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If anyone has a drawing based on one of my stories please send me the link and i'll post it on my bio

Aikuchi from the Chance Encounter series: by Mazazuki from deviant art.

here’s a list of future ideas and challenges I've had floating around my head for a while please take each one into consideration. Hopefully someone out there can produce a good story with similar plot lines.

Stories I will probably write myself eventually

Same Shit Different World – Naruto/FFXIII - He should have stood victorious having resealed Kaguya. Yet, he committed the ultimate offense of victory, he had underestimated just how quickly she could weave one final technique of mutual destruction. Instead of a peaceful life with his friends and family, the hero of the 4th shinobi war now finds himself in the middle of another godly conflict because of the spite of a fallen goddess.

To Find the Lost - Naruto/FFXIII - 2 - Sequel to "Same Shit Different World".

At the End of Days - Naruto/Lightning Returns - Sequel to "To Find the Lost".

deviluke no Ojii-sama - Naruto/To-Love Ru - There was a reason Lala chose Earth as her destination when she ran away from home, a certain reason that her father really hated dealing with.

Zero's Guardians - naruto/Familiar of Zero - Louise has always been ridiculed for her poor magical abilities, so what happens when she summons the ninja world's strongest couple?

Jailed Fox - Naruto/batman: Arkham Asylum - when Batman brought in Joker the last thing he was expecting to see was a group of masked soldiers dragging in a blonde man, their weapons trained at him as if he'd attack at any second. (will have a sequel)

Juggernaut - Naruto/mass effect - After one too many close calls on supposedly simple missions Shepard decides they need some more heavy hitters on the team. It seems that the illusive man has just the person in mind. "Tell me...Shepard, have you ever heard of the man called the Juggernaut?"

Yuurei Sensei - Naruto/Upotte! - Within modern Japan the ownership and use of firearms is strictly prohibited by all but the JDF, and the faculty and students of Seishou Academy, at least that's what they say officially. There is another group allowed to use firearms, the Yuurei buntai, the most elite born and bred to deal with any problems that arise to threaten Japanese prosperity and safety. Officially they don't exist, and each member blends into normal society, one such member is now a teacher at Seishou Academy.

Hero and Monster Girls' everyday lives - Naruto/Monster Musume no Nichijou - In the past before the peace treaty between monsters and humans, the monsters had tried to launch numerous invasions against the human cities. However, they were all stopped by a lone human. Known simply as the Divine Hero he fought back the monster invaders allowing humanity to grow as prosperous as it had. When the peace treaty was signed, he vanished leaving no trace of his existence. This is his story.

RWBY's Everyday Lives with Monster Girls - RWBY/Monster Musume no Nichijou - It has been 4 years since team RWBY and the survivors of team JNPR saved the world and fell through an inter-dimensional portal following the villain's defeat. Now with the big reveal that monsters exist in this new world and that they're starting a cultural exchange program with humanity, both teams are finding that they're getting into as much trouble as their neighbor Kimihito Kurusu.

Nine Guardians - Naruto/campione - In the past it had been their job to both entertain the deities of the world in order to prevent the formation and the destruction of the beings known as Heretic gods. However, they were only nine in number. Then that woman, Pandora, proposed that they allow her children to deal with the Heretic gods so that the nine could focus on the task of preventing their formation. However, upon the birth of Pandora's seventh child in the modern era, the nine find that trouble has suddenly drifted a little closer to home.

Zero no Hayate - Zero no Tsukaima/ Hayate no Gotoku - What if Louise summoned a familiar more inclined to the life of a servant then Saito? A human with a shady past and a knack for trouble. A butler with a sturdier body than most soldiers and an odd skill for cross-dressing. Well it certainly won't be boring.

The secret of Maison Izumo - Naruto/Sekirei - Miya was aware that her husband had a secret that he did not have the time to share with her. However she could never have thought that it was as significant as what this blonde man before her was showing her. She understood then, what the secret of her husband's Maison Izumo really was, and she understood her role in this new discovery.

