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Yo! This is Kyo! Since Kaoru is being lazy I thought I'd add something here before her. Kaoru and I are sharing this account along with Kagura. Therefore any stories on here will be written by both/all of us. If we ever get around to uploading onto here that is. For those who are curious I also go by Lunar Sunrise and Kaoru also goes by Vexatious. So...yeah...Oh! I'm kinda the beta for them, although I do write and give ideas on occasion. Kaoru writes a lot, but i guess now that I think about it, so does Kagura. Well hey! Having to read through all their mistakes is a full time job ya know. Especially Kaoru's. She's horrible =P

Hey, this is Kao. Um...i'm short, a brunette, slightly mental, and in high school. I like music (a lot!! Fall Out Boy FTW!!) and obviously anime. I watch or read pretty much anything as long as it can keep my attention; doesn't matter if i find it ridiculiosly stupid- like Vampire Knight, I'll still read it 'cause it is so ridiculously stupid that it makes me laugh. Don't get me started on Twilight. Don't know why I read all of them. Actually, i do. I figured that as time progressed the author would slowly become better. Proving me completely wrong, the series rapidly got worse. I would have burnt the last damn book, but i had borrowed it from the library and they hate when you bring them back a plastic baggy full of ash. Yeah...as i said, slightly mental. Um...what else? Oh i live in the state of eternal rain, aka Washington- it's true, we don't believe in the sun. I am 100 percent for random pairing for anything anime or book related and OCs- Kagura always chews my ear off about it, but one day Ino and Naruto will get together i just know it! C'mon, two blondes, both with big blue eyes and big mouths that they can't control, both pining away for Sasuke, i mean they were made for each other! And Byakuya and Orihime, i mean how do you not see the connection there?! I mean, dude it's obvious: he has black hair, she has orange. Halloween colors! Coincidence...I think not. Oh no, they were totally meant for each other... Anyways, we try to update as much as possible, but don't exactly write often. We'll try our best to keep the chapters coming, but -don't tell her i said this- Kyo is really lazy and really pulls us down with her. She's horrible =P (revenge for the spelling comment Kyo! Mwahahahaha!)

I'm not in the shadows anymore, Kao...I just forgot the password...ANYWAYS. Yes, I'm Kagura. (Kagura and Kyo...anyone see the theme here?) I'm pretty much the same as those other two, but maybe with a little more of a dirty mind(Kyo:She does! She reads LEMONS! Run for your life! XD). I haven't written anything in a while, which is really sad. I PROMISE TO START WRITING AGAIN. I figure that on this account I'll put all my anime related fics on here, and the other generic ones on my other one. (MrsRuebeusHagridDursley.) Except alot a crack-fics, or serious ones with random crack chapters to lighten up the mood. Mmmmm. Yeah...and this hasn't be update in FOREVER. I'll have to add stuff to that list below...haiiiiii...I'm just babbling now. I'll stop. I'm sorry for babbling. I could babble in a fic but that's just too normal...shuting up now. Seriously. I am. Okay. Bai bai! (lol. that looks funny written out...)

Favorite Anime/Manga: (Not in any order)

DNAngel, Tsubasa Chronicle, Chobits, Fruits Basket, Chibi Vampire, Figure 17, Hands Off!, Dream Saga, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Bleach, Fushigi Yugi, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Samuri Champloo, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Spitited Away, Angelic Layer, Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, Wolf's Rain, Kamichama Karin, Ouran High School Host Club, Pretear, Escaflowne, Dragon Knights, Ayashi no Ceres, Alice 19th, 3X3 Eyes, Kamikaze Katiou Jeanne, Anything Final Fantasy related, Blood , Devil May Cry, Hellsing, Death Note, Ranama 1/2, xxxHolic, Canidate for Goddess, Magical X Miracle, Outlaw Star, Witch Hunter Robin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pita Ten, D.Gray-man, Zombie Loan, Soul Eater, Vampire Knight, Air Gear, Negima, RomeoXJuliet, Tokyo Majin, Hell Girl, and The Gentleman's Alliance. (If any one has any good anime or manga suggestions feel free to email or message me and tell me about them!)

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