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Hi, if you're reading this, you've stumbled across the page of "RainbowAngst". We (because this is the account of 2 people) are two friends from a Western Canadian city, and we have a pension for strange stories

Now, before reading our amazing literacy skillz, please know a few things.

1) We have both suffered through long days in an all girls school. Okay, not exactly suffered. But our lunchtimes were filled with innuendo of all sorts along with obscure humor that only we as Nellies can fully appreciate.

2) Also, we're pessimistic, sadistic, masochistic, cynical bastards all in one. So our wonderful stories may not appeal to some readers. If this applies to you, GTFO. And know that we won't tolerate bitchiness. We never have, we never will.

3) We're willing to rip apart every and all stories or movies or animes or mangas or whatever in the name of a humorous fanfic. If you can't tolerate "strange" humor, or appreciate the genius that our stories secretly show, do not leave some kind of half-assed flame review. We will do the following:

A) Show it to one another.
B) Laugh our asses off
C) Show it to our friends
D) Laugh our asses off
E) Spam you.
This is NOT to say that we don't appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If you can pinpoint what we've done poorly, we'll be grateful. But no attacking our pairings or choice of stories to write. These aren't meant to be War and Peace people. They're random, useless, sick drabbles. Appreciate them as that. Also, they're OOC. Because they're fanservice, and it wouldn't work as well otherwise.

4) We appreciate requests. We can't guarantee they'll be out in a timely fashion, but we'd love to not to have to come up with our own pairings/stories. This being said, we will NOT:

-Write hardcore ANYTHING! We deal in innuendo and creepiness, not actual pr0n.
-Write something we don't know that well. We don't do things half way. This being said, if the plot to said unknown series sounds promising enough, at least one of us will look into and get to know the series and do the fic. (Unless it's ridiculously long of course)
-Write anything Naruto that isn't Sakura, Sasuke, or Naruto. Cause we're not Narutards and we don't know anything other then that.
-Write songfics. No. Just... no.

If something else particularly heinous is suggested to us, we'll add that to the list. But for now, we think that's it.

Please enjoy our writing, which will be posted as soon as FF.net LETS me post them, and have a nice day. If you can't wait for another day, please feel free to look us up on animespiral.com, under the same username.

Yours sincerely,

2 Nellies.

P.S. Our stories are FANSERVICE. They are SUPPOSED to be OOC. Please don't review saying, "I think this is a little OOC..." They're SUPPOSED TO BE! Otherwise, the whole fanservice thing wouldn't work so well.

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The Gravitation Cast on Jerry Springer reviews
I'm so, so sorry. More of the same - undertones and stuff, as well as BLATANT OoC
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We don't own this either.In this 'thrilling' Kingdom Hearts fic, told from Sora's point of view, we learn all about things most of us never wanted to think about. Uncensored swearing, strong yaoi undertones and one limey ish mention of hentai.
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Loveless - Rated: M - English - Humor/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,222 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 5 - Published: 8/28/2007 - Complete