The Greatest Vacation Ever! - Familiar of Zero/Campione - Godou and the girls notice a summoning portal in his room and decide to go check it out instead of flying overseas to celebrate their graduation. Thus begins the light-hearted story of the seventh devil king and his harem in the foreign lands of Halkeginia.

The Zero's Gateway - Naruto/Familiar of Zero - During the springtime summoning ritual what Louise summons is not Saito, nor any sort of magical creature. In fact what she summons is not even alive, it's a gate. Granted a very large gate with an oddly shaped leaf carved into it, but a gate nonetheless. What could possibly be in store for the little pink haired mage?

Curse of Power - High-School DxD/Naruto - He had sacrificed himself in order to stop Kaguya and save the world, or at least that's what was supposed to happen. Instead a dragon goddess saved his life for her own amusement and plans. Dumping him in the middle of Kuoh she left him with an experimental Draconic Gear, The King's Privilege.

Words of Power - HighSchool DxD/Koreha zombie desuka? - When Issei was stabbed by the fallen angel Raynare the last thing he remembered was the vision of the quiet girl he had met the day before and her words filled with sadness. "Don't die."

Rejected by Death - Naruto/HighSchool DxD - He was tired, tired of the boring everyday life, tired of routines, tired of the same old conflicts, tired of being the strongest, and most importantly tired of this never ending life.

Maintenance of Fate - Naruto/LOTR - He supposed that he shouldn't have been surprised when he was approached by a frantic looking half-elf from a land he did not recognize. Afterall he had promised that fellow Manwë and his kin to ensure that past events were not overtly changed by the Meddlers.

A Simple Smile - Waratte Sotomura-san/High School DxD - When Asia Argenteno began attending Kuoh Academy at the suggestion of her King she did not expect to be accosted by a group of delinquent girls, nor did she expect to be saved by the most infamous delinquent in the entire city, Sotomura Natsuki. Resolving herself to thank her savior Asia quickly discovered that not all was as it seemed.

The Ultimate Delinquent - Waratte Sotomura-san/Kenichi the mightiest disciple - Sotomura Natsuki, the very name sent chills down everyone's spine. Feared as the strongest delinquent in the entire city, even Ragnarok leaves her to her own devices. With these rumors floating around one might forgive Kenichi for not believing Miu when she says that Sotomura is a very sweet and shy girl.

The Sage of Rieze Maxia - Naruto/Tales of Xillia - In hindsight, if he had really wanted to live a peaceful life he shouldn't have intruded on the actions of both Auj Oule and Rashugal when he thought they were in the wrong, but then again, he wouldn't be him if he allowed Kings to take advantage of their people. Besides if he didn't he wouldn't have met this group of six very interesting people.

Remnant's Spirit Tales - Tales of Xillia/RWBY - Muzet is bored and decides to experiment with her powers in hopes of finding something to do with her sister Milla. In doing so, she discovers Remnant which is being plagued by soulless creatures known as Grimm and once again Humanity is split by baseless hatred and fear. What better way to stave off boredom than to unite another world for a common goal? Now if only those others hadn't tagged along.

A Grimm Smile - Waratte Sotomura-san!/RWBY - Sometimes she hated her skill with weapons since it only made people fear her more. Her nerves weren't helping, they made her shake which people tended to associate with anger for some reason. Her smile didn't help either since whenever she smiled people ran away screaming in terror, how rude.

Silent Terror - Naruto/RWBY - He had been with her for as long as she could remember, he kept her company, kept her safe, made her comfortable. He was why she succeeded as she had, he was special to her. He was living proof to the horror humanity could unleash upon each other and he showed her the truth that she had so desperately wished to be lies.

The Servant - Fate stay night/Hayate no gotoku - Shirou's not the only one with bad enough luck to get unwittingly dragged into a holy grail war. Hayate will need to rely on the survival skills honed through to machinations of horrible parenting in order to survive.

