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—Age: 17 ( DOB: 5-10-91 )
—Name: Caitlyn
—Gender: Female
—Location: United States
Nickname: Call me Bleue!



My penname, l'heure bleue, is the French phrase that "The Blue Hour" comes from. The Blue Hourais a term commonly used for "Twilight" by photographers and painters because of the quality of the ambient light.

—~— LINKS —~—

CoTN Photo Album
( To See All Pictures mentioned in "A Child of the Night")

Samuel's Story
( The link that I mentioned in COTN Ch. 46! )

Butterfly Kisses ( Spanish )
( Thanks, Tatarata, for translating! )

A Child of the Night ( Spanish)
( Thanks, Laguna Negra, for translating! )

A Child of the Night ( Portuguese )
(Thanks, Zahzuda, for translating! )

Mommy's Letter ( Spanish )
( Thanks, estrella'black, for translating! )

Cinderella ( Spanish )
( Thanks, estrella'black, for translating! )

When She Smiles ( Spanish )
( Thanks, estrella'black, for translating! )

When She Smiles: FAQ

Q: I reviewed. Why didn't I get a sneak peak?
In case you didn't read my past few authors notes, I discontinued sending sneak peaks. I don't have time anymore, and what little time I do have I would like to spend either writing or updating. Sorry!

Q: How old is _?
It depends on the chapter + the character. In the childhood chapters, Alice's age is the year it is. ( IE: Year Four, or Year Ten ). Jasper's age is ALWAYS listed in those chapters, so look back to find out. In the later chapters, where their age stays the same from chapter to chapter, there is an age chart at the top of the page.

Q: When are Bella + Edward going to come in?
They are mentioned a few times in the earlier chapters, but they will become a more prominent part later in the story. Around chapter 18-20, or something like that.

Q: Why does Rose call her father 'Gavin' rather than 'Dad'?
Because he feels as though he hasn't earned the right to be called her father.

Q: Why doesn't Carlisle realize what is happening to Jasper?
Because Jasper only slipped up once, and he is a very good liar. So is Jasper's father.

Q: Do I have to read 'A Child of the Night' to understand 'When She Smiles'?
No. Although you would understand more. Like, when I mentioned that Bella was sick, you would understand what she had been sick with and when, and you would know more about Teddy and the emotional mess that Edward and Bella went through when they were younger.

: - A Quick Note - :

... To Those who Flame Certain Plot-Lines ...

It's called fanfiction for a reason, people. We know that certain things can't happen in the actual Twilight Universe. That's why we write Alternate Universe. Basically, an alternate universe is a universe where we don't have to follow the rules. Meaning we could make everyone humans, or make Bella the vampire rather than the Cullens. We make things happen that never could in the Twilight Series! But we let you know! We mark them AU, and state in our summaries exactly what we are writing! If you read it anyway, knowing that you don't like the idea ... spare us and yourself ... and don't flame! It's your own fault for reading something in the first place that you know you won't like!

Also, if you flame something without even reading it, just because you read in the summary something you don't agree with, remember this: We. Have. Freedom. We have the right to do whatever we want with out stories. You have the right to flame. But you do not, under any circumstances, have the right to beat people down because of your own opinions. So think this the next time you're getting ready to flame:

How would I feel ... if someone were doing this to me?

... To Those who Flame in General ...

All your harsh words are going to do is hurt someone's feelings and make them give up. So, if someone's writing is a mess, or their plot-line has holes, or their grammar is a little below par, you don't have to flame them! ( Le gasp! ). But it's true! If you believe someone's writing is bad, saying "You SUCK!"is only going to make them hurt. Instead, point out what they're doing wrong, and suggest a beta for all those pesky spelling errors. You were once a grammar-challenged, 13-year-old, too. Don't bother denying it!

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

... To Those who Review, and Help Build People up, Rather than Tear Them Down ...

Thank you.

When I first began writing, I got lots of flames. But there were those few who were kind, and patient, and told me again and again what I was doing wrong. If it weren't for you guys, I'm not sure where I'd be. So instead of telling someone how horrible their writing is, offer suggestions, and help, and a kind word. Who knows! You might be encouraging another future Stephenie Meyer!

... Strive to Be Humble Rather than Proud ...

I know it's a little hard to not be proud of yourselves, especially when you're so awesome. ( And you ARE! )

But sometimes, it's best just to keep some numbers ( IE: Author Favs, Review Count, Hit Count ) to yourself, because when a new author sees the notes you make, it makes them sigh because they're only on a few author favs, or their story is only getting a few hits. Thanking people for their kindness is one thing, but bragging? I mean ... that's amazing for you. Really, it is, and I'm happy for you! But when you're a struggling new author who is receiving maybe one or two reviews a chapter on their story, those kinds of notes will make more people give up rather than encourage them to continue.

Also? Asking for a certain amount of reviews before you update? Not cool. However, asking for a certain amount before an early update where you plan on updating anyway a few days later is fun. It shows that you'll continue no matter what your review count is, but you would show your appreciation by updating early if your readers hit a certain number. Try that instead.

Signing off,

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