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Poll: In the past I've done my best to make sure any songs I add in Disgraceful were either used in the episode I'm covering or at least written by the time that episode would have taken place in real life. However there are some moments in future parts where I'd like to use songs that don't fit those criteria. Would you guys mind if I used songs that wouldn't have been out for future parts or would you rather I keep in line with the criteria I've already set myself? Vote Now!
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Author has written 10 stories for Code Lyoko, Ranger's Apprentice, Kingdom Hearts, and Glee.

Name: Ares

Age: Much older than any of you puny mortals

Residence: Mount Olympus

I give Cdc100 and Lyoko Shinobi full permission to use all of my OCs.

Poll Update 12/9/15: A new poll has been added to my profile for "Disgraceful" fans that will have a minor influence on how I write the rest of the series, specifically what songs I'll be using at various points throughout. Be sure to vote and let me know what your opinions are!

Update 4/29/15: If anyone is wondering what I've been up to recently and doesn't follow Disgraceful, I recommend you take a look at Chapter 46, titled Author's Note, for it even if you haven't read the story itself. It's an Author's Note that summarizes where I am at the moment and where I'm planning on going from here, which anyone who's followed me over the past couple of years deserves to know about. I'll be updating that specific note periodically to keep everyone in the know, so check back from time to time and see if anything's changed. Any updates will be added at the bottom of the page and will be in bold.

Hobbies: listening to music, playing video games, card games

Favorite Code Lyoko Couples: UlrichYumi, AelitaJeremy, OddSam, OddOC, UlrichOC (depends on OC personality)

Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh Couples: JadenAlexis, Atem/YamiTea, JoeyMai, YugiRebecca, YugiTea, YumaTori

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Couples: SoraKairi, RoxasNamine, AxelLarxene, RoxasXion, TerraAqua, RikuXion, RikuOC

Favorite Glee Couples: SamQuinn(Fabrevans), JoeQuinn(Fabart?), SantanaBrittany(Brittana), KurtBlaine(Klaine), TinaMike(Tike), QuinnRachel(Faberry), WillEmma(Wemma), WillHolly

Favorite Buffyverse Couples: BuffyAngel, DawnFaith, WillowTara, DoyleCordelia, BuffyFaith, XanderAnya, GilesJenny, BuffySpike, WesleyFred, GunnFred

Other Couples I Like: Raikim, PercyAnnabeth(Percabeth), JasonPiper(Jasper), LeoCalypso, JackKim(Kick), HoraceEvanlyn/Cassandra, WillAlyss, HaltPauline, any combination of Beca, Chloe, and Aubrey from Pitch Perfect (Bechloe especially)

Couples I despise: UlrichSissi, RikuKairi, YumiOdd, LukeAnnabeth, PercyThalia, PercyRachel, QuinnFinn(Fuinn), RachelFinn(Finchel), BrittanySam(Bram?)

Favorite Shows: Code Lyoko, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Xiaolin Showdown, NCIS, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel

Favorite Games: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, Kingdom Hearts series, Borderlands series, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect series, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin's Creed series, Fallout series, Tales series

Favorite Movies: Two Night Stand, Pitch Perfect, The Fast & The Furious series, Disney's Descendants

What I'm Listening to: 'Stand By You' by Rachel Platten

Favorite Bands/Singers: Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole, Alex Goot, Pitbull, Ne-Yo

Favorite Books: Ranger's Apprentice series (John Flanagan), Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series (Rick Riordan), Loved & Lost (Stephanie Kusiak), Isle of the Lost (Melissa de la Cruz)

FF Haunts: Code Lyoko, Kingdom Hearts, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Ranger's Apprentice, Kickin' It, Glee, Buffyverse, Pitch Perfect

Major OC Bios

Name: Dartz Stryker

Age(As of last appearance): 16

Story: Xana's Apprentice, Xana's Revenge, Prince's Return, Cards of Lyoko, Xana's Apprentice: Rewritten

Life: Dartz was born in a small town just outside of Paris, France. Little else is known about his life, as he prefers not to talk about it and usually changes the subject at the first opportunity when his past comes up in conversation.

