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Author has written 10 stories for Song of the Lioness, Harry Potter, Outlaw Star, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, and Anime X-overs.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE!! I am so incredibly sorry for my complete absence in the past few months. Through a long and frustrating series of events, I have some rather disturbing news to report: I have lost every single one of my fanfics, probably indefinitely. Now, as you can imagine my anger and frustration at this, i have been neglecting to do anything with my profile for sometime out of mainly depression. I apologize and promise to eventually get back to updating and reviewing sometime in the future. Probably in summer when i have moretime. Or I'll just start all new stuff, some of which i have done already.

Hi! I'm Nanyoky! Or Yoky or Nan to my friends. No that's not my real name, just a character who seems to pop up a whole lot in my stories (yes i did steal the name from final fantasy seven but i played it when i was like eight so it kind of evolved into a different, more feminine sounding name.) But depending on who you ask, I'm Aly, Kiko, Bee, Cooper, Tifa, N00bspice, Sweet Lil Bumblebee, Thinkerbell, Mooo92, Mamosa, Dani California/Dani Girl or some other madness.

Current Obbsession: Final Fantasy VII. My love was rekindled when i watched Advent Children again, and now I can't write anything but CloudXTifa. Oh yeah, and I'm kinda madly in love with the oh so popular (snort) Reffie pairing right now... (hides behind desk to avoid rain of rocks and insults) And Zaris is just so tragic and fluffy and sweet!

Currently has inspiration for: Turk angst, Vampire AU.

A few things about myself: I am a girl, just so you know.(guys, reviews are greatly appreciated, i want to know how well i represent your particular, ah, species.) I am a huge feminist, my brother refers to this as a feminazi. I play a viola, not violin. Her name is Marlene, my bow is Edward and my shoulder rest is Squishy. I also named my video camera Vash. My Iflop is Gene. My late (don't ask, i'm still ticked out of my mind) Zune was Yoky's 7th Heaven. My PSP is Kanon. My hightops are hime and cheiko. Did I mention that I like to name inanimate objects after obscure anime stuff? Oh, and then there's my imaginary boy friend named George. Say hello to George everyone! He's the hottest guy ever, trust me.

I love all kinds of music but i tend to gravitate toward really bad popular stuff such as Gwen stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Cascada, Evanecence(sp?), Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Nickelback and Rhianna. some not so popular artists i like are rammstein, kmfdm (I love you captain K ((glomp))), johnny cash and June carter, Elvis Presley, Chieko Kawabe, Wakeshima Kanon and Regina Spektor (but some people like her, so maybe she's not so unpopular) and uh, thats about it! Oh wait, I've had a recent and totally random obsession with the violent country music of Miranda Lambert! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is love.

My favorite movies are: walk the line, shes the man, music and lyrics, school of rock, the titanic, THE DARK KNIGHT, and of coarse advent children, all classic Disney movies and other such things.

My favorite books are anything by tamora pierce mostly, but i do enjoy harry potter, maximum ride and Artemis fowl. I wasn't a huge fan of twilight (ask if you want to angry-rant about stephanie meyer with me!), but the side characters were cool and entertaining (aw, alice and jaspers moments were sweet...).

Games: Old school stuff mostly. Final fantasy tactics, 7 and 9 so far but I do plan on playing more. Super Mario brothers, Top Gear, Castlevania, and all that good stuff. Oh yeah, and StepMania DDR is amazing. Oh and CRISIS CORE!! The Zaris moments!! ((cries))

my favorite TV shows are kinda crazy: outlaw star, supernatural, battle star galactic, trigun, simpsons, south park, that 70's show, late night with Conan o'Brian, full metal alchemist, hellsing, cowboy bebop, inuyasha, princess tutu, ouran high school host club, fruits basket, Vampire knight, dr. who, house, samurai champloo and snl to name a few!

My cousin and beta is Rivergoddess 16 (or Naideana)! She's starting a perfectly drool-worthy Zaris that I'm UBER excited for! (squee of joy) But I can't give details yet, she says. Another good friend of mine is the Intelligent Alchemist, who, (obviosly) writes alot of awesome FMA stuff. And my bud Gwen Just writes for FMA and Maximum Ride! And Cara Destiny is another good friend.

Other than that I love: my cousins, my friends, singing, reading, sewing and cooking sometimes, photography, psychology, Disney music and of coarse, my favorite, WRITING!

Yeah, pairings are pretty much my obsession... (Note: I personally have no problems with yaoi, yuri or slash but i have trouble seeing them unless their very well done. And, like Naddy said, please label such fics approprietly! It's mildly jarring when you're reading a seemingly 'friendly' fic and then your favorite childhood hero suddenly proclaims his undying love for other men. Yeah, little rude awakening on THAT one.)

Tamora Pierce: Pretty much all the ones in the book, but I hate AllanaxJon, and AllanaxLiam. My personal favorites are AllanaxGeorge, AlyxNawat, BurixRaul and BekaxRosto. Yeah, those are the ones I think are meant to be. Kinda hard to disagree with the Tammy.

Outlaw star: Der, MelxGene, no questions asked. I dunno about JimxAisha... SazukexGene is a definate nono. I've seen a surprising amount of SuzuxFred which I actually kinda like because it's so ironic, but i dunno... i don't wanna randomly force a gay guy into a straight relationship anymore than i want to do the opposite of that.

Full Metal Alchemist: okay, gotta have my RoyxRiza! No negotiations there! but I do tend to like EdxWinry, but I'm more flexible there, I mean, rose/noah is cool with Ed too.

