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Author has written 13 stories for Gakuen Alice, and Skip Beat!.

I'm so sorry for my lack of updates (for two years) but I'm gonna restart again. I kind of lost my spark to write for that long. So I hope those that supported me in the past would continue to support me again.

So I've officially finished writing Blacklite Wings. Officially. It's the end. Finally! I'll try to update more of my stories from now on!

My stories

Master of Alices [completed]

It's really just about the war between the Academy and the Organization. Mikan switched places with Natsume to become Persona's new apprentice. There's more to that actually. She's like a sorceress and has great unlimited power. The Sakura's (Mikan's generation) are like angels from heaven which married a devil from hell and poof, the kids born by angels and devils becomes humans with extra ability powers, a.k.a. Alices!!

Blacklite Wings [re-writing]

Ruka and Mikan auditioned for Natsume's band and with Koko, Mikan's best friend, they formed a band known as Blacklite Wings. Mikan has a strange personality where she treats both boys and girls differently and to top it off, she had a bad history causing her hatred for the male kind. As the story moves on, Natsume's cousin, Reo took a liking to Mikan and without realizing his feelings properly, Natsume slowly realizes he may have a crush on her in a protective way after Mikan revealed her secrets. So now, there's a battle between the Hyuugas and things get serious when they found out the identity of Mikan's father!

Ice Skating Brings Us Together [hiatus]

Mikan went away for 13 years throughout Natsume's life and all he remembers about her is that she has a collection of pink panties by the pictures of strawberry, chicks and god knows what else. So then, Natsume was suddenly invited to join her as a partner to teach ice and figure skating to some other kindergartens and found out that after the long lost 13 years, she became the 2nd female figure skater in Japan and placed 1st place in Tokyo. Little did he know that Mikan happens to have Leukemia and because she doesn't have a donor which matches her bone marrow respectively, she can't live for that long. Now, what will our little Natsume do to help her?

Just Another Phone Call

Basically, this story is about Natsume and Mikan being away from each other. Mikan happens to be the heir to an unknown future of huge fortune and so are Natsume and Reo. The thing is, they are people with high authorities so hardly anyone would dare to speak up to them when there are some things wrong. Natsume happens to have his usual Fire powers from the usual GA and Mikan can control the earth's natural phenomenon like wind and rain and so on. But because Natsume's powers drains all of his energy, he's losing his ability to hang on and walk around. So the heir for his clan goes to his twin brother Reo. And as the head of the clans promised. The heir of the Sakura's will marry the heir of the Fire Casters and REO IS THE HEIR! How will Natsume talk his father out of it?

The Sweetest Coffee [completed]

Mikan and Natsume are the best of friends since their houses are exactly opposite to each other. One certain day, Mikan saw a huge and hot celebrity model and started praising him non-stop which made Natsume a little pissed off. A couple of years and months later, Natsume was selected among other hot guys to become the new model of a fashion magazine which puts him a head start to beating Mikan's little model crush. Not long after his absence, Mikan started feeling a little lonely but not much since Natsume gave her the spare key to his apartment only to ask her to clean up and cook for him. Isn't that mean?! Little by little, Mikan realized she's completely fallen for Natsume. But the distance between them becomes wider and wider. As far as it stretches, will her love ever reach Natsume and even if it does, will Natsume turn it down?

The Sweetest Cherry

After Natsume finally realized his deep feelings for Mikan, Natsume oddly enough wanted more. Only until Luna wanted to get revenge and started to ask her twin brother Reo to seduce Mikan into liking him. Reo had his eyes to destroy Natsume since all his girlfriends seem to always have feelings for Natsume so he was glad to find one weakness from him what's more is that when Mikan and Natsume was young, they were in the same school as Reo and Mikan USED to have a crush on Reo. Just until she becomes totally good friends with Natsume. Since Reo has Mikan's old crush as proof he can finally destroy Natsume. Now just what will Mikan and Natsume do to stay together?

Early Spring in Christmas! [completed]

This oneshot is when Mikan finally gives up on Natsume and tried to start her new life as a model. During Christmas Eve, her Basketball Team usually makes a Christmas Eve party which naturally they play basketball that time. Natsume attempts to confess to her on Christmas only to his horror, Mikan said she was going out with someone else. So Natsume spied on her and by the time he peeked into the restaurant she's in, she ran out and cried away to her car. Him and his lousy attitude made Mikan grew with anger and spilled out loud that she gave up on him. Stick to find out how it goes. There might be a sequel called 'Ano Baka no Tame Ni' also known as 'For the Sake of that Idiot!'.

Affects Or Effects of Love

Mikan broke up with Natsume the other year when she saw him cheating on her. Now Natsume's having a hard time giving her up when he sees her with other guys. Since they both are the Student Body Presidents of different schools, they now have to negotiate with each other about a planned Summer Trip their school are holding together. How will Natsume prevent himself from bringing up the break up topic in the meeting with everyone else present?

His Curiosity, Her Secret

Natsume is a grand popstar but he refuses to have a bodyguard only until he receives one without his permission. The bodyguard is strong, tall and far more beautiful than Natsume himself which got him curious as to why is the bodyguard working as a bodyguard. That is until he found out his bodyguard is actually a girl. And not just any girl, she's the girl that has too many problems to be counted by hand and all those problems started from Natsume himself. Is she after revenge or is she there to pay a price she didn't expected she should?

Protect Our Queen

Mikan transferred to the all prestigious Alice Academy after her mother married the principal of the academy. When Mikan entered the school, she was surrounded by people who lives in the medieval age and she crossed the King of Alice Academy. He's beautiful and well respected but his taste in girls are almost awful. When the King to an interest liking to Mikan, he summoned her to become a candidate of the Four Queens and merge it into the Five Queens. When Mikan suddenly kicked Natsume in the crotch, he fell and fainted due to the pressure kick. As the rules have been stated, Mikan will have to be appointed as King and her father chose the Queens for her and Natsume was included!

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Music, love and darkness. The three things that makes up a perfect song. Mikan, her brother Ruka and her best friend Koko decided to audition and join Natsume's band, the Blacklite Wings. But mixing with a Hyuuga means trouble. And mixing with four is worse. See what happens when Natsume falls for a girl with a history darker than his own.
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