Lyoko Form: On Lyoko, Dartz is an archer. He can shoot with deadly accuracy, even in the heat of combat. Dartz's abilities include being able to replenish his arrows as well as rigging them to explode or create a small smokescreen. He also has several throwing knives and a hunting knife for use in hand to hand combat when his bow is unusable.

Notes: Dartz lives by the motto 'Family is everything.' While he may seem untrustworthy, Dartz is undyingly loyal to the people he cares about and will do everything in his power to keep them safe, even if it means putting his own life at risk. His temper can be short at times, and when his fuse is lit he tends to punch first and ask questions later. Dartz is a skilled strategist and knows when to take necessary risks in order to further the team's mission.

Name: Sharon Zehner

Age(As of last appearance): 16

Story: Xana's Apprentice, Xana's Revenge, Prince's Return, Cards of Lyoko, Xana's Apprentice: Rewritten

Life: Sharon was born in New York City, New York in the U.S.A. While growing up she developed amazing fighting skills due to the large number of gangs that littered the streets of her neighborhood. Her dad was transferred to Paris, France just before she started tenth grade and she started attending Kadic Academy.

Lyoko Form: Sharon is an assassin on Lyoko. She fights with two long knives and has a pouch of throwing daggers. She can also turn invisible for a short amount of time. She wears a black and red jumpsuit and black boots.

Notes: Sharon is a more laid back girl than most people would expect at first glance. She jokes around often, but also knows when to quit joking and be serious for the fate of the world.

Name: Lisa Delgado

Age(As of last appearance): 16

Story: Xana's Apprentice, Xana's Revenge, Prince's Return, Cards of Lyoko, Xana's Apprentice: Rewritten

Life: Lisa was born and raised in a small town in southern Brazil. She is best known for her outstanding scientific mind and holds her previous school's record for the highest GPA with a perfect 4.0. She moved to France in 10th grade and started going to Kadic Academy after receiving a three year academic scholarship.

Lyoko Form: none (she helps Jeremy in the laboratory)

Notes: Lisa's personality is a sized down version of Jeremy and Aelita's own personalities. She enjoys showing off her smarts at times, but she hates to make people feel insecure about their own abilities. Lisa isn't much of a fighter, but she more than makes up for it with her knowledge about computers and other forms of technology.

Name: Auron Teterya

Age(As of last appearance): 15

Story: none

Life: Auron Teterya was born in Odesa, Ukraine. When he was 10 years old he was found by Master Fung, who discovered that he was the Xiaolin Dragon of Lightning, and went to the Xiaolin Temple to train. By the age of 13 he was the only Shoku Warrior at the temple. However he disappeared soon after becoming a Shoku Warrior and has not been seen or heard from since.

Notes: As the Xiaolin Dragon of Lightning, Auron has naturally fast reflexes that allow him to respond faster than other Xiaolin warriors. He is also a noticeably faster runner, although higher speeds can cause impairments in hearing and vision while he is in motion. Auron remembers very little about the time he spent away from the temple. His wudai weapon is a grey metal bo-staff called the Bileizhen, literally translated to lightning rod, that allows Auron to channel his electrical powers into large horizontal and vertical arcs or create a focused blast of energy through a forward or rear thrust.

