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Author has written 6 stories for Dark Souls, and Bloodborne.

Current task: Condemnation catchup.

I have finished Persona 5, which was stalling everything. I may do a side project for Persona with a few coauthors.

I've reuploaded all six current chapters of Condemnation with minor revisions. The main change is that there aren't three different East-West divisions now. I've listed the current version of the changes below. I may revise them slightly later in order to clean them up a bit.

Flann is king of the Sunset Isle, which is west of the Great Isle - the most northwest part of the map.

The Great Isle has four territories: Gwyn's gods in the west, Berenike's gods in the east, the giants in the north, and Carim in the south. The marriage of Gwyn and Berenike united the gods; then Gwyn subjugated the giants. The humans of Carim were left to missionaries.

The Way of White has two rites, Silver and Black. The western part of the world celebrates the Silver Rites under the guidance of Allfather Lloyd - this includes the main Way of White and Princess Guard. The east celebrates the Black Rites, which include heresies such as the Warriors of Sunlight. Astora is in the far west, so Solaire is a real oddball. The Pardoners of Velka are the most well-known black clerics.

Chapter Status (June 24, 2017):

Story-wise, Ring of Condemnation updates roughly once a week when I'm not working on the other projects. The other stories update very haphazardly.

Condemnation - The Depths: Part 1 done. Part 2 soonish.

Take an Army - Sister Friede: Still having trouble picking a good matchup. Afterward should be a few character chapters.

Take Mai Waifu - ???: There are three chapters close to being completed - Quelaag meets Lex's parents, Lex goes to the beach with Ceaseless Discharge, Lex and Quelaag completely abuse time travel. On the backburner are - Quelaag fighting alongside the Nameless King and the Bad Ending to Take the Ring.

Lore Videos

Well, everyone and their grandma has Souls lore videos, so I figured I might as well bandwagon. The thing is that I've done a lot of research for Ring of Condemnation and turned up a lot of evidence that I haven't seen anyone mention before. The following is the list of episodes I expect to make. I will note which ones have actually been completed when I start posting them.

Ep.1 - The Nations of Dark Souls: A high-level overview of all the nations from the first game, how they relate to the real world, and what that means for the relations between them in the game.

Ep.2 - Carim, the Pardoners, and the Deep: An individual breakdown for the suspicious land of Carim and how the timeline actually makes sense leading through the entire trilogy (and maybe Bloodborne).

Ep.3 - Berenike and Velka: How I solved the mystery of Velka forever.

Ep.4 - Speculation on the Nameless King: Why and when he might have been kicked out of Anor Londo and how Lothric and Lorian might not have been the first case of twincest in the series.

Ep.5 - The ancient land of Zena: Where Domhnall gets his armors and what happened to Flann.

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