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Author has written 18 stories for Other Voices, NCIS, Simon and Simon, Others, Supernatural, Sentinel, Hellboy, CSI: Miami, and StarTrek: The Original Series.

I have been writing fan fiction before I even knew what it was... The first one had to be when I was in the seventh grade. I can't remember the name of the show but I remember thinking, boy wouldn't it be cool if... and I wrote out a story with the characters... from there I have written mpregs (wrote that one in the 10th grade again didn't even know there was a name for it... just thought it would be cool if men bore the babies) and in my life I have written hundreds of stories... some fan fanfiction and some were original characters. But none I would submit... I don't if I even have them, they are lost in the black hole at my parent's house.

My love of writing came from my love of reading, I was never a very athletic person but I loved the Arts. I could read all day and still do...when I'm not writing.

My favorite shows: I love most cartoons. But I'm not really a television person; although most of the shows that I now watch, such as NCIS, CSI and Supernatural are because of the fan fiction writers. BTW, your writings are much better than the television writers.

My favorite authors: Two of them won't allow any fan fiction on their stories, one is P.N. Elrod and the other is Laurell K. Hamilton but that is okay. Other favorites of mine are: Graham Masterton, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Lee Child, P.T. Deutermann, Jonathan Kellerman, Robin Cook, Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, Jeffrey Deavers, John Sanford, Stephen Hunter, Jim Butcher and I don't know how I could have forgotten this writer when I was asked in another forum but Robert B. Parker and his Spenser books. I intend to get back into these writings and concentrate on this as one of my fanfic catagories.

I'll mostly concentrate on: Spenser for Hire, Galaxy Quest, Jonny Quest, Man from Uncle and Hellboy but I will have the occasional random fandom thrown in there.

Lastly, I want to thank Ulyferal for all her encouragement... she started me reading in this forum and I haven't left since... she is a great writer and check out her stuff... am I allowed to say that? lol

Oh... and thanks to my wonderful beta... who wishes to remain anonymous...

9/7/2008 - I have decided to suspend all my stories, both on this board and in other groups. I will return to finish them, but at this time, I need to take some time for myself.

11/9/2008 - Hello. I am in the midst of writing a story for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I at currently at 5,829 of the challenge goal of 50,000. The story is a multifandom crossover and I plan to post it here after it is beta'd. I also plan to update my other stories as soon as the challenge is complete. I just want to thanks those who are reading and those who are commenting. Hugs to you all.

11/20/2008 - Still working on my NaNoWriMo entry... finally made it up to 15,891. I figure if I write another 6,000 today and tomorrow, and 10,000 this weekend. Once I've gotten this accomplished, I should be okay to meet my goal. I have the story, it's just trying to find the time to write. But I plan on meeting the challenge. If I don't... no stress, it was a lot of fun and I'm getting a good story out of it. Once it's been beta'd, I plan to post it here. Hugs.

11/30/2008 - As of 7pm. last night I wrote my 50,149 and effectively met the challenge goal. I can say that I truly enjoyed the experience, and it gave my muse a much needed kick in the butt. I am now ready to update my stories that have been suffering on not only this board but others. Since, I have so many people that have expressed an interest in the Myers story, I will be working on that one first. Yay!!

12/13/2008 - I am currently updating my stories. I am working on the Hellboy story and the one that I started for NaNo. It is a multifandom Sentinel/Aliens/NCIS/Man From Uncle/SG1/Chronicles of Riddick/X-Files crossover. I am up to 30 chapters but they need some serious beta work. As they are completed, I will post them here.

12/24/2008- Added the next chapter to "The Real Reason Myers Left" and two Sentinel pieces: "Like...like", and "10 Characters."

1/1/2009 - Joined the WriYr challenge. My goal is 750,000 words and I plan to use this challenge to:A) Finish my 20 WIPs and B) To start about 4 or 5 new fics that my muse has been hitting me aside the head with. I have a Progress Meter on the "General Table Of Contents" on my fiction site. Stop by every couple of weeks and see how I am progressing. While there, I would appreciate it if you'd sign my "Guest Book" with words of encouragement. Happy New Year!

1/3/2009 - Added the next chapter to "That's Love."

1/6/2009 - Added Chapter 2 to "Myers."

1/19/ 2009 - In a bit of a slump. Health and such have got me down. I will try to update "Myers" as soon as I can. Hugs..

2/9/2009 - Working on the next two chapters of Myers. Currently have 10,000 words towards my 750,000 word goal.

