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I'm Katie.

I'm a Grey's addict.

I used to use this account when I was younger and, embarassingly enough, a member of the Harry Potter fandom (scary stuff, I know). So I still get a ton of emails every so often, giving me story alerts from author I couldn't be bothered to unsubscribe from.

I'm English. I hate where I live, I miss my family. I'm planning to move out to a big American city eventually, I want to be a surgeon.

No, that's not because of my addiction to Grey's Anatomy, although it does make it sound all the more appealing.

I am aware of the fact no plastic surgeon looks like Eric Dane, nor will it be a good idea to 'accidentally' physically impair any brunette scrub nurse I can find with a scalpel. But I can dream.

I like pianos, watching the night sky, singing, opera, Vivaldi, musicals, less dorky music, biology, philosophy, expensive furniture, magazines, TV shows.

Grey's Stuff.

I adore: Mark, Cristina, Izzie, George, Lexie, Denny, Addison (come back!), Bailey, Hunt.

I miss season 1 MerDer, was the best.

I support: Izzie/Denny, Lexzie, MerDer, Maddison, Addisex, Gizzie, Callica.

My Fics.

Um, I'm really quite new at this. I have been reading fanfiction for years but haven't really taken on writing anything to upload until about a month ago so this is all I've got so far:

Born For This: AU High School fic. It's my first and I know the story's been overused but I needed something easy to kick off with but it seems like you guys like it, and you have no idea how happy that makes me! Hopefully it's slightly different from the rest - I'm gonna' add in some twists and turns you don't see coming. I don't plan on making it absolutely epic. But it'll be over twenty chapters long, so those who are in it for the long haul and have reviewed every chapter so far, thankyou! I try to make each chapter entertaining and well written.

Every Breath You Take: Is a oneshot futurefic set in Shonda's universe. It's George's POV and is very reflective, again, wedding fics are an overdone plot device, but I hope I've done the characters justice, I try to keep them in character.

Up and Coming?

Ways In Which: I use this fic as my outlet of frustration for Grey's, I take a situation or plot device used in the show and turn it around, change the circumstances and generally mess with the characters. I will be uploading the first chapter once I've got a bit further with Born For This.

Won't Look Down: A fic I haven't actually started yet. I plan for it to be a tad angsty, it's a Derek's family fic. It's taken me ages to think up names for them all. I won't actually start it until BFT is finished.

That's all folks, PM me any time, I love to talk (especially about my favourite subject, Grey's)!

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