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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Date of birth: august 1st, 1993

Name: I don't like my real name (it's not that bad, I just don't like it)

Location: somewhere in Costa Rica

Things I like: reading, writting (novice T-T) ,drawing, playing video games, online games! (tell me if you play Tricksteronline or Ragnarok!!), friends, nuts, berries, ice cream, cookies, CSI, music!!, my T.V... I love anime and manga:(not in order) Bleach, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Beauty pop,Fullmetal alchemist, Prince of Tennis, Chibi Vampire, Cardcaptor Sakura, Trigun, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kaleido star, One piece, Sailor Moon(first anime) and (many) others(to lazy to keep writting). I like reading FF, so if you want me to read something just let me know.

Things I hate: fake people, karin (the one from Naruto, cause the ones from bleach and chibi vampire rock!!), liars, stupid people that don't tolerate people being different, nonsense bashing, people who hate anime/manga lovers for no reason, extremely weird couples. I don't hate yaoi, but i'ts kinda... you know, weird when people get too obsessed with this.

More things about me:

Yes, English is not my first language but I've being talking in English since I was almost 4, in my school we do that, and I've being almost 11 years in the same school, yeah, kinda boring. Anyway, sorry if I make any mistake on my grammar or whatever, and I'm not the best writter I know so please be nice T-T

One of my best friends is Hinata of the Waterfall ( she recently wrote a FF, so cool XD ) I have another friend who really love FF but she haven't sign up yet (and if you are reading this... I still waiting!.YES, you!! the hyperactive yaoi fangirl!!) Thanks girls for your help XD

I'll like to thank a lot to Kunoichi Hyuuga Tenten for her reviews, favorites and alerts X3. She also writes awsome fanfics. Also to my loyal reviewers in Shooting Stars. (I'll put a list of you guys her soon) Love ya all!!

If you have any idea, please let me know, I really love people giving me ideas, so let me know.

Eyes: Thank you, I can see

Hair: Yes I have.

Skin: Just let me tell you that i'm not as tan as latins are

Height: somewhere between 1m and 3m.

Goals: visit Konoha!! world domination!!, destroy... Oh, want the real, I don't know

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