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Gender: Female.
Age: 21.

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My Buddy: On Serebii forums, there is a user of the ID: "DX 2401PT" (who I will address as PT for short). He is my idea filter for S-EARLY, co-developer of Age Relations, a fellow glitch-spammer, etc. We communicate regularly (live in the same block), so if any reader wants to know how any of S-EARLY is going, ask/bug him on Serebii forums. He knows most of what I know about EVERYTHING related to S-EARLY.

Tumblr: As of December 16, 2013, I now have a Tumblr account. Click Here. It only had 1 purpose at start, but now it has multiple. The original purpose is to answer any questions regarding S-EARLY. Ask a question through a review and it shall be answered within a day, if possible. Much better than waiting for the story to update. And if something happens, that happening will be posted on the tumblr. Keep in mind that it was created very recently. Stuff will be added as time passes.

Twitter: As of February 11, 2015, I now have a Twitter account. Click Here. The ID, rs135pt, is pretty straight forward. RS (Ruby/Sapphire) because that's when I got back into Pokemon in Pokemon Special, the games, and the anime. 135 because... my ID, and pt (Platinum) because Platinum version is by far my favorite, it's where I hit my "stride" in the games, and Platinum is my favorite Dex Holder. This Twitter's primary purpose is for miscellaneous status updates and whatnot, along with very quick QnAs, if possible.

SA2: As requested, here is the link to the sequel to my SA. I am merely avoiding bias by not adding SA2 to my favorites tab, because I'd rather leave that tab non-existent.

Art: It has recently come to my attention that there is a link on LuoQin's Tumblr blog for my profile page. As such, I am returning the favor and linking to her Tumblr blog.

Having constantly received messages regarding an aspect that I already covered a long, LONG time ago, I decided to prevent any more of those comments from coming my way by compiling all the stuff I covered in the past into one big chunk of information. Updates or new things in underlined bolded italics.

Miscellaneous Information from Stories Compiled (MISC), now in alphabetical order:

Accessories: The Pokegear is the equivalent of "cell phone" in real life. Everyone will have one, regardless of generation. No Sinnoh Dex Holders will call using the Poketch, as that watch has no such function.

Alternate Lines: Sometimes, a situation within a chapter just BEGS for referencing lines to other video games, movies, etc. But having those referencing lines appear in the actual chapter makes absolutely no sense, because the mood might be completely different, the stuff mentioned in the lines wouldn't exist, or the scene is just too silly. Thus, to allow the chapters to maintain their seriousness AND not lose the referencing opportunities, the Alternate Lines have been created. Similar to WCHB, but these Alternate Lines are usually based on dialogue only, and the "normal" scene HAS to be in the actual chapter.

Currency: 200 PKD per 1 CAD. Makes a Pokeball cost $1. Reasonable.

Cutting off: Used quite a bit to indic-

Dex Holder Capability: The younger Dex Holders (namely Platinum and White) will appear rather incompetent and will require external assistance only when their seniors appear in the same story. If the older Dex Holders are to appear, then they are required to help out and solve the crisis. Meaning, the younger Dex Holders, who will not be as strong as their seniors, will appear weak and wimpy by default. They will only appear strong and very capable if their seniors do not appear in the story.

Distance and Travel: 6 hours per route by walking, 2 hours by bicycle, 30 minutes by vehicle, 15 minutes by aerial transport. Variations allowed. 2 days by boat between Kanto/Johto to Hoenn or Sinnoh. 4 days in total from Hoenn to Sinnoh. Halved time for speed boats. 1 day by boat from Kanto to Johto. 4 hours by boat between each Sevi Islands of different districts (1, 2, 3 from 4, 5, 8, and 6, 7, 9), 1 hour for same district. Time halved for aerial transport.

Formality/Addressment: Taken from Pokemon Special. Gold refers to his seniors as "senior (name)". Black refers to White as "President"; sounds awkward, therefore edited to "Miss President" in S-EARLY. Platinum refers to her seniors as "senior (name)". Platinum never calls Diamond as "Dia". Diamond and Pearl never refer to Platinum by her name. Instead, they address her as Lady/Miss Lady instead. In response to Jp suffix of -kun or -san, the nicknames of Dex Holders will only be used by those of the same generation, or the one higher for those who use Pokemon nicknames. Silver will say "Crys". Green would say "Crystal". Sapphire will say "Crystal". Pearl will say "Dia". Red will say "Dia". Black will say "Diamond". Etc. Silver never addresses Blue by her name. He will say "sis".

Hair Color: As appears on volume cover. Crystal's changes from blue to brown again and again. But her hair color is blue in most of her appearances. Therefore, her hair color is blue. "But in the manga, Crystal's hair is brown". No, in the manga, her hair is BLACK, due to the black/white issues. In volume covers, her hair color is blue most of the times.