3/18/2009 - Arghhh, my muse has deserted me. I hope to start updating my stories soon, so please bare with me.

7/2/2009 - Currently working on updates for Myers. Thank you all for hanging in there. Will have something within the next few days. Working on new stories and updates to my other WIPs too.

7/10/2009 - Thanks for the review of Freedom. I was going to retire for awhile, but the kindness of the readers here has really touched me. I will resume writing sooner than later. Hugs.

9/8/2009 - My muse is back from her world tour and my writing computer is back from the shop. I just posted a short update to Myers, but be on the look out for more. Thank you so much for your patience.

12/13/2009 - As you can see, I will be a very busy writer this coming year. Yes I plan to reach my 500K goal and completing Myers will help me. keeps fingers crossed

Got all my WIPs together and here they are:

1. Survival Aliens/Chronicles of Riddick/Man From Uncle/NCIS/Pitch Black/Sentinel/ X-files crossover. 51,199 words. An endangered species finds a new way to survive. Will it spell the end for mankind? Warnings – slash mpreg. Various Pairings, including OMC/OMC. (This was my NaNo entry for 2008.)

2.The Real Reason Myers Left A Hellboy Fanfic. 3,449 words. They say Hellboy sent him away, but what was the real reason Myers left. Slash, het, mpreg, preg.

3.One of Those Days 84,139 words. A So You Think You Can Dance Fanfic. I am thinking of changing this to another fandom or making it original characters. We are the police, but who are the criminals? A Vampire/ Human Police officer, works with his vampire hunter wife , Lycan friend and fay/ human friend to fight an evil that endangers the earth. Het, slash, mpreg, preg, magic. ( I hope to finish this and rewrite as an original story. Then my goal is to self-publish.)

4. Days Like These 13,514 words. Book 2 in the So You Think You Can Dance Series. The Daughter of the Vampire/Human and his wife is threatened by a new evil. Some original characters. Het, slash, non con, violence, magic.

5. Mine 14,324 words. Another in the Days series. Possession is 9/10 of the law, but is it always right? Het, slash, mpreg, magic.

6. Rogue Desire Part of the Days series. A vampire and a Lycan battle for the same prize. Het, magic.

7. Why? Sequel to What If? 2,358 words. In a world in which the men bear the children, a pregnant male is running away from a terrible secret. Het and Slash.

8. Quellek/Dane Series 5,102 words. A Galaxy Quest Fanfic. What if Quellek had lived. The adventures of Quellek and Sir Alex Dane. Slash, mpreg.

9. The Truth Will Set You Free. A Simon and Simon Fanfic. 2,292 words. J.J. has gone missing, but is the price for his return too high for Rick to pay. Rick/ A.J. Slash and incest.

10. Danger A Simon and Simon/ WKRP in Cincinnati crossover. 156 words. Downtown’s twin brother is in danger so he requests that A.J. and Rick find out who is behind the attacks on his life. Rick Simon, A.J. Simon, Lieutenant Marcel Proust "Downtown" Brown, Venus Flytrap (Gordon Sims), Andy Travis, Arthur Carlson, Dr. Johhny Fever, Les Nessman, Jennifer Marlowe, Herb Tarlek, Bailey Quarters. A.J./ Venus ; implied Rick/A.J. Slash, m/m sex, violence, discrimination issues.

11. Masks A NCIS Fanfic. 2,091 words. We all wear Masks. Abusive Gibbs. Gibbs/ DiNozzo.

12. Freedom A Wrestling AU. 3, 763 words. In the year 2525, wars are settled by gladiators. In this time, a group will rise up seeking freedom. AU, mpreg, preg, slash, het.

13. And A Child Shall Lead Them A Supernatural Fanfic. 2, 670. What if John, Dean and Sam Winchester were John, Dean and Sam Singer? What if Mary was not the boy's parents or just a friend or relative? These and many more, “What Ifs" will be presented in this story. This is a world where hunters and male pregnancies are not unheard of are spoken of in whispers. Pairings: John/Bobby; Sam/Dean. Incest, rape, mpreg, slash, some underage action, and AU.

14. Sweet Love A Supernatural Fanfic. 198. Take the time to appreciate the ones you love. John/Bobby; Sam/Dean (implied.) Mpreg, m/m slash.

15. That's Love A Sentinel Fanfic. 1,978. How far will you go for a friend? What if it may cost your life? Jim/ Blair; Simon/ Rafe; Blair/ OFC; OFC/ OMC. Slash, het, preg, mpreg, magic.

