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Name change from xXmAnGa-LuVrXx to Higurashi-Uchiha Kagome on May 20, 2008. Thanks to Demonic kunoichikagi!

Name: Annie

Age: Well wouldn't you like to know. This is for me to know, and for you to find out.

Hair: Erm, it's like black/dark brown, with a random streak of orange/blonde that used to be red o.o

Eyes: Dark brown. Almost black.

Nationality: I live in the U.S. right now, but I was born in South Korea. AZIAN PRIDE!! xD

Favorite Manga:

Honestly, I don't have a favorite one. I love a lot of them, but if I don't like it, then I don't like it.

Favorite Characters:


Kagome - I would have to say that she's easily my favorite female character.

Miroku - Even though he's perverted, he hasn't done anything TERRIBLE, and he's pretty adorable.

Kagura - Kagura is like, a gray area... Yes, I understand she's an "enemy," but Naraku controls her, so it's not like she can actually help it.

Sesshomaru - What is there to say? ;)

Kouga - Although he can be kind of pushy, he's a genuinely sweet guy, and he's super nice to Kagome. I really think people bash him too much because he's a bit rough around the edges, but he's cute, and he actually respects women.


Sasuke - People are always saying they hate him because of the way he left Konoha... Well, what did he have to keep him here? Hoards of stalker fangirls, no parents, a compound with bad memories of his whole clan being slaughtered by his idol and big brother? Admit it, if that happened to you, you would be traumatized for the rest of your life.

Hinata - She's adorable. I like her, and I hate how her clan treats her.

Neji - Yes, half the time I think he's a jackass. And he really needs to stop spouting crap about destiny, but I understand he's bitter. But I'm still against how he handles his anger and resentment.

Gaara - When I see him, I sort of see a little boy who was rejected by everyone around him, and it's so sad!

Ino - I really think Ino is a good character. Yes, she was a fangirl, but she reaches out to those in need. Remember the how she befriended Sakura when nobody else would? She's a genuinely nice girl, and I really think she shouldn't be bashed so much.

Deidara - Deidara is so cute!

Itachi - I don't like him as much as Sasuke, but I really have developed a soft spot for him.

Ranma 1/2

Mousse - I think people overlook him a lot, as the "stupid duck boy" who follows Shampoo and doesn't play fair. But to be honest, he's one of the strongest characters on this show. It's just because of his eyes and goofy demeanor that comes from being lovestruck. And Shampoo can be a real bitch sometimes, but he takes the abuse!

Akane - I like her, because she really tries hard at whatever she does. She's soft and compassionate, and willing to sacrifice herself for others. However, I really am not happy with the way she clobbers everyone without knowing the whole story. Yes, Ranma deserves a good beating most of the time, but sometimes, it's just not his fault.

Ryoga - Ryoga has to be one of the most overlooked characters I have ever seen. He's only shown when he's beat up and humiliated. His infatuation with Akane is cute, and he's so considerate. I hate how Ranma mocks him and takes advantage of him, just because of his directional problems and naivete. Many people just use him for comic relief, or just put him as the antagonist. He's been so thoroughly abused, and I really think he deserves so much more credit.

Ranma - Half the time, I feel like smashing him across the head with a sledgehammer. But he does have his sweet side.

Full Metal Alchemist:

Edward Elric - He's so funny! I admire his tenacity and love for Al.

Alphonse Elric - He's dealing with his situation really well! It always seems like Al is the older brother, not Ed.

Riza Hawkeye - She's really smart, pretty, and handy with a gun. Shame she's stuck as an assistant all the time.


Kyouko - I can really feel her character. We share a lot of similarities, and I really like the way she stands up for herself and takes challenges head on.

Ren - Well, putting aside the fact that he's ridiculously hot... He's sweet and considerate. Ren and Kyouko just totally balance each other out.

Ouran High School Host Club

Kyouya - Hm... I seem to have a thing for darker guys with dark hair and/or glasses, don't I?

Prince of Tennis

Eiji - He's so adorable!

Tezuka - He's so passionate about tennis!

Fuji - It's pretty funny. He has like, a hidden dark side...