The surveyor - Fate stay Night/dungeon ni deai wo motomeru - Emiya Shirou will always be someone who exists to help others. When thrown into a world where gods not only exist but live among their followers and adventurers delve into the dungeon for fame and glory what does one who helps everyone do? The answer is simple he draws them a map.

The Good Kind of Crazy - Fate Stay Night/RWBY - Shirou hadn't thought it was possible for someone to be nearly as broken as himself, but here she was wielding a hammer not meant for mortal hands and a smile bright enough to illuminate a small city. Unlike him who walked alone towards his ideals, she dragged a friend behind her at all times.

The Path of Living Steel - Legend of heroes (Trails of Cold Steel games)/Fate Stay Night - Shirou didn't understand how he had arrived in this strange land, but in the end it didn't matter. Wherever he was, he would save people that was who he was and for once he wouldn't be walking this path alone. For the act of bracing people against that which would push them down is also a method of saving them.

Of War and Shadows - Legend of heroes(Trails of Cold Steel games)/Naruto - Naruto wasn't exactly sure how he felt about Erebonia, on one hand it was pretty neat how technologically advanced they were compared to his own home in the Eastern Lands. On the other hand he had somehow gotten roped into participating in a new program at a school he had only really heard about in passing.

Little Sister Pyrrha - RWBY/Naruto - Everyone knows about Pyrrha Nikos, the invincible girl. The four time champion of the Mistral Regional Tournament and the fame such accomplishments have given her. What no one knows about however, is where she came from or why she became so strong. After all someone so strong and awe inspiring doesn't just come from nothing. Well her new friends in teams JNPR and RWBY are going to learn about her from the most surprising source of all.

Their Journey - Tales of Xillia/Tales of Berseria - Jude Mathis head of the Spyrite research and development team was content with his life after fulfilling his mission to perfect Spyrites for the people of Elympios and Rieze Maxia. There was only a few problems he could immediately see: one, he was still quite young and didn't know what to do with himself now; two, there still wasn't a way for Milla to leave the spirit world for any decent length of time; and finally three, Muzet had decided to play a trick on him as he woke up in prison next to a black haired Milla Look alike who was obviously very, very angry.

Purifying Flames - Tales of Berseria/Naruto - The bloodwings have heard an interesting Rumor and Tabitha sends Velvet and company to verify it. Supposedly there was someone out there capable of reversing daemonblight. If so many possibilities open up for everyone involved.

Stories I probably won't write myself (Consider these challenges for anyone interested)

Sensei’s senseis – Negima/multi cross. Deciding that Negi wasn't strong enough to protect the class on his own Konoemon Konoe asks two combat experts to come and teach at Mahora academy with Negi. Naruto, a demon, and Ranma a twenty-one year old martial arts instructor of the highest caliber.

The butler – Naruto/Kampfer – Naruto, self appointed butler of the Senou family since Natsuru had offered to give him food and shelter out of the goodness of his heart, knew keeping an eye out for the young Senou would be difficult but this? This was insane. “Let me get this straight…you turn into a chick who has to fight other chicks because a stuffed tiger with its guts hanging out said so?”

I’m going to be a what? – Naruto/ichiban ushiro daimao – Naruto, who had seen and done many things in his long life, had expected to be told many things when he had walked up to the little…bird thing to find out what he would become in the future, but this…this wasn’t one of them. “I’m going to be a what?”

Airantou's Wild Horse - Ranma/Nagaserete Airantou - Ranma, returning home from a year long vacation to Okinawa falls off his ship while saving another passenger. Waking up under the care of a kind old woman on an island uncharted he quickly realizes that he'll need to adjust...quickly.

Unaligned Kampfer - Ranma/Kampfer - Due to various circumstances Ranma has moved away from Nerima with his mother. However, it seems there are a bunch of fighters called Kampfer around and he's been mistaken as one because of the curse.

