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Someone once told me that I have no commitment - outside of writing, that is. Well, I proved them wrong this week. Remember how I said my writing would be interrupted by band camp? Well, I committed myself to quitting marching band. Don't snicker! It was very tough to stick to that resolution in the face of the director trying to guilt-trip me into changing my mind.

The current work-in-progress will be a Hermione-fic. Or, rather, a Granger-fic. Her parents are asserting themselves nicely.

Did anyone consider how us fanficcers didn't do a half-bad job of guessing some stuff in OotP? There were at least three people, to my knowledge, who had the idea of Harry getting into Snape's Pensieve (without permission and underhandedly). One of them also featured HardlyAngelic!James, into the bargain.

'Weasley Is Our King' was actually a rather pale follow-up to Narcissa Malfoy's hilarious and brilliant ditty, found at the end of Chapter Four in '1975 in Slytherin' - a wonderful little poem from the Slytherins to opposing player Gilderoy Lockhart.

Halfway through the book, Tonks started reminding me strongly of someone's original character, Caro Diggory.

Quidditch!Ginny has been all over the fandom - although, I must say, she was rounded out much more nicely in fanfic; in the book she's startingly Mary Sue. (I'm willing to give Ms Rowling some time on that, however.) Our collective assumption about the Order also proved right. I've read several pre-OotP stories wherein Mrs Figg was a Squib, although few of them got her characterisation quite right. And, in danger of bragging, my own guess at Sirius's family life wasn't that far off, which surprised me.

Now, I read Marauderic-fic more than anything, and some things in there were frighteningly foreshadowish. Hyphen's infamous, hilarious, and yet spot-on 'The Speculum Curse' featured Sirius quoting poetry about death in Part Four. (The grave is most certainly a fair place/but none, I think, do there embrace) The L/J love/hate is a little extreme, but it was closer to the real story than other theories, wans't it? Sadly, every single English-challenged teenybopper 'author' somehow got Wormtail's characterisation. And Giesbrecht somehow snatched Lupin's 'occupational hazard' line - slightly different reference, but it's there. Who are these people sneaking onto Ms Rowling's personal computer?

And that's enough rambling for present.

Cheers and chocoballs,


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