Ryoma - One word: cocky. It sometimes pisses me off, but at least he actually has the skills to back it up. And doesn't he need to pee? He's ALWAYS drinking something!


Sunako - I hate how she allowed a guy's opinion to change her life. However, it's good that she's found herself.

Kyouhei - He really can be quite the gentleman, although he tends to clash with Sunako.

Yuki - Who can say that Yuki isn't adorable? Yeah, thought so.

Takenaga - Possibly my most ideal guy for a boyfriend. He's hot, shy, not pushy, considerate, and (dare I say it?) old-fashioned. :D

D. Gray Man

Allen - I adore him. He's neck and neck with Takenaga for most ideal boyfriend. He's so kind, nice, and forgiving. He's friendly and unselfish, and willing to sacrifice himself for others. He's always getting hurt in order to protect other people, and he's so cute! Man, I can go on and on. And even though he looks really slim, he actually has muscle.

Kanda - Typical of me xD. He may be a bit of a bastard, but he's sucha sweetie inside. He saved Allen more than a few times, even though he said that he was going to leave him there to die. He's quiet and sensible, and he actually seems to be sane. And it doesn't hurt that he's freaking hot as hell.

Reever - Does he remind anyone else of Kakashi? I think he should be the leader, not Komui. He makes quick and sensible calls, and he can actually use his brain.

Miranda - I completely understand how it is to fail at everything and be unaccepted. I completely understand. And it's very nice of her to try and protect all that is precious to her, even at the cost of her own health.

I have a lot more, but my profile is long enough already, isn't it?

Hated Characters:

Kikyou - I can't stand her. My least favorite character after Sakura. I enjoy calling her kinky-ho...

Sakura - Absolute worst character to grace anime/manga as a whole. I enjoy calling her skankura...

Winry - I just dislike how she always hits Ed. It was funny the first few times, but that's like, all she ever does. However, I do see that she's progressed from being comic relief to a real, 3-D character, so we'll just have to see.

Orochimaru - He freaks the hell outta me. He's gross, and he's a pedophile. Nasty.

Happosai - All he does is destroy the Tendo home, freeload, and goes around being perverted. Hate it.

Genma - I don't HATE him, but I honestly cannot see how he can treat his son that way. He freeloads off the Tendo family, gets in trouble, and is only lookin out for himself.

Nabiki - Similar to Genma, I don't HATE her. But do you see the way she's selling off her family just to get some money? Find something else to sell/blackmail with, and leave the family out of it.

Inuyasha - Although I do like him in well-written fanfics, most of the time I can't STAND him. Honestly, being unable to choose between two girls, constantly making her cry while stringing her along? He's always being so rough and callous.

Sango - Don't ask. It's not that I hate her, but it's so much fun when you watch the OMGMYBFFOFALLTIME turn into the bitch. Lol.

Rin - I used to like Rin, but not anymore... I just hate how she's always paired with Sesshoumaru. It's stupid. And I've seen more than enough "Sesshoumaru adopts Rin" type stories.

Komui - Okay, yes, he can be sort of cute. Yes, he's supposed to be a comic relief character. But honestly, he's way too selfish. He's annoying and doesn't think of anyone but himself. When he made Komurin (yes, I know it was supposed to be funny), he actually threw Allen to the crazy, practically bloodthirsty robot in order to save his precious hunk of metal. Great. Way to think of other people that you're supposed to protect and lead.

My Absolute FAVORITE pairing:


I enjoy just about every (well-written) pairing of Kagome there is! Well, unless she's paired with one of my hated characters.

Hated Pairings:

Kagome/Inuyasha - I've seen quite enough of these. I just think she deserves more than him. Someone who can love her for who she is and treat her with respect.

Sango/anyone other than Mirouku or Hiei - It's just... weird. I think it should only stay Sango/Mirouku.

Sesshoumaru/Rin - Nope. Nope. Never. Nope.

kinky-ho/anyone except Inuyasha - They deserve each other.


