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Hello! (:

My name is Diane, and I'm a 23-year-old Journalism major (if my fics appear to lack substance and excruciating detail, then I wish I could blame the fact that most of the stuff I write for school is less than a page long and can be read aloud in fifteen seconds. Alas.).

I see fanfiction as more of an exercise in writing than I see it as pooping out stuff that will get favs and reviews. When you write fanfic, the characters you choose to work with already have set boundaries, and set personalities. The trick, the really fun part about writing fanfic, is trying to see how far you can take the characters within his or her boundaries, and still make the story believable. After all, when you're developing and writing characters of your own, you'll be the one setting the boundaries! How are you going to make sure your own character doesn't do something horribly out of character if you don't practice with keeping someone in character? ;)

See, that's what I love about writing. It lets me assume personalities that are nothing like my own.


I enjoy a lot of different series, but the only fandom I've ever actively participated in is Kingdom Hearts. I tend to stick to drabbles and oneshots, as they suit my hectic schedule (and unfortunately, rather short attention span), but I will spit out the occasional chaptered fic should the plotbunny ever rear its head. My pairings for this fandom include Sora/Kairi, Riku/Kairi, Riku/Sora/Kairi, Roxas/Sora, and Aerith/Riku. (Oh, and Esmeralda/Sora, but those are reeeeeally rare. xDD)

I also love Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy 6. Within these two fandoms I ship Cloud/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, Aerith/Tifa, Cid/Shera Celes/Locke, Locke/Terra, and maybe a little Edgar/Terra if I'm in the mood.

Oh my goodness, y'all, PLEASE REC ME FICS! ;_; I love to read and I love to leave reviews, and FFFFFFFF I just haven't done enough of that. So rec away, I'm begging you!

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Current and Completed Works

Kingdom Hearts

Vicarious: A collection of one-shots and drabbles featuring Sora, and based on one-word prompts found here. Pairings will vary widely. Included so far are: Riku/Sora/Kairi; Roxas/Sora; Larxene/Sora; Namine/Sora

Saturday's Charm: A pre-KH fic where Sora, Riku and Kairi are five and six years of age. Sora and Riku decide to throw Kairi a birthday party when they discover that Kairi can't remember when her birthday is. However, tension rises when the boys begin competing over who will give her the better present. Pairings included are Sora/Kairi and Riku/Kairi. THIS FIC IS COMPLETED:3

Saturday's Charm fanart

Scene from Chapter 2 by wedgwood. Thank you so much! (:

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