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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto.

Update on my life: 8/3

Ho ho ho! Merry Summer! It is the wonderful Sun-chan, bringing tidings of great Neji-kun joy. /end stupidity.

I have been super lazy/forgetful lately, and I haven't updated. You probably all hate me. (Oh well)

I realized, after a week of reading sweet, sweet NejixHina FF, there are some really shitty FF's out there.

I mean, some of it is rushed, some of it is in horrible spelling and grammar that it ruins everything!

By the way, have no fear, the epic story "Where Does Rain Come From?" is back on again. I just need to get inspired with the whole "ItaxHina" deal.

Okay, that's it. See you soon!

So I decided to re-do my profile! Yay!

I will now chronicle-ize my entire journey to FanFiction and Naruto madness.

Let's start with me. My name is Sun-chan (not really, but that's my cute 'kawaii' name) and I found this site by a very eccentric and weird girl at our school. She was a total geekface, and no one liked her because of her obsession with this weird show called "Naruto". I had known her for such a long time, and every sane person in our school would make fun of her because she was so "weird" and "ugly". But I am not like that, and I would not join in their insults. Regardless, I was considered popular in my school.

She wrote fanfiction and openly admitted this to everyone. Naturally, everyone that she was even more of a loser now. But I was very curious. I found out about this site, and snooped around. I found one of my favorite shows, Xiaolin Showdown (yes, no one at my school knows about this!) and I read some very...mature stories. I probably shouldn't have, because I immediately got disgusted and everytime my little brother would switch the channel to that show, I would leave the room lest I remember those intimate scenes that the authors at would explicitly explain.

I also got curious at this "Naruto" thing. At the same time, my closest friend (who was a total kawaii fanatic and loved manga/anime) introduced me to manga books. Curious, I opened it and found a world of beautiful drawings and exciting plots. Damn, was into that stuff. But I lost interest after a while...

I happened past a Cartoon Network show titled "Naruto". Remembering the weird girl at our school, I watched it. It wasn't that half bad! I actually enjoyed it, really. Things progressed...I started watching almost every episode online. I got deeper and deeper...found out about and Bittorrent downloads...Youtube episodes...etc.

And then of course, FanFiction would up again. Keep in mind, I was still grossed out with the whole Xiaolin Showdown thing. But I took a taste of Naruto was perfect! At first, I opted for more traditional SasuSaku. But it wasn't fulfilling! I saw the options for pairings and tried them out. Until one day...I paired the PERFECT pairing...


Hinata already was my favorite character. And cousin-ly love was perfect! I tried even MORE more absurd pairings. But still, NejiHina was beautiful. And till this day, it's still my favorite pairing.


(And by the way, that weird girl STILL has an account here. YES, I am still considered popular at my school, NO, she doesn't know I like Naruto (no one does!) and NO, she doesn't know I have an account here. I intend on keeping it that way.)

Writing was my strongest point out of all my school subjects. And even though I came from a different country (India), as you can probably see from my work, I certainly don't write like one.

I'm 14, and obviously female. My age is probably like most of the people here. And till today, I have not met a decent MALE fanfiction writer (at least not for Naruto) I speak mostly English, but I can understand some Hindi and a lot of Spanish. (Viva Espanol!)

I pretty okay with anything else. Yaoi, yuri...anything is alright. Stories and Fanfictions should be written with good plots and wonderful choice of words. It should come to life when you read it.

Oh yes...I CANNOT stand "generic pairings".
But, there is one pairing I CANNOT, and WILL NOT stand. NEJI x TENTEN
But besides that, I'm down with pretty much anything.

Feel free to contact me through email or PM. My email is random things about me.

I am a trained karate expert.

I have no pets, but if I had one, it would be the cutest kitten in the world and I would give her a cheesy Japanese girl name and I would take pictures of her and add captions and send them to ICanHazCheezburger and make her famous.

I, actually, do not own any manga, and I have never really read manga before. I watch Naruto shows in Japanese.

I have played the piano for 8 years now.

I entered a cake-decorating contest and got first place! (I don't know how to all.)

I am an extremely perverted person. (This needs no further comment) LAUGHS PERVERTEDLY

I have made all A's my whole life, and take all advanced classes. (HELL YEAH!)

I have gotten into a fight with a girl once, and I beat her...badly. But now we are best friends! (It'

I hate my high school. (HELL YEAH!)

I paint my toenails when I'm mad.

I used to be able to speak fluent Hindi...but I've forgotten a lot of it over time...

I named my graphing calculator Neji. (HELL YEAH!)

As you can see, I am a very odd person. I love to make friends and enjoy messages!

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