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You know, I really have to start writing fics again. I'm older, more mature, and the stuff that I write now makes me look back at my silly MiSTs and Chrono Trigger talk show parodies in shame and humiliation. I have been working on my epic to end all epics, Project Timelynes, and it should be done before long...maybe. Other than that, my e-mail address, ICQ# and AIM screen name all remain the same, so go ahead and drop me a line if you ever feel the need. Next stop, pandemonium, baby, oooh yeah.

Peace out, hepcats. -DP

PS: Lady Firebreeze, if you ever get around to reading (touche, re-reading) this, do me a favor and e-mail me. I had this kooky idea about a joint fan-fic we could do. Mind you, this idea came to me at 4:00 AM whilst under the influence of a good half-dozen cans of Mountain Dew and a bag of Sun Chips, but hell, why not look into it. ;) -DP

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