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All About Demyxion:
As the name suggests, I'm a big Demyx/Zexion shipper. For those to whom that means absolutely nothing, they are characters from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and I hereby order you to go out and buy both this instant and play them. If you don't fall in love with both characters then... I'll just have to love them more for your blatant lack of appreciation!!

I can honestly say I'm not much of a writer (and no I'm not one of those amazingly talented but self-depreciating people, I'm just not that good at writing - I don't mind, because really I'm not writing this fanfiction for other people, I'm writing it for myself because I just really enjoy writing no matter how good or bad I might be at it). I won't deny that I have an excellent grasp of plot though. I can come up with amazingly complex but interesting plots in a matter of minutes, which is sometimes annoying because I usually know I don't have the talent to pull half of them off when it actually comes to getting them down in a form other than "and then this happened, and then THIS, and then everyone was like WOAH!" - generally when this happens I try to subtly manipulate my number 9 (the most fabulous Smooshy - check out her work) into writing them by planting the ideas in her head. Sadly it rarely works.

I like epic fic and I generally overlook one-shots. I sometimes feel I miss out on a lot of the best fanfiction because I'm always on the hunt for epic, multi-chapter fics that I can spend all day and night on. I never read one-shots unless someone actually says to me that it's really good and I should have a look at it; a really bad habit that I'm trying to get rid of, but old habits die hard apparently

Fics in the Works:
I've only got one fic in the works at the moment, and I plan on keeping it that way until it's finished; every time I work on more than one fic at once things start to go haywire; I'm not so good at multitasking apparently.

White Blood:
Total Zemyx AU fic, with a slight side of AkuRoku. Other pairings haven't really been decided on yet, I've only just started working on it, and pairings aren't really the focus of the story (other than Zemyx, that's a major part of it). I don't really want to give a long and detailed summary, because the first chapter will basically summarise everything anyone who reads it will need to know without me spoiling it here first. The story in it's entirety will contain a lot of angst, several sappy moments, some very comedic moments (especially with Axel - he's my funny little baby) and - naturally - some pretty boy-love! I hope to have the first few chapters up pretty soon. The title was just a working title and I planned on thinking up something wittier and... well, just generally better, but I really wanted to get the first chapter up and no title inspiration was coming to me. Now that it's been posted I'm pretty sure it's stuck as White Blood - Ce sera.

A Little Note:
I don't remember what converted me to Zemyx. I know it was a fic, and I know it was posted on, but I don't remember what it was. I wasn't on my computer at the time so I didn't favourite it, and I hate that I didn't because it was so long ago and I have no idea what fic it was or who wrote it. I hope one day I'll find it again. Anyway, if you've ever posted a Zemyx fic on, you may have converted me, so thank you!


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