16. Spiders From Mars A Sentinelized Remake of Eight Legged Freaks. 1,934 words. Language, some explicit slash, some stereotyping, implied underage sex, issues of consent and just general mayham. If you can accept giant spiders, then you can accept mpreg. Jim/Blair; Henri/ Rafe; Simon/ Earl; Blair/ Garrett Kincade.

17. A Great Night For A Killing A Sentinel Fanfic.
Pairing: Jim/Blair; Simon/Rafe. Mature. This is an AU series that involve the preternatural, m/m slash, sometimes explicit, sometimes not, violence, racial issues, prejudice and character death. Detective Blair Sandburg and his lover/body guard former police detective Jim Ellison, solve crimes of the streets of Cascade, in this 40’s style series of fiction. I love Old Time Radio(OTR), in fact, I could listen to it instead of watching television. Naturally, I was listening to different series on the internet when I was introduced to, Richard Diamond, Detective. Richard Diamond is the typical 1940’s gumshoe. He’s smart, wisecracking, tough and downright sexy, and isn’t that the most important aspect of a character. I’ve wanted to do a Jim/Blair AU, with Blair as some sort of detective for a while, listening to this has given me the idea of an idle rich man who, for want of anything better to do, decided to become a detective. Additionally, since I like OTR, I wanted the 1940’s feel to be carried over into modern Cascade, whatever the year. Completed. Go to my homepage for the link.

18. My Son, My Son A Supernatural Fanfic. Blair/Sam; Jim/Blair; Sam/Dean; Original Characters, Azazel
Warnings: m/m sex; implied underage sex; mpreg; violence; non con and partner betrayal.
A/N: This idea came from a challenge that was issued in the Slashing Supernatural Revisited group, in which one of the members wrote: “How about a Supernatural-Sentinel crossover? Something like Sam had slept with Blair after meeting him at some collage thing. Then when Sam and Dean get arrested for something Blair gets them out of jail. Sam and Blair get reacquainted, Dean and Jim get mad. Maybe Dean and Sam try to kill Jim for being supernatural. John/Bobby; Sam/Dean (implied.) Mpreg, m/m slash.

19. Experiment A So You Think You Can Dance Fanfic. A pair of killers are loose and FBI Special Agents Nichols and Holke are on their trail. But what will happen for one of them, when the case hits close to home. Mature for explicit violence, and sub/dom lifestyle.

20. Scanner Sentinel Jim/Blair; Simon/William. A Sentinelized Remake of Scanner Cop. A killer is loose, can rookie detective Jim Ellison and anthropology teacher Blair Sandburg stop him before it's too late?

21. The Great Mouse Caper Blair/Jim; Simon/Rafe. Imagine our intrepid dual as cats. Yes the furry kind. They need to solve the mystery of the disappearing mice.

22. Secrets A Sentinel Fanfic. 250 Words. : Just an idea that came to me as I was watching one of those, “let’s make the children pay for the sins of the fathers” type of thing. Slash, non con, major character death, supernatural, mpreg (you should know by now that I love them), AU. OMC/OMC; Jim/Blair; Simon/Joan; H/Rafe; Joel/Megan; Garrett/Lash; Naomi; OCs; Stephen; Naomi; William.

23. Slash of the Razor Jim/Simon; Jim/Blair; implied Blair/Kincade. Set in the 1930's. Jim is a shoe salesman, and much more.

24. How To Live With A Neurotic Sentinel Jim/Blair. Read How To Live With A Neurotic Cat and this book screamed to be parodied.

25. Who Wants to Live Forever? A So You Think You Can Dance Fanfic. A trilogy, parts 1 and 2 have been complete. This is the story of a tragic mistake and its consequences. Rape (male/male), violence, death.

26. What He Wanted. So You Think You Can Dance. Certainly not the wife that he was now saddled with... slash and het, mpreg, violence. Based on a Yaoi that I read and wasn't satisfied with the ending.

27. Survival of The Fittest An X files/ Evolution crossover. How can this not be written?


28. Why Can't You? The Sentinel. Don't you know that you can't fool your Guide? Jim/Blair; Jim/OM violence.

Plus one shots that will be written, but these are the main stories. I am determined to finish them. need a passing out smile.

Can't believe that I forgot one...

