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Names: LordXwee and Natsyourlord (we each have separate FF accounts; this is for when we write together)

Ages: And you want to know because...?

Location: The Xweeyourlord Lair. Located in the country of Xweeland, on Planet Natsyourlord.

What the heck "Ashi Shukuns" means: It means Evil Lords. 'Cause we are evil. And lords. w00t.

Now onto random info about both of us, in different categories.


I'm the older one, even if only by a few months. That's why my info goes first. Umm... let's see, I'm supposed to talk about myself now? Well... I'm definitely more mature than Xwee, but I can be random when I want to. But usually I don't feel random, I just act random. Seriously. No joke. Anyway, I've been writing on fanfiction for about three years now, and I must say my writing skills have improved drastically. It's a great site for aspiring writers, obsessed fans, and anyone who's bored and likes to read. But, yeah, I basically type all of out stuff (even though it's supposed to be co-written) with LordXwee giving me ideas occasionally. So if you like what I write, tell me. If you have any complaints, complain to LordXwee.
And you can check out the WWTBAN chibis (and my other artworks) here.
~I am a technogeek, Mapler, FanFiction addict, Linkin Park listener, true Naruto fan, Scrubs obsesser, fanatic Harry Potter reader, smart aleck, NaruHina fan, and anime/manga artist.~


I can be mature when I want to, I just don't decide to much.
But, I LOVE FANFICTION!!! It's fun to write awesome stories then get attacked by reviewers who want you to update. It's awesome. Very awesome. And speaking of awesome, check out Brotherhood 2.0 on youtube. I am a Nerdfighter and proud:)
And Natsyourlord forbids me from writing battle scenes so THAT'S why I can't help all the time.
Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines are two books that are very worth reading. Both written by John Green.
~I am a Lost obsessor, House MD watcher, random sketch comedy and fanfiction writer, avid Sims player, proud Nerdfighter, Harry Potter reader, Skate (Sawyer/Kate-Lost) and Huddy (House/Cuddy-House MD) fans.~

Steps to our writing style:

1. We will discuss ideas, plotlines, characters, and twists about the story in school.
2. One of us will upload a document to document editor so that we can begin working.
3. One of us (usually LordXwee) will begin with a few paragraphs to get us started.
4. The other one (usually Natsyourlord) will add onto that and begin to form a chapter.
5. We pass 1,000 words. We officially have enough to work with in one chapter. Now we begin adding in detail.
6. We are now switching back and forth between whoever is writing, adding more and more information into the chapter.
7. LordXwee goes through her proofread and adds anything else she thinks needs to be in there.
8. Natsyourlord rewrites everything and proofreads it again.
9. We each look through our favorite parts and try to see if we can make it any more exciting or interesting. If we can, we repeat steps 7 and 8.
10. Post.

We do not follow this exact blueprint every time, but we do usually. It is unlikely for one of us to post without the other working at least a little (both of our internets stink), so usually that's what takes so long. XD

Quotes from both of us (Please note, we used codenames...):

"I'm going to put you in a hamster costume and lock you in a room with Hamster Teacher!!!" -LordXwee

"See? The amoeba looks like... a... murder criminal outline thing!" -Cats 'R' Yummy

"Wha'd I do?" -Natsyourlord

"The real question is, what's not wrong with you!" -BigBody

"You copied the dictionary from Aardvark to Activities? Of your own accord? Wow." -Mr. Sarcastic

"The reason we're sitting out here is because we're a bunch of antisocial geeks." -Natsyourlord


"Sign that baby doll!" - Aquatic Dictionary-Hurler

"Chicken butt!" -PunxyPossessed


"We have nine submissions already! We're famous!! EVERYBODY HAPPY DANCE!!" -Natsyourlord

"I'm sad because I don't own a cow..." -Voluntary Mute Project

"The flavor of the day? I believe it's... Cazian. Cazian hamsters." -Hamster Teacher

"You're all my posse." -Aquatic Dictionary-Hurler

"Do I get a random quote?" -Empress Hockee

"What's mine? What's mine? What's miiiiiiiiiiine...?" -Poofyhead

"Hairspray? HA HA HA HA, ha ha, yeah, you would hate it." -Mr. Sarcastic

"Oh, look. People are ignoring me. Again. Great." -Ruler of Pain

"Ruler of Pain likes Natsyourlord. Don't kill me, it's true, I swear." -Empress Hockee