Flamers: In all honesty, flamers should just go die in a hole. MAYBE someone accidentally gave a flame instead of constructive criticism. Not likely. Please, if you don't like it, just go read a different story. If you don't like it, why are you reading it? Don't come bitching to me because you don't like it. I'm an inexperienced writer with the right to twist my writing however I want. Don't flame me and tell me that my story sucks. Don't flame me and tell me that my characters are shallow and 2-D. Don't flame me and say I suck crap at writing. Give me constructive criticism. I came here because I enjoy writing, and I want feedback for my ideas and thoughts. It's for people to enjoy. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us.

OOC: I'm kind of divided. First of all, DON'T go on a flaming rant about how the character is OOC. If it's AU, then OOC can go as far as it wants. If they're writing in a different perspective and the character grows and becomes OOC because of different circumstances, then whatever. On the other hand, I dislike it when it's in the same universe, yet they're all just OOC. I absolutely love Naruto/Inuyasha pairings, and if Sasuke is cheerful and the Uchiha clan didn't get massacred because of Kagome, sure. There's a plausible explanation. However, if everything's the same and people just randomly found Kagome in a forest, no they won't just let her recuperate and then live in the village. She would be interrogated and put on probation. Also, Sasuke won't spend the whole class staring at Kagome and wondering why she's so beautiful. Gotta love me some Sasuke/Kagome, but in all honesty, not going to happen.

Reviews: I have to say that I'm very disappointed. The writer spends time thinking of the story, typing it out, and putting it on this site for the sake of the reviewers. Why can't we pay them back with a single review? It's not very hard! I myself have become discouraged by the lack of reviews and either stopped typing the story or just erased it all together. It's not because I'm a review whore (even though I am xD). It's because reviews are my inspiration and driving force behind my writing. It's what feeds the fire. If you don't feed the fire, it's eventually going to die out. Reviews are like food and water to writers, so please have the consideration to take a few seconds and give a well-deserved review to a writer!

Grammar/Punctuation: I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say that my grammar and punctuation are perfect. However, writers, it's getting ridiculous. Yes, there's the occasional typo. But there's a freaking mile between a few mistakes and just plain carelessness. I hate it when stories are butchered. I can't read it, and it just turns me off of the story completely. Also, what's up with the ".?" and ".!"? Can we just keep is as "?" and "!"? It's so annoying! Please, there's spellcheck for a reason. And find the difference between "your" and "you're."

skankura: Reasons why I hate IT (Yes, I'm immature like that :P)

1) She's SO obsessed with Sasuke, and she's always like SSSSAAAAAAASSSSUUUUUUUKKKKKKKEE-KKKKUUUUNNNNNNNNN! Please, leave the poor boy alone!

2) She's so weak and useless! Yeah, people say that she gets strong later, but what's the point of making big-ass crators, unless the enemy falls into one? And they're shinobi, and they use chakra. Only a shinobi as stupid as skankura would actually fall into one, and if by some incredibly bad luck a shinobi actually fell into a hole, they would use chakra and climb back up or jump out. I have no respect for her fighting abilities, and I highly double I ever will.

3) She hits Naruto for no reason! What the hell?

4) She's so mean to Lee. She's so mean to everyone unfortunate enough to like her (Naruto and Lee), yet bitches like no tomorrow when Sasuke shakes her off his arm.

5) Many, many other reasons... If I told you all of them, we will be here all day.

kinky-ho: reasons why i also hate IT

1) She needs to get over the fact that she's dead. DON'T try to drag Inuyasha to hell with you, DON'T give Naraku the goddamn jewel, and stop STEALING souls! She's so selfish!

2) Kagome saved her life, yet all kinky-ho has done is try to kill her and push Kagome and Inuyasha apart.

3) She's so arrogant. She makes this huge deal about how she's the only one who can defeat Naraku, and that Kagome's just a weak incarnation. Get OVER yourself.

4) She talks about Inuyasha as if she owns him, and he owes her his soul.

5) Like skankura, if I told you all of the reasons, we'll be here all day.

I'm sorry for such a lack of updates. There are no excuses, but I would just like to say that I apologize. Over the time I've been away from fanfiction, I've grown and matured, and when I look back on my stories, I can barely read them, they're so bad. Thank you for putting up with all of this shit, and I'm going through construction. As you've noticed, my whole profile has been reconstructed. If you stay with me, thank you. If you don't, I understand and apologize once again.

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