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Author has written 1 story for Overlord/オーバーロード.

I'm a novice writer and a huge fan of Overlord.

Currently, the only project I am working on is Momon's New Beginning, but I may branch out from it into a set of side stories.

New chapters of Momon's New Beginning will be released whenever they are finished. Writing is great fun and one of my hobbies.

Current status of upcoming chapters as of 9/21:


Chapter 8: WIP, no set release date

Chapter 9: WIP

What makes Overlord so interesting?

Ainz is one of those characters that I could not help but relate to when I first picked up the Overlord LN. He despite losing and going through so much, still strives to do what he can for his loved ones. Yes, he can sometimes get swept into things that may be well above what he's capable of, like being swept up into the extermination of an entire country for the sake of a political game. But even so, he has shown that he is capable of intellect and leadership, even if he never really gives himself enough credit in that department.

I never once forgot the fact that he never really had much of a family life. His mother raised him on her own, and died from exhaustion because she overworked herself for his sake. Ainz would never get another family until he met his friends in Yggdrasil. You can easily imagine what pain he's going through as he realizes that all he's built with his friends will be deleted, and that he also will likely never see his friends again. Such is the reasoning for his almost fanatical devotion to Nazarick, and it's NPCs, as they are the last relic of the good times he once shared with people he cared so much about. It will be interesting to see what kind of person he will become without Nazarick influencing how he will change from who he was as Suzuki Satoru.

The NW is quite rich in both characters and history. The cast of characters is so diverse, that at first glance, you can easily mistake the characters to all be from different shows or series. With this many characters, interactions between are equally diverse.

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