. I have a lot on my plate right now. But good news! I got a new laptop!
I know that just seems like 'whatever news' but it's actually a good thing! My previous laptop was sh*t and would break down every half hour or so, which made working on it very difficult, as you can imagine! This new one is beautiful and works smoothly! I can now work on my fanfics while i'm on the bus to get somewhere and such! How cool is that?
I have completed the new chapter for "Shattered Tears" and will post it once I check for spelling errors and everything.
I also completed the newestest chapter for "Guilty" however, I seriously hate how it turned out. After re-reading it I just shook my head thinking "this isn't any good". I'm a bit of a perfectionist like that. I like to be able to re-read it and think "this is good" or "it's good enough to post". So I'm very sorry! But I just would hate to post a chapter that makes me unhappy! Please forgive me!
I am working on Guilty now to make it better and will post that as soon as I can.
You can definitely expect Shattered Tears to be updated either tonight or tomorrow!
Again, i'm terrible. I wish I had spent more time writing fanfics while I was in high school. I thought I would have more time to write after I graduated, but I think I have even LESS time now, which really sucks.
If any of you love to write and are still in middle school or high school, definitely enjoy the time you have and write all you can! Otherwise you'll regret it later. Sorry to be all 'life-lesson-ey" but I'm just saying what comes to mind here! Thank you all again for your support! I love you all!

23 August 2011 (same day)
As promised! I updated Shattered Tears! I hope you like it!

15 December 2011
Hello to anyone who bothers to read this! I've received a few messages from various people asking me to update my stories, which I have neglected to do for several months. I guess I forgot about working on's strange how that works. I got so caught up in other things I just sort of left them as they were and didn't really think about any of my readers. I'm very touched that you guys enjoy reading them! And I would hate to make any of you angry! Since it is now winter break and I have no college to work on this month, I will see what I can do about updating a few chapters!
I can't make any promises that I'll manage to do this. But it is my goal!
Thank you all so much. Hugs for all of you!
~ Desi

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