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Author Update (6/18/23) - I can never think of anything particularly meaningful to say when the thought occurs to me to update my profile (as a reassurance that I'm still alive and/or still intend to work on SoC). I have made a breakthrough recently in terms of being motivated to work on writing...and then Tears of the Kingdom came out and devoured an entire month.

Right. So here I'm known as tracefan. I personally spell it entirely with lowercase letters for...reasons I've never fully understood. I seem to do that with a bunch of username related things.

Right now, my only active project is the full revamp of Dark Eons/The Darkness Within, titled "Shadows of Conflict". I do have that peculiar habit of making titles that sound ridiculously dramatic. The Darkness Within, Dark Eons, Bane of Destiny, Shadows of Conflict, Smuggled Delusions, Scattered Ambitions, Hail of Deception.

Why am I reminding people of how many projects I've axed? (Although Hail of Deception probably has one of the best title names EVER).

In any case, I actually fully expect Shadows of Conflict to be successful, because not only have I put a lot of effort into fixing the character concepts that had gone wrong in the original story, but I also got a significant amount of insight and development from them. In addition, I've actually figured out a rough plot plan for individual character arcs, so it will cut down on the immense amount of padding and lack of direction that ultimately did TDW in.

Some people might be skeptical that a reboot/revamp of my oldest story that I ultimately axed twice could possibly work. Well...when I first attempted the reboot, I for some reason thought I could just tweak a few details and more or less cover the exact same path. That doesn't work, by the way. What I'm doing now is almost a complete rewrite of everything from the ground up. Most character backstory is going to be similar, because that's kind of crucial to how they are, but how they reacted to it, and how their path is affected will be different. The plot aspects will not be identical.

Especially not Blaze's. His destiny is changed significantly.

Tsk, I was about to do my old running gag of always clarifying "Flareon, not author" (or vice versa), except that's what changed. Yep, Blaze is a writer now. *shot*

(Can't continue profile, too shot)

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about anything story related, or have questions. I'm a nice enough person, if a bit distant at times.

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Shadows of Conflict reviews
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. When a group of Pokemon unseal a malevolent ghost, they unwittingly become the pawns in its game. A game that twists what was once good intentions, and tests the hearts of innocents caught up in it all. Everyone has a darkness within; but who is capable of overcoming it before it consumes them? Revamp of Dark Eons/The Darkness Within
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