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This is my snazzy profile page. :) So I should tell you some things about me, huh?

my current obsession: Jared Leto/ Adam Gontier/ Apolcalyptica

Breaking Dawn Aug. 2

Stuff about me

Well my name isn't Inkspell12 really, but I'm sure you already knew that :P call me IS.


I'm a girl

15 years old

Year of the Dog.

Very random

Get distracted easily

Perfectionist, eh not really but i take a long time to do things

I tend to procrastinate (misspelled i think) on almost everything.

Want to be a journalist/writer

Not the world's best speller.

Reading, writing, and computer is my life.


God bless the USA (random :))

Love animals

Favorite foods are Sushi and tacos. Ha, 2 complely different foods. Japanese and Mexican. They're both good... just not together.

hate science. its pointless, don'tchya think?

suck at math

love english and history. .

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Love snow.

Winter is my favorite season. Summer's just too hot.

More quiet in school. But iIhave loads of friends. I'm just a little more myself on here cuz no one wants to read an old boring profile now do they?

Yeah, i could ramble on and on about all sorts of crap but unfortunetly i don't feel like typing it all up.

I can be talking about something (like ... Fruits Basket) then id say "Oh yeah and Naruto's awesome!!" lol if that makes since (howdoya spell that??) but i do that all the time and my friends call me a retard. and blonde... yup

I'm the kinda person who doesn't give a crap what you think of me. But I'm nice. Unless you make me mad. Then your ... on my hate list. ;)

I'm probaly the biggest nerd you'd ever meet (no i dont have glasses or contacts or anything) :) i just like dorkish things... and stuff...

Favorite Books/manga

Well I have a lot of favorite books, and I can't possibly write all of them on here. So I'll just name a few.

Fruits Basket- on the top of the list for a reason. Freakin' awesome. (Oi (thats my new word) umm is manga considered books? i mean theyre comics i no that, but they have words in em' so lets just say theyre books...)

Naruto- it is funny, especially Lee... and Gai Sensei theyre just funny. And Kakashi... Naruto is funny too... its just funny...) (has a show too but I'd recommend the japanese version with english subs, way better! youtube ppl)

InuYasha- its alright. i like it. good. Narutos better of course... but still

Death Note- if your looking for a good anime/manga to watch/read than check this out. Are you a Kira supporter or L supporter?

Inkspell trilogy- duh. I'm wrote a story for that..

Eragon trilogy-(called Inheritance trilogy really) pretty good.

Harry Potter's- read em'.

Gone with the Wind- yeah yeah, long book, stop being such a sissy and read it, ;)

Left Behind books- Those are genius.

Twilight- Stephanie Morgan Meyer... my new idol. :)

Favorite Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean- Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom. :D Personally I think Johnny is the sexiest man alive. heh /// and if edward was real ;)

Transformers- its all actiony. awesome.

Original Disney Movies- ha. I'm a sucker for those.

Eragon- the book was way much better.

All those Christmas Movies- I love Christmas. :)

Favorite T.V. Shows

Gilmore Girls- :( no more seasons :(

Spongebob- he just makes me laugh

Dirty Jobs- makes you feel sorry for Mike.

Mythbusters- they're just so darn smart.

Scare Tactics- sci fi XD

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) - whoo!!

Favorite Pairings

in Fruits Basket.

1) Kyo & Tohru- obviously.

2)Yuki & Machi- he has to have someone

3)Shigure & Akito- it could work... maybe.

4)Haru & Rin- so cute.

5)Hiro & Kisa- it just makes me feel happy.

6) Kagura & Hatori- i just feel sorry for him.

Only problem I have in Fruits Basket, is that they're cousins!

in Gilmore Girls.

Rory & Jess- they just understand eachother.

Lorelai & Luke- everyone knows that.

in Inkspell.

Meggie & Farid- always

Resa & Mo- :)

Resa & Dustfinger- its expressed

in Harry Potter

Ron & Hermione

Harry & Ginny

Hermione & Harry- sometimes

in Naruto

Naruto & Sakura- if shed open her eyes shed see him lol

Naruto & Hinata - Shes so shy...

in InuYasha

InuYasha & Kagome -- cant disagree with that!!

in Death Note

Misa and L- I love love love love L!!

L X O.C. -I love L!

Near X OC - Near is my second favorite character!! There's not that many Near stories though...

Mello X OC- I like Mello.

in Twilight Saga

Edward & Bella -:):):)

my views on Jacob Black...

I adore him. - Although imprinting on Bella's kid? Sick. Imagine if your mom made out with your potential husband? =/

oh and i know in the book they don't have fangs or pointed teeth... but now whenever someone yawns and i see they have pointed teeth ((what are those fang teeth called? Canines... something like that)) I'm like... .oh they're vampires ;) I'm a nerd.

Music time!!

Okay, I adore music. Music is awesome. I freakin' love it!! ok ... I've been told by my dad that I like angry music... loi... had me laughing.

I like mostly rock/alternative/punk/emoish music... some country is alright (my mom loves it so I listen to it as she drives) I hate rap and hip hop... They're not even singing geez... and that stupid Umbrella and Soulja Boy?? Gaw... I hate that crap/// I do like the hard core version of it... its hilarious... I mean not to listen too but to make fun of... And if I have offended anyone, sorry babe just not my cup of tea =)

MCRSharpest lives, my favorite song:)

FOB- too many favorite songs to name.

Evanescence-some are pretty good. Amy Lee (?) has an amazing voice.

Avenged Sevenfold- It's pretty awesome music. Some songs (cough, A little piece of heaven, cough) is a little too kussy for my taste though.

TDG (3 days grace)- Animal, I have Become, Pain, and Riot! Are my favorite...

paramore-Misery Business and Fences are awesome.

Breaking Benjamin-Breathe and Diary of Jane i recommend...

Evans Blue-=D=D-D

and more...

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Good Old Fashion School Of Loverboys by truest-of-true-loves reviews
The Mabudachi Trio school the younger Sohmas on 'How To Be A Loverboy'. Akito will allow Tohru to keep her memories of the Sohmas if one of them can get her to marry a Sohma by graduation. Everyone is now in a War for Tohru's affections. AU.
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Truth to the Extreme reviews
It's been 3 years since Edward last Bella New Moon Now he see's her on a gameshow where you can only say the truth? Whats that about? BxE? JxB? Will Edward see Bella... not on TV?
Twilight - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,608 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 6/16/2008 - Published: 2/13/2008
Worth it? reviews
Takes place after 7th book. Hermione and ron have been dating but they unintentionally leave him out of their plans. What will happen? Bad summery lol
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MAJOR SPOILERS IF HAVENT READ INKHEARTINKSPELL Meggie's with her parentsFarid's with CheesefaceWill they meet again?Will Dustfinger come back? Who knows.... besides me :P
Inkheart - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 9 - Words: 8,913 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 11/5/2007 - Published: 8/28/2007 - Complete