29. Ashes to Ashes A Supernatural/So You Think You Can Dance crossover. After a series of nuclear explosions decimates mankind, the earth is overrun by zombies. The remnants only hope is a mission that is undertaken by John Winchester. When the man turns up missing, Bobby contacts Sam and Dean to find their father and his lover. They discover John's mission and work with two mercenaries to find the last two fertile women in the world. Will this be the start of a new new world or will jealousy threaten mankind's last hope? Mature for sex and violence.

And, as if I don't have enough to write.

30. Untitled A Sentinel/ Ai No Kusabi crossover. Jim/Blair; Iason/Riki; Raoul/Guy. A killer comes from the future to continue his deadly ways in the past, will the Sentinel/Guide pairs from the futrure and the past, be enough to stop him? Mature for violence and sex.

What can I say? I hate odd numbers...

1/16/01 - To the user who wrote me this:


A new review/comment has been submitted to your story.

Story: The Real Reason Myers Left Hellboy
Chapter: 1. Chapter 1

From: WTH ()

Alright I'm not going to flame you,but if you don't deliver this message to
ulyferal for me you might want to do the same thing he did,tell him,
1)he hasn't seen or heard the last of me

2)I'm only anonymous to prevent him from reporting me(I am a user

3) when I come back to haunt him I'll be worst then before

and most importantly if you don't do as I say, his problems become yoursDo not reply to this email. If the review is signed, use reply link provided

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Did you think that I would keep this hidden. First of all, what makes you think that I have a special "in" with Ulyferal that I could tell them anything? That is a presumption of power that I do not possess.

2) Wow! what a coward you are.

3) Flame away... I've had worst from those whose opinion actually mean something to me.

4) I hope the mods see this. If they don't, I'll be sure to send them a copy.

5) Grow up and put on some big girl or boy underwear, get a backbone and reveal yourself or don't play in a league for which you're not ready.

Hoping this fine you well.

1/22/10 - More notes from my pal WTH. I am not going to take the time to post it here as I did before. If WTH wants to hold a discourse with me, you can go to my LJ missfaeagain, I accept anonymous comments there. As far as you revealing yourself, it makes no difference to me one way or the other.

Also, my writing computer is in the shop. I hope that it will be fixed soon. Hugs

1/25/10 - Hi. Just received my last note from my friend WTH.

From: WTH ()

Wow, you're..different, I'll go find something better to do now, Yeah I'll
leave you alone.Never been called a pal though, Dumb yes, stupid yes, a
whole lot of other choice words,yes,but never a pal. I mean what I said and I
will leave you alone.DUR, thanks for putting up with me? Whatever.

Sorry to see you go. I was just starting to enjoy your company. I hope that you'll take the time to read my stories and leave me a real review under your real name. Hey, you don't even have to let me know that you were formerly, WTH. If the criticism is constructive, I take it into account when writing subsequent chapters.

On another note, the Geek Squad has sent me an email that assures me that my writing computer is in good hands and that I should have it any day now. hugs.

10/3/10 - Thank you to all those who have shown interest in my stories- especially, The Real Reason Myers Left. Problems in RL have blocked my writing but I will be getting back to this story and my others soon. Please don't forget about me. Hugs.

12/22/10 - My muse has finally returned. *doing the happy dance* I have returned to writing, among other thing (making vids, cartoons and learning to draw chibis). I have finished a story for an ezine and a couple of Christmas things, but look for more updates to the stories here- especially The Real Reason Myers Left. *hugs*

4/30/11 - Hoping to finally start back writing. The muse has been back, but time has been extremely limited. And my writing computer has been in the shop more than out. I apologize to those of you who are awaiting updates.

1/23/2012 - Thank you for hanging in there. A new Myers chapter was added today. I hope to have another one up this week. Hugs Still learning to draw chibis and I really think this is getting my juices flowing. I gave two credits that aren't showing up in the uploaded chapter, so I'll post them here. The flashbacks are taken from these two sites: : 1) “Hellboy” by Guillermo del Toro, Production Draft – 6/14/03 and Hellboy Script- Dialogue Transcript by Mike Mignola

Thank you for those who are following me. I plan on moving my work to Archive of Our Own. The user name is missreeree (missfae). You will also be able to follow me on my own archive and Wonderful World of Makebelieve. I'll be posting some of my very old stuff as well as getting back into writing. So look for me to finish my WIPs and posting new material.

12/1/2015 - I am suffering from major writer's block - this is the reason for my lack of updates. Wow... three years. Pray that my muse comes back soon. When she does, I will be updating. Hand in there. Hugs.

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