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Hello all u sexy people!!lol okay first off, my name is Candace but im not telling u my middle and last name!XP i know im mean like that ! so here are some things about me!!:


home: Texas

whatever-u-call-it symbol:Taurus


games:mk(of course) wow thats it!


hobbies:drawing,reading fanfiction, playing with my cousins, and petting my dog Fritz!!

Genres:romance, horror, funny

animes and shows:tmm sailor moon mr.meaty NARUTO catscratch spongebob friends i cant think of anymore at the moment

sport teams:longhorns spurs mermaids volunteers the fritzies ;Pjk

movies:mk, all naruto movies, the little mermaid, mulan, aladdin, raise your voice, radio, oh brother!where art thou?, spongebob movie, all resident evils, my neighbor totoros, spirited away, kikis delivery service, crossroads, selena, freddy kruger, michel meyers, jason, final destinations, all dogs go to heaven.


i hate preppy people, PERVES!!, goblins, babysitting, math, bad grades(though i tend to get them alot!!)drugs, potheads, scary people, llamas(dont ask), miley cyrus, and stuck up people who think they know everything when they just want to chew you up and spit you out and kick dirt in your face. Those people are the people who give me nightmares and i throw up my lunch over them!!

about me:

my sister is madelyn and im proud of her!i have my own animes. Im absolutely MAD over kung lao!!he is the best guy out there!i have no clue how to type and neither does my sister(trait thing) and i sometimes go into lala land!! i have a new found hobby that im learning how to do. it is called SKATEBOARDING!! i have a brother that i would give my life for.3 of my future stories are gonna be by him (they may be childish, but hey hes only 9)im quite the klutz sometimes, too!:P so yeah!go ahead and make fun of me! see if i care!!xP

description of myself:

Ok i have changed quite a bit and i havent been on in FOREVER!! i have black brown hair and with one streak of red. i look emo bad.

if u know anyone who should get ran over by a bus copy and paste this to your profile!!NOW!!

thats pretty much it for now!!So now its time again to read the stories! It makes people smart you little einsteins!



IT IS: a mortal kombat fanfic!

a romance action

a kung lao jade pairing

probably gonna be shit...-.-

a good attempt for a good story!

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