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So, here we are again boys and gurls. It's been 6 years since I've done more than glance at my writting pad. I've received many pleads, and just as many ass chewings, to update and complete work. 6 years is a long time, people change, grow, reinvent themselves, survive. Lets just create a pretty picture in which I play the infamouse sleeping beauty whom pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep, only waking from such a long absence of life is a lot harder than a simple eye fluttering.

Why all this? Well I have begain writting again, finishing my personal recovery in 'Be Strong', and refinding my joy of writting in 'WGTM' (A story that was finished 6 years ago but thanks to a very bad person had the last chapters destroyed before I could post them). And I feel bad for never updating, leaving without a word, though it had to be so. And honestly I'm an reader myself and hate to find a good story cut short never to see its ending.

And now I guess the show must go on. Apologies to all those who read my stories only to never get and ending and welcome to any new faces. I hope to still toss some smut n fluff in my stories, but I have the goal of producing longer more indepth worlds more along the line of "WGTM". As always criticism and praise are both enjoyed. I write because I love to, and I hope maybe something that I write gives someone else joy as well.

So hello and welcome back to the freakshow my pretties.

Ok kay! Here's the long awaited unedited versions of some of my stories. Currently I only have WGTM and Voyer up but now that I have it going I may be tempted to add a few others I can't post on Fanfic.

Inside the Stories:

"We Got to Meet": My first fic in a long time surprisingly enough only partially features the GxV duo and rather concentrates on the new and unfamiliar territory for me of Trunks and Gohan. So far I must say I'm pleased, though that rascally Vegeita has managed to jump in and steal the spot light more then a few times. Chapters 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 up and running!!

Be Strong: Hard one to write for me. Very personal. I never planned to actually post it, but some how now after all thats happened it feels right. If your greatest love was leaving what would you do? And when its over would you still be the same person? How will Vegeita cope after his world falls a part. What would you do?

Mine: Come on, who doesn't love Chocolate! This is what happens when I have too much homework and not enough chocolate at home _"

Voyer: Holy cow this one was written in about 30mins. It litteraly flew from my fingers right onto the paper. I was bord one day in a meeting and only had a small note pad with me so it took nearly 30pgs of tiny printing to write. Well worth it though if you ask me. This story asks the fundamental question of how you would react if you caught someone doing something naughty. What if you were the one that got caught?


Timeless: A romeo and juliet type love story though the ages. Can love really survive as our two boys are reincarnated throughout the ages? (Thinking about a better title. Suggestions?) (back burner)

A New Life: What happens if Saiyajins don't age like humans. How will Vegeita and Goku handel a slowly aging planet. What if there was something else out their for them. A new life...(first chapter almost completed)


Lookie Lookie...as Promised, the first of many Drawings:

Night Time Love: Just a little thank you to all of you that have read my first Fan fic. Goku and Vegeita sneek away for a little alone time. Keep on R&R and maybe next time Vegeita won't be such a Baka and cover up the yummy parts

Ciggarret: This was inspired by a fanfic I read called Ciggarret. It went along with two other parts, "Tulips", and "If You were Gay". Here Vegeita was teasing Goku by sucking enticingly on his ciggarret. Mmmm definatly would be jelouse of that ciggarret too hehe.

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