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Name: Sarah

Age: 19

Location: least in my head...but really it is the US. Currently going to college and majoring in History.

Pen name: I believe my pen name deserves some explaining. You see in 2003 me and some friends (Katie and Christian) decided that the Harry Potter books needed something. They needed us! So we created our own characters. Katie created the Saiyan Goshien Snape while Christian created Sphen Ishitaka the half-demon, quarter-angel and quarter-wizard. Meanwhile I created Sarah Riddle who is the daughter of Voldemort.(Ok...yes I know its been done before to give Voldemort a daughter...but in my defense I created the character like four years ago and shockingly enough I didn't even read fanfiction then, hence I didn't know it was like...cliche. Second...I have fatherly fit my personality to have a character who hates her father...and three...I LOVE VOLDEMORT! I know, I know he's evil but he's so...great as a bad guy! I just had to have my character connected to him in some way...but I swear...I am not sympathetic to the Death Eaters at all..wink) I remember somewhere, it might have been a fanfiction (I don't know where and if you, the reader, do then it would be really great if you could tell me), where Harry, Ron and Hermione were seen as the "Golden Trio". friends and I are a trio...but were not so golden...hence the The-Other-Not-So-Golden-Trio.

Stories: I have been doing this for a while so that means our version of Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire is already done. I am currently working on Order of the Phoenix. I also have other fanfiction that takes place outside the books. Things we may not see inside the chapters themselves. Such things as Sayigo and Switching Spells, The Day You Were Born, Harry Potter and Termus Eruptus, and Goshien and Firewhiskey Are Never A Good Thing When Mixed. I also write other fanfictions just for different genres. I wrote a Doctor Who one that I am afraid I am going to have to scrap because I want to go a whole other road with it. So you might see something of me in that genre as well...perhaps under a different pen name.

One more thing I have to mention. I have one more person, who was just recently added to our little team. Her name is Maria and she has been giving me great ideas and not to mention characters. She created a new character who you won't see until Ootp I am afraid. But the character's name is Morgana Katstopolis and she's, wait for it, a Slytherin...I know...I know...but she's a good one...anyway her entrance into the fanfiction creates drama and romance as well...between two couples actually now that I think of it...anyway she has been an amazing help with writing and grammar. And Morgana is an amazing character and I can't wait for everyone to find out about her. shout out is done.

Another note too...they just keep coming to me...I have a beta, her name is Prosopopeia (I think thats how she spells it) anways...she betas for me. And makes me look good know...makes me seem like I am lot better of a writer than I really am...So yeah...I am finished now.

Harry Potter: featuring Sarah, Goshien and Sphen reviews
In third year what happens when a daughter of a certain Dark Lord, a saiyinwitch and demonangelwitch join Harry's group? Total mayhem. Read along as they join Harry in his journey throughout the books. Rating will change as the story goes on.
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