"No, he doesn't. DIE, HOCKEE!" -Natsyourlord

Can we press the Spanish Easy Button?" -Runescape Addict

"It was just a suggestion! Jeez!" -PunxyPossessed

"Ow. I stepped on a pin." -Poofyhead

"I don't think I would enjoy having my brain in a jar, would you?" -WereBranche

"Oh, Africa, why do you hurt me so?" -Empress Hockee

"Where's my backpack...?" -Princess Fluffy

"Is there a man down?" -Cats 'R' Yummy

"Wanna go make a fool out of yourself?" -Empress Hockee

"WHOA you look REALLY SCARY in glasses!!!" -Princess Fluffy

"I just got dragged across the floor on a broom!" -LordXwee

"I think my eardrums have imploded." -Ruler of Pain

"I will defeat Cats 'R' Yummy!" -Hamster Teacher

"They're circling again! Omigod!" -Natsyourlord

"Did you just curse at me in spanish?" -Hamster Dealer

"Dylan Sprouse RULESSSSSS!!!" -Ultimate Gossipority

"I stand a snowball's chance in Hell at making a limbo that low." -Natsyourlord

"Toes are like, fingers, except they're attached to your feet." -Hamster Teacher

"Hi, there, new best friend!!!" -Scary Redhead

"You'll be able to tell how injured I am by the amount of blood pooling around my head. If I get injured at all. You never know with ice skates." -Natsyourlord

Okay, if you're shaking that hard, there's something wrong. Get out of the pool." -Less-Cool Eagles Lover

"Well, first it's spaghetti. Then it's fettuchini. Then it's LASAGNA!" -Cats 'R' Yummy

LordXwee scares me. Hey, that rhymed!" -Empress Hockee

I dare you to eat that toilet paper. Yes, that's right. The toilet paper. It hasn't been used, we just wrapped Empress Hockee like a mummy with it. Now you must eat it." -FlourPower

"I have a fish. His name is Chewbacca. He just won't die. Every day, my husband and I tap his tank and go, "Is he... is he... YES! Oh - wait... aww, pooie.' Seriously, my fish just will not die. He's a kajillion years old or something." -Cats 'R' Yummy

"Please stop stealing my food. It's the only lunch I've got." -Princess Fluffy

"Anything that you say can be quoted." -Cats 'R' Yummy

"Where were you? He's been waiting a half-hour for you to get here! Hey - hey, wait! What are you doing? Go dance with him! Oh my gosh, you didn't even apply any makeup? But you looked so pretty with it on! Whoa, are you wearing anything under that jacket. Oh, good. For a second I thought - oh, look, there he is. Are you nervous? Don't be nervous! Geez, you act like you've never even gone to a dance with a boy bef- oh... right. Sorry. But anway, I think he's right over - yeah, there he is! Go, go! No wait! Your hair's messed up! And what's with yo - ooh, pizzas are here." - Ultimate Gossipority

"Scuttlebutt? I'm afraid I don't know what that means." -WereBranche

"...Well... well... well, BLAH! So there!" -Natsyourlord

"Oh. My. God. It's snowing." -PunxyPossessed

"See, you just typed LOL - Laugh Out Loud. But you didn't laugh out loud. Not even a little chuckle. Not even a chuckle-ette." -Natsyourlord

"So me and Hamster Teacher are having a contest to see who can get quoted more? Okay! I'm bringing her DOWWWN!!" -Cats 'R' Yummy

"BRING IT!" -Hamster Teacher

"Peanut's just a little ball of energy." -LordXwee

"There's a town called Gods River. And another called Destruction Bay. I wonder if they live up to their names?" -Princess Fluffy

"I think that "poinsett-y-as" (puwyn-SEH-TEE-uh) sounds much more Christmasy, doncha think?" -Cats 'R' Yummy

"Mah HEAAAD..." -Princess Fluffy

"A Mesopotamian Spear? Where did that come from?" -Aquatic Dictionary-Hurler

"I must admit, I'm a little disappointed. I've said some things quote-worthy." -The Librarian

"And they all died, the end." -Lord Xwee and/or Natsyourlord

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