Name: Xeno Allens "The Treacherous Dusk"

Age(As of last appearance): 16 (human), 28 physically/ 38 chronologically (Nobody)

Story: Namine's Grace

Life/Attributes: Xeno is a Nobody and the fifteenth member of Organization XIII, although his membership is uncredited due to his fluid loyalty. His original self, Neo, was a well known swordsman who resided in Radiant Garden before it was claimed by the heartless. Xeno specializes in the use of hand-to-hand combat and wields no other weapons. His entire right arm is covered in iron armor that, despite its heavy appearance, has no effect on his physical abilities. The armor is normally covered by Xeno's glove and coat sleeve. Xeno's element is shadow, which allows him to make almost exact replicas of himself to confuse his opponents and travel short distances at high speed while in the dark, which he refers to as 'Shadow Travel.' He also uses his powers to augment his fighting abilities, such as transforming his armored arm into pure shadow that can phase through almost any solid object.

Human Life: Xeno was born in the slums of Traverse Town, where he grew up around many undesirable individuals. His parents gave him up for adoption when he was 8 and a young couple that lived in Twilight Town adopted him. When he was 13 he was saved from an attempted mugging by Xemnas, who took him in as a member of Organization XIII and taught him how to fight in order to defend himself. He left the Organization for a time for reasons he keeps between himself and Xemnas, but eventually returned to the group.

Notes: Xeno's attachment to darkness through his element makes him one of the most dangerous members of the Organization despite his youthful appearance and lack of personal weapon. He has proven to the Organization time and again that he is just as capable of defeating an enemy as any of its strongest members.

Name: Scott Murray

Age(As of last appearance): 16

Story: Disgraceful

Life: Scott is the favorite cousin of Lucy Quinn Fabray. Scott and Quinn grew up together and are so close that they often refer to each other as brother/sister. Scott is the oldest of two children who grew up in a less controlling house than Quinn's and thus has had much more experience with people of different orientations, religions, and ethnicities. Scott moved to Charlottesville, Virginia when he was 12 and joined the Glee Club at Hinton High School during his freshman year, leading the unorganized group to first place in their Sectionals competition, but was unable to help them place in Regionals because of infighting throughout the group. Scott moved back to Ohio to live with Quinn and her family because his parents wanted him to receive a better education.

Notes Scott and Quinn promised from a young age to always support each other, no matter how bad things got in their lives. They have continued to keep that promise to present day and Scott is more than willing to help Quinn whenever she asks, even if he does not always approve of her actions. Scott does not get along with Quinn's parents because he is an outspoken agnostic, which causes friction between him and the family. Scott and Russell Fabray are often at each other's throats because of Russell's treatment of Quinn. Scott is the tenth person to join New Directions.

Name: Mariah Dawson

Age(As of last appearance): 15

Story: Disgraceful

Life: Mariah was raised by her single mother because her father walked out on them a week after she was born. Her mother married Mariah's step-father, Chris, when she was 7 years old, giving Mariah a (very bad) father figure. Having grown up in Lima, Mariah's main goal in life is to join the Army so that she can travel the world and get to experience how other people live.

Notes: Mariah acts as Scott's love interest throughout the first half of Disgraceful. She is also his best female friend outside of Glee Club and often spends her lunches with New Directions instead of her JROTC friends, much like Scott. Mariah is the eleventh person to join New Directions.

Name: Tyler Harris

Age(As of last appearance): 15

Story: Disgraceful

Life: Tyler grew up in Matthews, North Carolina under the care of his often drunken mother and drug addict father. He is the oldest of three children. When he was 14 child protective services took Tyler and his siblings, Nick and Shay, out of their parents' care, and sent them to live with their grandparents in Lima. Tyler joined the JROTC program at McKinley and was quickly appointed as the Battalion Commander because of his natural leadership abilities.

Notes: Tyler acts as one of the antagonists during the first half of Disgraceful. He has a crush on Mariah, but no matter what he does he cannot convince her to go on a date with him because she has feelings for Scott. Tyler's position within the JROTC program has given him an overinflated ego that makes him believe he is entitled to everything he wants. He also has a totalitarian control of the program, which has made him many enemies, including Scott, Mariah, and several other members of the Drill Team. Scott and Tyler eventually resolve their differences and become friends, often helping each other deal with less than desirable situations they find themselves in.

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