Lazy Fox - Naruto/Omamori Himari - Naruto and company have succeeded in bringing peace to the world, they thought it would last forever and that the newly revived containers would be able to enjoy war free lives, but, centuries later the emperor of japan comes to them begging the nine to aid the demon slayers should the need arise. Agreeing the nine fade into history keeping their promise even though the imperial family have long forgotten the details. Now in modern Japan Yuto and Himari accidentally stumble upon a sleeping man in the forest near the Amakawa residence altering their destinies irreversibly.

The eternal problem - Naruto/one piece - Naruto, Ino, and Shikmaru all try a new herbal mix that Ino had created in order to increase energy and healing during missions. Unfortunately Kyuubi recognizes the blend after they consume it and decides to let them know the consequences... "Congrats brat, you and your idiotic friends just drank an immortality potion." and the came the eternal problem...boredom.

1/2 IS - Ranma/Infinite Stratos - Orimura Ichika wasn't the only man capable of piloting an IS though he was the only one who was a man 100% of the time.

what is this? - Naruto/Koreha zombie desuka? - Naruto could only shake his head in disblief as he stared at his roommate...who was a zombie, and the necromancer who revived him was with him as well and the vampire ninjas, and the magical girl...this was seriously getting out of hand.

He who stood at the top - Naruto/Beezlebub - Naruto knew the second he saw the kid with his somewhat friend Oga that his peaceful life as good as over, especially when the kid's wet nurse recongised him almost immediately.

Codename: Gambler - Naruto/To Aru Majutsu no Index - Touma couldn't help but try to be the hero, he figured it was the influence of his friend, Uzumaki Naruto's tales of his travels before coming to Academy City. Yet despite the slightly older boy's stories no one Touma knew of had ever seen the blonde man do anything remotely supernatural...other than win the lottery multiple times in a row that is. Touma never figured that he'd get to witness his friend's abilities first hand upon the arrival of the girl...Index. Like Naruto said he mused "Life's a gamble."

Black haired knight-Red haired demon - Ranma/To aru majutsu no index - Ranma's mother enrolls him into a school in Academy city in order to earn a proper education, the only problem is...she enrolled him in Tokiwadai's Middle School for girls. The whole situation irritated Ranma to the point of venting on hapless thugs. Hopefully The daughter of his mother's friend can help him out by keeping his secret.

Perfect Man Perfect Woman Wrapped in One! - Ranma/Samurai High School - Nodoka wants Ranma to be a man amongst men and Ranko to be the ideal woman too bad she doesn't know they're the same person!

Ranma days - Ranma/Dog Days - The hero summoned by Milhi isn't Shinku but Ranma, how will the country of biscotti fare with a hero afraid of cats?

Helping hand - Naruto/Kaibutsu Oujo(Princess Resurection) - When Hiro saves Hime from the falling beams he himself is shoved out of the way by a cloaked stranger who catches all of the beams with ease, unfortunately when Hime speaks to catch the person's attention he turns twisting the beams as he does just as Hiro was about to sit up. Deeply regretful for what he has done the stranger offers to train Hiro to be Hime's royal knight.

Get Bent! - Ranma/Medaka box - What if Ranma had an unusual abnormality even by the standards of Hakoniwa Academy, he can change the gender of anyone he touches! How will the student council handle this odd addition to their list of friends?

Death Seeker - Naruto/Onihime VS - Naruto drinks Middleman's potion, trading his life for 10,000,000 yen in one year, but not all is as it seems. Naruto is a man of secrets as his two new house guests will soon discover.

Zero's Sage - Naruto/Zero no Tsukaima - when Louise tries to summon her familiar what she gets, isn't the powerful majestic, beautiful familiar she was hoping for, instead two young men appear in the middle of a fight to the death.

Ghost - Naruto/Mass effect - Shepard, fearing that Thane's sickness may worsen at anytime, feels they need another infiltration specialist to provide aid for Thane in their missions. Luckily Thane knows of a man who can help, the man simply known as Ghost for his use of stealth and his ability to disappear from sight faster than one could blink. Thane also happens to know the man's one aind only weakness, which he advises Shepard to abuse heavily.