Final Fantasy VII: I am totally devoted to CloudXTifa. I took out my whole rant because my profile was (and still is) obnoxiosly long, but seriously. ZackXAeris works way better anyway. I've been kinda playing around with VincentXShelke but I really don't know where I stand there just yet. (just in case you haven't noticed) I've recently become obsessed with RenoXYuffie. Reffie rocks, it's just plain hot. Sorry, but it's true. And as an added note, never in a millian years would I like ZackXCissnei, but she is so totally crushing on him, so the one sided love tragic rejected girl gets a moment in the lime light for me.

Ouran High School Host Club: HaruhiXMori/Takashi. HE IS NOT GAY FOR HONEY!! (bangs head against wall) It's just cousinly love! Plus he's totally cute with Haruhi so back off! Or else! Actually, any of the guys with Haruhi is cute, so ((shrug)) I just don't like people calling my man yaoi.

Vampire Knight: YukiXZero. Childhood friends. Cuteness. Enough said. And I'm totally in love with KainXRuka, even though they are uberly minor in the anime. ((hugs self)) I think i'm a fangirl... ((adds kain to list of men)) oh, and i'm not sure but i think maybe possibly rimaXshiki. ...okay... I'm even less for kanameXyukki now that i've read the manga...

Absolute Boyfriend: ... ((crazy eyes)) ... ((new and hopeless addiction to shojo...)) Ehem. It was a hard desicion, but I think NightXRiiko is the way to go. and i think soshiXmayabe is kinda cute. ((trembly lip)) the ending!! That was terrible! Okay, I love the series as a whole, but i hate the ending... I wanted to cry, but since I'm a cylon, I couldn't... Hmm... Me and Naddy are kind of throwing around the idea of RiikuXGaku. I'll let you know how that one goes down. Gaku's just so amazing, you can't leave him out of the love!!

Works in progress:

HP Fanfiction: Harry Potter. this is a fun project I'm working on with Naideana. Status: On hold cuz no readers.

Outlaws Never Go Down Easy: Outlaw Star. Status: On hold for lack of plot bunnies. But I got a chapter waiting in my beta's inbox! never fear!

Leaving home: Tamora Pierce, Trickster Books. About Aly and Nawat's girl, Jun. Status: On hold cuz I'm stuck in anime mode...

Lioness Parody: Tamora Pierce, Song of the Lioness. Status: On hold cuz I'm not updating this one until I have good inspiration, because if I try to force it, it will be boring.

CloudXTifa Drabble Fest: Status: Many chappies in the works... but have to end them and tie up loose ends...

AA Meeting: Crossover! Status: On hold because no one's reading it...

The Princess Brat and The Turkey Boy: Reffie. Hehehehe... (scratches back of head sheepishly) Okay, so maybe I kinda fell in love with this pairing and I'm having trouble falling out. Status: Many fics in the works.

and coming soon...maybe...

A Pirate's Life: Final Fantasy VII, AU, RenoXYuffie, CloudXTifa, ZackXAeris. Oh wow... late nights with mountain dew, pocky and Pirates of the Caribean on DVD while surrounded by fangirls will do this to a lass... Yeah. I don't know how to explain how this happened except; "Hey... Deana? Wouldn't Reno make a really hot pirate?" and the rest, my friends, is history. Status: Workin on typing it up, it's in the back of me notebook. LOST

High School: Final Fantasy, AU, CloudXTifa, RenoXYuffie, CidXShera, ZackXAeris. sigh... the pressure of the urge to make a highschool au is too much! But it's kinda different from what other people do. I think it's just going to be a collection of funny stories, based on something in my own school life (like an actual situation or something someone said). Yeah. sounds weird, but they're turning out kinda funny. Chapter 1: Don't Touch My Pretzel! Status: Trying to finish a couple chapters before I post so I don't leave people hanging. LOST

Family Man: Final Fantasy VII, Reffie (not exactly centered around, but still a big part of it). Oh my goodness... Well, you know that one christmas story in my cloti collection? This is similar... Inspired by the movie of the same name. Reno wakes up sixteen years in the future to a few surprises... Mainly one with a big mouth and his hair and eyes. My plot bunnies have an odd sense of humor... Status: Working on it... LOST

Vampires: Final Fantasy VII, CloudXTifa, ZackXAeris, RenoXYuffie, TsengXElena, VincentXLucrecia, VincentXShelke? (maybe, haven't decided on that one yet). Oh God... (forhead/desk) I'm not an emo! I swear! And I don't even like twilight! I just happen to find the thought of my men with fangs extreamly hot... Not your average vampire fic. Status: (I'm going to finish this before I post anything at all) Two chapters finished. LOST

The Zack Fair Project: (working title) ZackXAeris, CloudXTifa, ONESIDED CissneiXZack... Maybe a hint of RenoXCissnei (hey, so sue me. I'm trying to expand my horizons. But don't worry. My loyalties are still with reffie). Haven't decided yet. A collection of monologues by our favorite characters on how they knew Zack Fair. Status: On hold because I'm waiting to come to my senses and start hating cissnei for coming on to Zack. LOST

FF: Tactics: (no title yet) twisted stolkholm syndromey DelitaXOvelia. A one shot on what happened between Ovelia's kidnaping and the fight at the falls. Status: Mostly scribbled down. I need to type it and end it. LOST

Lilith, then Ice, now Cissnei...: Final Fantasy VII, onesided CissneiXZack, perhaps some OCs pairs as well. Well- i still hate the little turkey for hitting on aeris' man, but i sympathise with the poor dear. So this is just a bit of a story about the youngest Turk's life. I'm kinda having fun writing the turk's from a different characters pov... Status: Randomly and spuratically workin on it.

The Death of a Turk: FFVII, ElenaXTseng. What happens when a murderer dies? Who remembers him? What is left on his grave? How do her comrads react? What do they find in his pockets? These are four hypotheticals, four tales of four deaths of dangerous human beings. These are four stories of loss in a family. Status: workin in spurts.

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