Height: NOT following Pokedex heights. Groudon is NOT 11 feet tall. Arceus is NOT 10 feet tall, etc.

Legendaries: All Legendaries' powers will be ranked based on class. Arceus on top, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lugia, Ho-oh, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, etc right below, Latias, Latios, Heatran, Raikou, Entei, etc below them, and Regigigas below them. I do not consider Phione to be Legendary, therefore it is not treated the same. It will have the same combat prowess as Glalie, to match the game mechanics. Phione is base 80 all, Glalie is base 80 all. Should I ever bring Phione into the same scene as real Legendaries, it will serve the role of meat shield and/or cannon fodder.

Mechanics, Game: No EVs, IVs, or 4 move limits. Slight mention of base stats. Everything else included. All Pokemon will have all of their default Abilities. Scizor will have both Swarm and Technician. Bronzong will have both Heat Proof and Levitate. Makes no sense that some Bronzong will have Heat Proof while others have Levitate when they're all clearly floating and made with the same hunk of metal. All Pokemon with Dream World Abilities will have their default Abilities as well, but not vice-versa. Green's Scizor will have Swarm and Technician, but not Light Metal. Any and all Magic Bounce Espeon will have Synchronize as well. Red's Espeon only has Synchronize.

Mechanics, Move Related: Capability over game balance. If something floats, it can Fly, and thereby be immune to stuff like Earthquake. This includes Pokemon such as Dialga or Magneton. HMs are stupid and thereby will not be explicitly required. Who needs Surf or Waterfall when you have Fly? Cut and Rock Smash are ridiculously stupid. Mew will be able to use any and all moves that exist. Legendary-only moves (Roar of Time, Fusion Flare, Judgment, etc) will be at reduced power so the actual users can feel special.

Mechanics, Real Life: Not entirely biologically accurate. People will survive things and brush off injuries that would realistically be fatal or crippling. Physically accurate. All physics laws will be followed. In my stories, we obey the laws of THERMODYNAMICS ... and others.

Names: Sticking with the ACTUAL names. Red, Green (male), Blue (female), Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White. Look at the En release of FRLG. Red and Green (male) swap starters. Red gets Charizard, Green gets Venusaur. Hence Mewtwo's comment of "FireRed, LeafGreen" matches. But if Green was to be called Blue, there's an issue. The official Jp site of Pokemon Special has the name listings of the main Dex Holders in each arc. There, Platinum is named as "Platinum" and not "Platina". I know the Jp pronounciation goes as "Purachina" or "Platina" as close as it gets. But that's the Jp word for Platinum. Now, I don't care if anyone says Platina or Green as Blue and vice versa. Just don't say that I'm wrong with the names. Because looking at it strictly, I'm the one that's correct. Rakutsu and Faitsu have non-Japanese names of "Lack-two" and "Whi-two". Since those names are absolutely stupid, I will not be using them. They will be called Rakutsu and Faitsu until the "official" English translators pull better names out of their asses. X and Y are called X and Y (エックス and ワイ) in the XY arc, so they will be called that. "Calem" and "Serena" are game-names and as such, will not be used for the same reasons as why "Brendan" and "May" aren't used for Ruby and Sapphire.

Nicknames/etc: Sticking with Coronis's naming scheme. Explotaro (Gold's Typhlosion), Chaka (Sapphire's Blaziken), Courtney (Magma Admin), Storc (crazy evil lady from FRLG E DP), etc. Too many complaints = original naming. Bakutarou, Chamo, Kagari, Saque, etc. Again, I don't give a damn as to what the official En translations' names are. Besides, going too far with the official En releases would imply that all the scenes that got edited out in the official translations did not occur. Blue's shirt being torn in RGB (and her "flat" comment to Sabrina), Crystal being slapped by her crazy mother in GSC, Ruby getting punched by his dad in RS, most likely the Salamence related bloodshed in RS, probably the Rufflet related bloodshed in BW, etc. All these moments happened. But not/probably not in the official En releases.

Platinum's Formality: Will never use contractions or rude language, except when pissed off, mentally affected (drunk, in SR), or utterly devastated.

Sinnoh Dex Holder teams: End of the Pt arc didn't explain what exactly happened. But for my own preference, Regigigas (that useless thing) will be released from Diamond's team, and Pachirisu, Cherrim, and Froslass would be returned to their original owners from Platinum's team.

Swearing/Censoring: No censor when tone serious. Other cases: "F*CK!", "FUUUUU-" ... "-UUUUUUCK!", etc.

