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Hi! My name is Hugo Von Terance the Fourth...but I'm a girl...yeah. Anyways, glad you navigated your way to my page! While you're here just sit back, relax, and enjoy the great joys that fanfiction brings! ;D

About Me:

-I’m an extreme nerd and am proud of it!

-I have a great appreciation for children's shows, particualrly Handy Manny. (do dah do dah do Handy Manny!)

-I play a lot of videogames and absolutly love horror. (Yay for Dead Space and Resident Evil and Silent Hill)

-I make Kingdom Hearts references like everyday, whether intentional or accidental.

-Most of my time has been dedicated to watching The Venture Bros. (Go Team Venture!)

-I watch Ben 10. I'm not kidding. This took, like, a year of my life away. I've slightly moved on now. Slightly.

-I'm a Homestuck. It's become a thing. Congratulations fandom, you got me!

-Not gonna lie, I'm totally into yaoi. And yuri. And hetero. Pretty much what ever's good!

-Farm Team rules!!!!

-I went to Japan (whoo!)

-And no silly, Hugo Von Terance the Fourth is not my real name, but I suppose you can call me that if it appeals to you.

Quotes from me and my weird- I mean super awesome- friends:

"We are proud shippers of the Imagination Movers!" -Me and Angie

"I thought that was a person...turns out it was a metal box..." -Me and Amanda

"What if Sora got stuck in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...when it morphs underground?" -Me

"Look! The blue screw driver is totally in love with the yellow screw driver." "Angie, the yellow screw driver is a boy named Philippe..." -Angie and I while watching Hanny Manny. If you don't know what that is/have never seen it, this should get you acquainted --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2pNduQnQA0

"Like my shirt?" -Chris

"...Doofy..." -Chris (I'm not saying anything else on this subject.)

"What? What? What is this? This is not Ben 10, this is like Ben 18 and hot damn, I approve!" -Me (when I first discovered the existance of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. I was then a little disappointed to discover that he was 16 and not the sexy legal age of 18...but 16 is good enough!)

"Get your Alan Wake off my Silent Hill." -A random amazing person on a forum

"It's like having to go to the hospital to get a lung removed, and then the doctor cuts your respirator down to 13% because you don't deserve to be able to beathe since you managed to get sick. If you some how pull through, good for you. If not, then maybe you shouldn't get a lung tumor next time." -A random amazing person on GameSpot Forums who effectively explains the experience of Critical Condition in Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity.

"'SEPHIROTH.' See? Even in ABC Tater Tot letters he kicks your ass!"-Me

"IT'S A TRAP." -Someone's response to a provocative picture of Kaine from Nier. It's quite a true statement.

"There's baby machines in EVERYBODY!!!" -Angie in regards to Generator Rex.

"Yeah, I'm a member of the BDSM commuity... 'Bound and Proud.' That's what I like to say." -Me in a witty moment.

"Oh yee."Google Translator (back in the day at least...she doesn't say it anymore D:)

Chris: What would Dean do?

Me: Dammit.


Me: Dammit-Sammit

and Chris: Delightful.Hearts

have used our mad incredible skills to form our tag-team writing page: GummiPolacca

If you want to know more about me, go there- That profile knows all!

I mainly post on there though! So check it!

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