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Hm, not really sure what to put here. Started writing fanfiction back in what... 2007? Geez that's a long time. I've written stories for Bleach and Final Fantasy XIII, but I'm not as much of a Bleach fan anymore to be honest. Back then my OTP for Bleach was Rukia x Ichigo though.

FFXIII- I liked the first game, didn't really like FFXIII-2 that much and Lightning returns was kind of bad as an RPG in my opinion. During my FFXIII days, I was obsessed over the relationship between Lightning and Serah. I like Lanille as well though.

Right now I'm currently into Vocaloid, with my OTP being Miku x Luka (Negitoro). I have a bunch of Negitoro fanfics on my computer, but don't want to post anything until I'm actually done with all the chapters. I'm pretty lazy so that might not happen anytime soon.

So... as for myself well I guess I'll put whatever comes to mind.

I'm really lazy about writing. I'll start once I have the inspiration to, but I haven't really been able to finish anything as of late. That's why if I ever do a multi-chapter fic, it'll most likely be completed when I post. I remember when I did a multi-chapter fic without any real plans of what direction the story would go in. I didn't update the story consistently, and I ended up feeling bad about not updating regularly. Thus, I decided that if I ever did another multi-chapter fic, then it should be completed before I post anything.

I used to be a big anime fan, but a lot of anime recently seems to be adaptations of manga/light novels I've already read. I don't really have an interest in watching something I already know the plot of. I am a major manga fan though. Some of my favorites are: Iris Zero, Lasboss x Hero, Denpa Kyoushi, Last Game, Kagerou Days

I play video games, I used to mostly play shooter games but not anymore. Right now I'm more into RPG games, though I more so play for the story than anything else. I think all the level grinding/material farming as work and the reward is the story. Strange isn't it? If I don't have time for long gaming sessions (RPG's I typically end up playing at least two hours at a time, haha) I also like to play rhythm games. *Has been psyched for project diva f 2nd for months* It's only like five minutes per song, so it doesn't really require too much of a time investment. Even though I spend hours playing most of the time anyway.

I'm currently a college student in the US, though not really sure what I want to do in life. Hopefully, I'll figure it out though.

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