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Author has written 27 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist.

Name: uh... it really depends on who is talking to me, or if it's my avatar in a story... just call me Alex

Age: 21

Likes: darkness, solitude (I'm only slightly anti social), anything not proven true, a few things proven true.

Random junk: -- ok now... i have decided that for the most part this will just be my muse stories... and that is that--

me:gah, I have nothing to do...(homework dose not count...)

writing muse:well you could write (rolls eyes) after all I'm here.

me:(blank look) oh... you are? hey! where were you anyways?

writing muse:I was off...doing stuff

me:what stuff? your my muse, what else do you do? why am I shouting this out loud, my brother already thinks I'm crazy!

writing muse:you are...but that's not important (pulls out dagger) do as I say!

me:why? oh... and why dose a shape shifting muse need a dagger... wait can I have it?

writing muse:(blank look) what? why the hell would i give you a weapon!

me: 'cause it's shinny, and pointy! and, and I can hurt peoples who tick me off! (jumps around happily)

writing muse:you scare me... and that's why no dagger for the crazy.(holds dagger high, like dragon high)

me: your no fun (pouts) what do ya got for me?

writing muse:what? oh well, nothing.. see ya (leaves)

me: gah! abandoned by my muse...again! well that leaves only one thing to do (evil grin) we go to the land of causing-figments-of-my-imagination-pain! Lets go!...(several seconds later) I have no idea where that is... muse ...help.

writing muse: I'm back!

me:(blinks in shock) WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE EDWARD ELRIC!

writing muse:(shrugs) i don't know... because i thought it would get your attention.

me:aww..is you lonely.

writing muse: (sniffles) ...yes.

me: (slaps him with my bookshelf) I DONT CARE! I AM GOING TO FEED YOU TO THE FANGIRLS!

writing muse:(gasps in terror) Noooooooo! don't, please, i can change! (turns into Naruto) see!

me:(glares) no! go back to Ed! besides no matter what you look like you are still a inconsistent muse. you bug me when i sleep and leave when i need you.

writing muse:(turns back to Ed) well, your crazy, why do i put up with you. do you know how many people would want a muse like me?

me: no one likes you, in fact I'm calling Muses 'r us right now to get a new one, ha!

writing muse:you wouldn't...

muses 'r us:hey! not you again.

me: yep, mine is defective, me want new one

muses 'r us: no go away crazy, all our muses are afraid of you. put up with that one!

me: (evil grin) okay if you say so... you are sure right.

muses 'r us: positive, glad you see it our way.(hangs up)

me: yo! muse, wanna cause pain, chaos and destruction?

writing muse: sure, wait it's not on me right...

me: nope, and there's gonna be massive property damage!(pulls out flamethrower) ye-haw!

writing muse:where did you get that?

me: (evil grin) do ya really wanna know

writing muse: no

me: that's what i thought... wait somethings not right... I know! we cannot go on a wild spree of untold destruction with out my friends!

writing muse:but your friends are sane...

me: (looks at him like he's stupid) not those ones... these ones!(opens door reveling hundreds of fictional characters including Ed, and most of the FMA cast, along with many of my own characters (sadly FMA and Ed are not yet mine) all properly armed) LETS GO TROOPS MOVE OUT!

Ed: why should we listen to you? and why dose your muse look like me?

me: cause I'm the author and i can make your life very hard if you don't. and for the other... i don't really know.

Ed: (sweatdrops then shrugs) fair enough lets go.

me: yay! to Muses 'r us!

troops: yeah!(all rush out and attack the establishment)

yeah, well just got back and i have a few new captives so here's my next muse story

me:hey, so new muses, what do i call you?

Muse #1: uh... I'll do descriptions!

me: what?

Muse #1: you know descriptions! like details to the story.

me: i actually have to work on not adding too many, is that all you do?

Muse #1: uh...yeah

me: OK then Hey writing muse, you know what to do

writing muse: yay fun! oh can i have a new name too?

me: sure what do you want?

writing muse: (drags muse #1 to an acid filled pit) uh... how about... Xilon! (laughs manically as he throws muse #1 into the pit and they dissolve)

me: (blank look) you took that from one of my OC's names!

Xilon: so? normally its the middle name.

me: but that character is a girl!

Xilon: so? i can be a girl. watch! (turns into Hinata)

me: god! don't be Hinata with that name!

Xilon: fine (turns back to normal form)

me: OK next!

muse #2: i can do OC's

me: lets see what you got.

muse #2: OK, ...

me: well?

muse #2: please don't throw me in acid! (gets on floor begging)

me: (shakes the crying muse of leg) for now I'm feeling nice so you can stay, but you gotta prove yourself.

muse #2: yes! i will oh thank you!

me: (shakes off leg again) stop it before i change my mind! now you need a name.

muse #2: h-h-how about Sylva?

me: that's OK for now.

alright! a new muse story!

Me: whoo! i'm off to college!

Xilon: and... thats good because?

Me: wha-ha! i will finaly have the internet without fighting my brother for it all the time! i will be able to update more!

Xilon: maybe, maybe not. evil smirk

Me: ... i don't like the look on your face... what are you planning?

Xilon: nothing, just a hiatus.

Me: WHAT you ungratefull bastard i kill you good!!

Xilon: that would not help your endevor.

Me: -_- what are you my common sence now? just give me the damn ideas! why do you do this to me?!

Xilon: think of it this way, now you will have to make friends and entertain yourself! i'm helping you!

Me: yeah like a bullet to the head, you pain in the ass, i have enough of a god damn social life for my lieking, and you are a freaking muse what else could you possably be doing?!

Xilon: wouldn't you like to know

Me: yes, yes i would, hence the question you baka!

Xilon: -_- uh, since when did you start mixing in other languages, arn't you against doing that randomly, ever since your german teacher made that slip up in class?

Me: huh? oh wow, damn my friends are a bad influence, well i guess it happend around the same time i started experimenting with smilys. he, he, anyway i won't mess up like my teacher did, i don't mix words that sound like english words of other meanings.

Xilon: maybe not now, but if you progress.

Me: shut up you jerk.

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