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I'm just going to list the animes/mangas I enjoy...just send a fic my way and I'll read it. 'Specially if it gots a yuri pairing. ; )

Animes/Mangas I like to occupy my time with:

(A-Anime, M-Manga, A/M-Both)

Cowboy Bebop (A, I just finished it recently. I luvs me some Ed...and the rest of the show is amazing too...)

Trigun (A, same as above. This time, I was forced to watch it at first. They brought me a computer and forced me to watch the 1st episode. After that, I begged them to watch it until it was done.)

Death Note (M, I just recently picked it up. I fell in love with it soon after. I LOVE YOU L.)

Simoun (A/M, one of the most confusing things ever. Why? Cause I was stupid and didn't start at Ep. 1. Can't complain though. If you watch it, you know why. ; )

Mahou Sensei Negima (A/M, My favorite. EVAR.)

Full Metal Alchemist (M, I never got into the anime for some reason. I tried to watch it, but it never got me. Yet the manga, WHOOSH, it grabbed me. I don't know why...)

Slayers (A/N, I've seen the last two seasons, and read some of the novels. I've never watched the original, which is weird...)

Lucky Star (A/M, My second favorite. EVAR.)

Mai HiMe (A/M, just Shoujo-ai. Everywhere.)

Mai Otome (A/M, Same thing as above. Just more.)

Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ (A/M, Same thing as the two above, and crazy.)

Gacha Gacha (M, it's just so funny!)

Full Metal Panic (A, One of the firsts of my friend and I just watched it out of the blue.)


Case Closed (A/M, the first thing I started to collect, so it's special to me!)

Now (M, I love the art)

Sailor Moon (A, first thing I ever watched. I grew up on it.)

Kannazuki No Miko (A/M, It's just so adorable with the unhealthy obsessions!)

One Piece (M, before I found the internet, I always bought it. I couldn't stand the voices in the american version.)

Naruto (M, same thing as above...but I am so far behind that I actually and debating to stop...)

Strawberry Panic! (A, um...all girls? Must I say more?)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (A, I really liked it. I honestly didn't expect to be as good, I guess I went in with low expectations.)

Demon Diaries (M, Um...did anyone else think Raenef was a girl? A really really flat chested girl? No? Oh well...I still thought it was a cute story.)

Blue Drop (A/Bits of M, It's cute. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me shortly after.)

Kodomo no Jikan (A, OMG, it's has some of the funniest awkward situations, all on purpose too. Then it has some sad parts too. I was laughing and feeling upset.)

Aria/Aqua (M/A, it makes me smile. Just try watching it with a frown. JUST TRY. I CRIED WHEN IT WAS OVER. I'M A BABY.)

Loveless (A, So much boy love. I got scared...but it has one of the best shoujo-ai arcs I've seen.)

Voiceful (M, Just picked it up. Really cute!)

Tetragram-whosiewhatsit (M, um...I can't find the manga right now so I can't spell it correctly. I wish I could. It's really good so far!)

Wallflower (A, It's and my non-anime friends watch it...the voices are HORRIBLE though...)

Hidamari Sketch (M/A, WATCH OR READ IT. IT'S FUNNY.)

Mnemosyne (A, I just went in thinking YAY! YURI! I went out thinking: ...well...I'm not going to say.)

Suzunari (M, I laugh at it...ten year old humor is funny...SHUT UP.)

S.S. Astro (M, FUNNY. If I were Izumi...I would be ALL OVER Kaname in like...when I first saw her.)

Monster (M, Read it. It's like...awesome if awesome was in paper format and readable and with pictures...)

Maria Holic (M/A, Hilarious. I peed my pants so many times...NOT THAT I ACTUALLY DID.)

Maria-sama that one where they all have really pointy noses (M/A, I just didn't like the art took me so long to get used to...and it still bothers me)

Venus Versus Virus (M/A, everyone's all 'omg this is yuri,' I HAVE SEEN NO GIRLS THINKING " can I feel this when she's a girl?" SO WHERE IS IT? YURI CANNOT HIDE FROM ME.)


(I'm sure there are more...but I can't remember off the top of my head)

SHOOOOOOOOT. I read a lot...

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