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Author has written 3 stories for Ghost Stories, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Not a whole lot to know about me, I enjoy reading and writing. One day I hope to develop enough my talent enough to become a successful author, and even if I don't I doubt that I"ll ever stop writing. I enjoy writing fan-fiction because the foundation is already there to build on instead of creating an entire world from scratch; I often find I am less than satisfied with my own characters and the environments they exist in. I often work on more than one story at a time, and my job makes it hard to devote as much time as I'd like. I also lack the ability to control my characters, instead writing them as how I imagine they would react, as such I spend a great deal of time pondering what events will get them to do what I actually require them to instead of just making them do it. Work and various house renovations eat up a lot of my free time, so sadly I don't get to write as much as I'd like, so I'm sorry for my rather sporadic updates.

Stories in the works by series:

Avatar the Last Airbender

These appear in chronological order, not in release order, and all take place in the same continuity unless stated otherwise.

Prince of Dragons - Takes place before and during the TV series. A telling of a Fire Nation Prince's life before, during, and after his ascension to legend. Tie in to The Lost Scrolls continuity, also serves as a stand alone, presently in planning stages and rough drafting.

Book 3: Reigniting the Fire - A retelling of Book 3. Originally I'd planned only to retell everything from The Boiling Rock and onwards, but after pondering several What Ifs I found that rewriting Crossroads of Destiny and everything there on would not only satisfy my curiosity but also allow me to better understand and create the world I was trying to recreate. Prequel to Twelve Seasons. Presently in the planning and rough draft stages.

The First of the Lost Scrolls: Twelve Seasons - Covers the three years from Reigniting the Fire to The Thrice Traitor Prince, following the adventures of a future Freedom Fighter as he witnesses the world around him change drastically with the end of the war. A part of The Setting Sun continuity. Presently in the planning stages.

The Second of the Lost Scrolls: The Thrice Traitor Prince - Three years after the death of Firelord Ozai, Aang acts as both Avatar and Firelord, ruling the nation with an iron fist. Zuko flees for his life from the forces of all three countries, including two siblings determined to put him on trial for his crimes. A mad princess watches as all the puppets of the world dance to a tune only she can hear. Presently in the planning and rough draft stages.

The Last of the Lost Scrolls: The Queen of the Ashen Flame - Takes place two months after The Thrice Traitor Prince. Presently in the planning and rough draft stages.

Books of War - Sequel to The Lost Scrolls. Presently in the planning stages.

The Setting Sun: The Imminent Dawn - Takes place four years after the defeat of Firelord Ozai; Avatar Aang rules the Fire Nation as Regent and seeks to solidify his position to ensure the world again know peace. Zuko has been banished again, and now he wanders the Earth Kingdom alone. Katara and Sokka travel the world searching for the banished prince, determined to make him pay for his alleged crimes at the end of the war. Toph helps roaming bands of Fire Nation refugees, forced to leave their homes when the Fire Nation lost the war and condemned to travel the world. Discontinued, being rewritten as the Lost Scrolls series.

Ghost Stories

Satsuki's Journal - Takes place a few months after Satsuki's mother's journal becomes blank. Spirit activity is back on the rise, but now Satsuki has no journal to help her. With the help of her old friends, can Satsuki conquer these new threats and protect those she cares most about? Takes place a few months after the series, presently on hiatus.

I really appreciate reviews, since they're the only way I know that someone actually took the time to read the full chapter and didn't simply open and close the page. Positive and negative reviews are fine, but I really do prefer them to be constructive. In the case of Avatar I try not to ship,since I have little to no confidence in my ability to write romance. but feel free to interpret it as you will, but please no arguments or rude comments. Thanks to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read anything I've written.

Penetrating the Smokescreen by Dreams of Eternity reviews
[Zutara] Based after episode 22: The Cave of Two Lovers. Aang's group makes it to Omashu, only to find it occupied by firebenders. Katara is forced to make an unexpected alliance... and even more unexpected are the feelings that ensue.
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The Muses of a Banished Prince reviews
Zuko's thoughts and actions, largely in regards to a certain waterbender, during Crossroads of Destiny, based off the prompt: Muse. Not exactly romantic; more of a character analysis. Written mostly as an exercise. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
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The Setting Sun: The Imminent Dawn reviews
Four years; since Ozai's defeat; since the war's end; of civil conflicts and the notion of peace fading into a distant dream. The Avatar intends to make the dream a reality no matter the cost, while Zuko struggles to survive a world he helped create.
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Satsuki's Journal reviews
The journal is blank, it's assumed that all the ghosts have been sealed, but what of the ghosts that Satsuki's mother never fought? Satsuki and her friends become targets for the spirits afraid of being sealed, and there's no guide to help them.
Ghost Stories - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,119 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 1/4/2008 - Published: 10/1/2007