What Could Have Been: Exactly what it says. Appears in bottom of chapter when actual chapter varied from intial planning or an alternative exists. Conditions for the WCHB appears for stories that have plotlines when applicable.

Age Relations, Edition VII (changes in bolded italics), used in SY and onwards:
Red, Green, Blue: + 9
Yellow, Gold, Silver: + 6
Crystal: + 5
Ruby, Sapphire: + 4
Emerald: + 3
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum: - 2
Black, White: - 3
Rakutsu, Faitsu: - 6
X, Y: - 9

- Ruby's birthday is 80 days ahead of Sapphire's. Therefore, the two are the same age.

- Emerald's birthday is before Ruby's. In Emerald arc, Ruby is recorded a year older than both Sapphire and Emerald. Meaning, Ruby's birthday has passed, but Sapphire's did not. Therefore, Emerald is a year younger than Ruby and Sapphire.

- Blue's birthday is ahead of Red's or Green's. In FRLG, all three are recorded the same age. In Emerald, Blue is recorded to be a year older than Red or Green, meaning her birthday has passed, but not theirs. Therefore, All three are at the same age.

- Blue and Silver are 3 years apart, as the age difference was an aspect behind the kidnapping to start with.

Platinum's birthday is behind Diamond and Pearl's. DP arc starts in September 28, to match the Jp release of DP. DP arc is more than a month long, which would pass Platinum's birthday. She is recorded to be 12 along with Diamond and Pearl afterwards. Which means, she was 11 when she started on her journey. Therefore, all three Sinnoh Dex Holders are at the same age.

- Silver is recorded to be 13 in Emerald arc and his birthday had not passed. Therefore, he is two years older than Ruby and Sapphire.

- Crystal is recorded to be 13 in Emerald and her birthday has passed. Therefore, she is a year older than Ruby and Sapphire.

- Yellow is recorded to be 14 in Emerald and her birthday has passed. Therefore, she is the same age as Silver.

- In GSC, Crystal is recorded to be 11 while Red, Green, and Blue are 14. Since Crystal is 4 years younger than Red, Green, and Blue, this means her birthday has passed, but none of the Kanto trio's have. If Blue's birthday did not pass, neither did Gold's. Gold is recorded to be 11. Therefore Gold is a year older than Crystal.

- Diamond and Pearl watched their first comedy act when they were 4. The exact same act aired in Johto right after the GSC arc. Meaning, Gold was 12 years old when Diamond and Pearl were 4. Therefore, they are 8 years apart, which places the DP arc 3 years after HGSS.

- (Assumption) Black and White are the same age of 14 in BW.

- (Assumption) With Team Plasma starting to rise in the end of Pt arc AND the BW2 Prologue, which is 3 years prior to BW, Pt and BW arc have 3 years of gap between them. Platinum is 12 years old in Pt after her birthday. She would therefore be 15 in BW, thus 1 year older than Black and White.

- BW2 takes place 2 years after BW.

- Rakutsu and Faitsu are both 12 years old in BW2. Rakutsu is born in May, Faitsu in September.

- (Assumption) Assuming Faitsu enrolled in the Aspertia Trainer's School in the new school year (which is February-ish in Japan), neither Rakutsu or Faitsu would've had their birthdays pass yet. As such, they would be 3 years below Black and White.

- (Blind Guess) XY arc takes place 3 years after BW2, because... why not.

- (Also Blind Guess) X and Y are 14 in XY because... again, why not. To be honest, X and Y are only being added for the sake of complete-ness. I don't like having Dex Holders appear without their age relations being known.

Age Relations Edition V and onwards creates a 12 year gap between Red/Green/Blue and Black/White. Therefore, a more story-friendly Edition III.5 is used for S-EARL, in which HGSS and DP are assumed to have taken place near simultaneously, and Pt and BW also occur near simultaneously.

Age Relations, Edition III.5 (changes in bolded italics), used in S-EARL:
Red, Green, Blue: + 4
Yellow, Gold, Silver: + 1
Crystal: 0
Ruby, Sapphire: - 1
Emerald, Black, White: - 2
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum: - 4

Since Destiny has 17 of the 19 Dex Holders, keeping the ages relatively accurate still creates a massive gap. As such, a few facts are edited and ignored. For one, the BW2 arc will not exist here. As such, no Rakutsu or Faitsu, thus preventing an additional 4 (give or take 1) years of gap between Black/White and X/Y.

Age Relations, Edition III.Destiny (changes in bolded italics), used in Destiny:
Red, Green, Blue: + 5
Yellow, Gold, Silver: + 2
Crystal: + 1
Ruby, Sapphire: 0
Emerald: - 1
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum: - 2
Black, White: - 3
X, Y: - 4

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