In the Palms of an Angry Goddess - Naruto/Mass Effect - Hinata could only watch from the last rescue shuttle the crew of the normandy could provide as her beloved Naruto fought against the mercenary group known as the Blue Suns, in order for them to get away safely. The others simply wanted to find a place to call their own and rebuild, but not her...she wanted justice, and joining Jane Shepard was the best chance she had at finding that justice.

Prisoner - Naruto/Mass Effect - When shepard agrees to help Jack destroy the facility in which she was tortured, they find a new resident there. A man: tied up, gagged, blindfolded, stripped, and beaten. Jack sickened by the sight of such abuse immediately frees the man, unknowing that there was a reason cerebus had locked him up and threw away the key.

Shadows of Death - Naruto/Mass Effect - "tap, tap, tap went the mercs as they ran; bang, bang, bang, went the mercs who made their last stand; waa, waa, waa went the mercs as the killing began." (i need a better summary...)

Acrobatic - Naruto/Mass Effect - Naruto had always been told he had two skills, Showmanship and fighting, why not mix the two together?

kistsune ha Mendokusai! - naruto/NURARIHYON NO MAGO - The Nura clan is in for one major headache when the ancestor of all kitsune spirits decides that they're the most interesting things he has seen in a very long time.

Thinking with Plasmids - Bioshock/portal - Now free of the confines of Aperture Chell decides to wander around a bit to see what the surface had to offer. In hindsight trying to cross that big body of water in a wooden raft may not have been a good idea as now she finds herself stuck in yet another metal deathtrap only this time...without her trusted portal gun. She may not be able to think with portals anymore but that didn't mean she couldn't think with other things.

Pheremone overwrite - Naruto/bioshock - Sometimes Naruto cursed the fact that his only source of luck was gambling as by sheer coincidence he finds himself stuck in an odd elevator that drags him under the water to a creepy place called Rapture where apparently his pheremones causes the things called "Big Sisters" to act weird at least according to the weird lady who was kind enough to help him.

Naruto: the unkillable - Naruto/League of Legends - Naruto has always been a 'go with the flow' kind of guy so adjusting to the fact that his crystal necklace is more than a valuable keepsake wasn't very hard for him at all and the League better brace themselves for a new kind of champion.

We've made one friend - Naruto/Boku ha tomodachi ga tsukunai - With the entrance of a new transfer student the members of the Neighbors club are in for a wild ride as a proper member of society enters their little group.

The Ninth Guardian - Naruto/Seirei Tsukai no blade dance - The witch Greysworth has foreseen the chaotic events following the arrival of Kamito and so invites one more male to the Areishia Elemental Academy. A blonde with an uncanny ability to calm rampaging spirits and many other enigmatic qualities, just what will happen when these two boys meet?

Sinful Desires Begone! - Naruto/Dragons Rioting - In order to avoid becoming like his godparents who were driven by their desires and became worthless individuals Naruto has devoted himself to the path of the warrior, and strives to become a man unshaken by anything. In order to temper his will he applies to Nangokuren high school, the formerly largest all girl school that recently became co-ed, with girls making up 99percent of students. (entire story idea based off first chapter)

I am Shinobi - Naruto/Senran Kagura - Trapped in a foreign world Naruto discovers the existence of shinobi similar to those of his homeland. Unsure if he should approach them for aid he observes from the shadows and is unwittingly drawn into the battle between light and dark.

New Thief in Town - Sly Cooper/Naruto - Transported to lands unknown and given a body not his own, Naruto Uzumaki must adapt to his new form and his new name as Naruto Fox. Using his skills to make a living let's see how the resident gang of thieves take to this new arrival. Starts in between games 2 and 3 and goes into 4.

