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Hello fellow fanfiction freaks!
Let's just overlook my crappy summaries, and read and review anyway okay? I really like hearing from readers, and getting emails from them is also really fun! So start reading and reviewing!

UPDATED PART: Yea! ten stories posted, or is it eleven?! Is this a milestone?

SUPERLONG NOVEL: I have decided to re-write it, because it is a big mess. I hadn't got a really clear plot, so now I'm revising it you could say. I hope this method of writing is easier and less complex, and I hope to start posting the new story in a couple of days.

Dream: I've already sorta talked about it... so far only ten people have reviewed! Ack! They liked it, so maybe you will to... (in other words, R+R!!)

Now about me!
I LOVE StarWars (May the force be with you... always!)And have more than a bookshelf of the novels at home. My favorite starwars character from the books is Cray Mingla, and if you don't know who she is read the book StarWars: Children of The Jedi. My favorite character from the movies is... heck I love them all!

Music. I ADORE classic Rock, (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen etc.) And love all the disney songs. (I'm a little kid when it comes to Disney:)

I'm a Christian, as you've probally guessed, and I have this best friend named Jesus. You should get to know him, 'cause everyone knows (I hope) that hell is NOT just a sauna. And if you don't feel like spending eternity in a horrible (indescribably horrible) place, email me and I'll tell you about how to avoid it.

Well, I guess that's about it! Oh yah, I live in *! Yeah, it's a super place to live 'cause I have all these great friends there. Such as the Beans of Berty 'n Beans (read her stuff, and Berty's too, even though it's quite a good way! Beans does really great poetry!!) YEA! Two more people I know are on this site, they are Very Wild Berry, and Buffalo Chicken Wings, (although BCW doesn't have any stories yet.) Read them!

Anyhoo, toddles, and happy reading! (R+R!!!!!!!!)

P.S. Email me, I love recieving emails, and sending them!!!!