Interested third party - Naruto/Seikirei - Naruto should've known better, merging with Kurama would defintiely have side effects. However, neither of them could have known that their mental state could be affected by resentment of humans. Luckily, it seemed that the love of humans could counteract these effects. Traveling the world he preached for love and peace, establsing many shrines for that purpose. Then he came to Shito Teito, where the Sekirei plan was being held.

Weeping Angel - Naruto/Kenichi the mightiest Disciple - She was trained to be the best, trained to kill with nothing but a touch, however she grew too fast her reflexes far outstripped her mental capacity to hold herself back. Cast away as a failure her only solace lies in her companion, the only one she can't kill. But even with his help she cannot befriend anyone for fear of killing them. Her only hope may lay in the hands of a smiling girl with the wings of angels.

A Touch of Death - Naruto/High School DxD - The warmth of human contact, something many have taken for granted, has always eluded him. For he has ever only known the cold touch of lifeless bodies and eyes once shinging with joy and life only stared at him with the cold stare of death.

A Murderous Song - Naruto/High School DxD - He didn't know when it happened but he knew he had been cursed. Something was drowning him in thoughts of murder and death. He lost his friends to the madness encroaching on his mind. There was only one way for him to surpress the urges, but even that method was only temporary. Can he find a way to free himself of his madness before he kills those most precious to him.

A Displaced King - Campione/High School DxD - Goudou's school is caught in an explosion forcing Goudou and his followers to move schools to the recently made Co-ed school of Kuoh Academy. And here he thought that Heretic Gods were troublesome.

An Oblivious Blonde - Naruto/LOTR - Aragorn couldn't fathom the scene before him. The man in front of him did not seem to register the multitude of spears, swords, and arrows sticking out of his person from an Orc ambush they had tried to save him from. "What, is there something on my face?"

Pinky and Blondie - Naruto/LOTR - It was supposed to be a solo mission for her to help their client, one Gandalf the Grey, with a problem he was having. She certainly didn't expect her ex-teammate and soon to be boss to tag along in an effort to avoid the Drama on the home front. She also wasn't prepared to deal with her own brand of Drama in this new land.

XCOM:Ancient Allies - XCOM/Naruto - It had been a long time since the first Ethereal invasion split the super continent known to its people as the Elemental Nations into the modern day continents known to humanity. Only a fraction of the planet's human population retained thier minds while the rest were set back into the stone age. Those that still remembered wiped the existence of their civilizations from the planet and vowed to guide their species along a better path, one in which they could fight back when the Etherials would inevitably return. Now, on the cusp of the year 2014 ancient enemies return and those who remeber step forth from the shadows.

XCOM:Life Yet Lived - XCOM/Mass Effect a light hearted sequel to XCOM:AA

XCOM:Reaper War - XCOM/Mass Effect - a sequel to XCOM:LYL.

A trouble magnet - Naruto/Justice League - The battle against Kaguya has gone horribly wrong and the Sage of six paths' seal is no longer sufficient to hold her. In a desperate bid to save his friends Naruto overloads a time space manipulation jutsu to stop her. Little does he know that his actions cause a...change to come over the vengeful goddess.

A different kind of master - Fate Stay night/Hayate no gotoku - Somehow Hayate knew that Nagi's sudden interest in visiting Fuyuki city would cause trouble for them. Even so, nothing could have prepared him for the battle royal that they managed to find themselves in. "Ojou-sama i don't think they're the same type of servant i am."

The Monstrous Familiar of Zero - Monster Musume/Familiar of Zero - She wasn't sure what happened or where she was, but she saw a little girl in need of a friend and she supposed she could take some time to be just that. (Could be any of the Mon girls, or the Kimihito girls. Was originally thought up with Tio in mind.)

If anyone decides to do one of the story ideas I listed above please tell me so I can read it later thank you

Links to stories others have written based on ideas I have provided. a story written by Tied to Machines-I'm One based on my idea for the Sleeping Demon story so far seems to be an okay story even though it's a first person perspective from Lucy

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