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I may upload some story some day. i have a lot of storyline ideas and ideas for storylines but i just don't have the skills to write them down the way i like . i think? so i am just going read others story-line's, it's more fun anyway.

Also i really really hate the new 4 characters filtering i have seen it used on other sites before and it makes it next to impossible to find the pairing you want to read about and yes that is what most people use character filtering for even if character slots were NOT meant for pairings that is how they been used to successfully find stories people want to read for years now. Out of 25 filter results I'll be lucky if 5 of them are what I'm looking for now with this 4 characters filtering junk , if it gets as bad as it does on other sites that use 4 character filtering then I may just stop reading FanFiction on here. I would go as far to say bad filtering like this is why some other fafiction sites fail, well that and that they don't have a back log of older stories like this site has to support it.

Also obscure and rarely paired character pairings are now all but impossible to find with 4 characters filtering.

The new pairing check box is nice but doesn't give all or even many pairing filter results in fact it can give just a very few or zero pairing filter results for some pairings I have looked for, even if there are 1000's of stories for that pairing. Also i could be wrong but alot or possible all the older stories past some date don't seem to show up in the pairing check box filter results. Also i guess there would be many missing pairing filter results for stories where the author picks a pairing base off reviews or wants to keep it a secrets or something.

Also i feel kinda bad for some Authors because now there going to get a massive amount of pissed off reviewers that are unhappy about the pairings in there story because of inaccurate filter results.

Also Profile editor now lets me add horizontal lines again.

Also for reasons unknown almost everything in Profile is showing up as under-lined outside the Profile editor when I don't have it under-lined in my Profile editor??? strange.

About me: well I don't really feel like sharing much so I'm just going put up something random that I don't mind sharing.

Well I'm anti-abstinence, anti-religion, anti-conformists(without being a conformists to other anti-conformists stuff but i don't care that much about it.), Pro-Sex, anti-censorship and I'm pro-choice. Well that takes care of all the fun stuff. Although even though I'm anti-religion I love Christmas without the religion.

Well I like most all music but I dislike country & most but not all rap. I guess I'm a hardcore gamer but not as much as i used to be. I also like movies & TV & books. I don't really buy Comics but I read a lot of Wiki to keep up on information on story-lines & charters I like. Also I like a lot of different story Genres but I dislike Spiritual & poetry and I try to avoid Tragedy for the most part.

Also I'm a fan Time travel fan-fiction where the characters mind goes back in time into there younger body, Although I don't really like the idea of there being 2 minds in the same body but I do like the idea that the future mind just absorbing the past mind because up to the point the character's mind goes back in time they would have the same memory's anyway so keeping a extra copy of the same memory's & a extra copy of the same past self seems kinda pointless. Also about mind Time travel & romance, I don't like when people make a big deal about the a bit of a age difference of some size in a pairing when one character is older in there Time traveling mind but around the same age in body because really the age of there body is all that matters so the Time traveling character would still somewhat act the age of there body with the only real difference between the characters in the pairing being that the Time traveler is possible better informed then they were originally at that age.

Also I dislike Authors that hold off on some parts of romance till the characters reach some arbitrary age (especially when they go out of their way with some lame backwards reasoning why they should hold off doing things till later or can't till later) or having teenagers around ages 13 to 15 acting like they have the knowledge of someone ages 5 to 9 & having teenagers ages 15 to 17 acting like they have the knowledge of someone ages 9 to 13. Although I guess some people are possible uninformed of how informed most teenagers are or just like to believe there uninformed or not ready till some arbitrary age because they like lying to themselves I guess.

Also I find Slut shaming to be very annoying and I kinda hate people that want less or no sexualization of male and female characters in any media, like comics, movies ,cartoons television, video-games or books as they have somehow deluded themselves into thinking that sexualization of male and female characters is somehow bad or that it somehow makes that characters less when the opposite is true. Unnecessarily taking sexualization out of the media is nothing but censorship and detrimental prudishness and possible someones insecurity at work. Although it's not like every thing needs to be sexualized but at the same time there no real negative effect besides it possible being distracting.

Also for a few different reasons I find myself rooting for the Villains in stories.

Also i miss Author (Hinamori Kidou Master's) stories now that there gone.

Pairings i like the most so far below.

i sure there are some good parings I'm missing, i most likely forgot them and may add them later or if I read about a pairing as a background pairing in a story and find that I like it I may add them.

Also there are more then a few incest pairings I like but it's fiction so get over it.

Also I like multiple-romance sharing pairings (that are some times called Harem), don't really care what kind for the most part but here is a list below.

  • 2guys/1girl
  • 2girls/1 guy
  • 1guy/multiple numbers of girls
  • 1girl/multiple numbers of guys (although I haven't found any story like this so far if there are any.)
  • 1girl/multiple numbers of girls
  • Also i like some bisexual parings but I don't read stories where the pairing is only male/male or male/multiple-male without any male/female in it at all as I kinda find it boring that way.

    Also I like multiple-romance but some times when the Harem number gets really high like with a 1guy/all girls in that fandom story, there a point where a problem can happen but not always where some of the girls in the pairing will seem to fade into the background as the author has to cut down on screen time for some of the girls or all them as the number in the pairing gets higher, although I guess it can possible be avoid with really good story planing.

    If there is a pairing i really don't like i will put it down somewhere with a note in Bold after it.

    Also i really Don't like any religious junk of any kinda in any story really because I'm not a fan of any religion and it also makes a lot of really religious O.O.C. that can kill a good or even great storyline. Religious junk & fanfiction don't mix. although it's alright in some stuff like stories on shows like Supernatural that already has some religious stuff in it, for the most part it's just adding religion or making non-religious charters religious that i don't like.

    I'm also adding notes just for stuff & ideas for story-lines for anyone to use , it's listed under each paring list as i think of them i guess & I think I'll add Crossovers pairings under notes too.


    Teen Titans:

    Red X / Raven

    Red X / Terra (because there both not good or evil kinda)

    Red X / stare fire

    Red X/ black fire (well they both steal stuff & it kind of goes with Robin/stare)

    Red X/ jinx

    Red X / Raven/ Terra

    Red X/ harem (what i need a reason)

    BB/ harem


    Terra /BB

    Terra/ robin

    Terra/ Slade





    Robin/stare fire


    black fire/ stare fire



    Batman the Animated Series & Batman Beyond & Justice league & Justice league unlimited & Justice League Action & The DC Animated movies: (I'll be add a lot more parings later)










    Batman/Ace (not the dog Ace)


    Terry McGinnis /Dana Tan

    Terry McGinnis /Melanie Walker/Ten

    Terry McGinnis /Max Gibson

    Damian/Raven (I really like them together because of Justice League vs Teen Titans 2016 movie.)

    Young Justice:

    Artemis/Cheshire=Jade (Favorite)

    Zatanna/Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson

    Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson/Batgirl=Barbara Gordon

    Superboy=Conner Kent/M'gann M'orzz=Megan Morse

    Artemis/M'gann M'orzz=Megan Morse

    Superboy=Conner Kent/Artemis

    Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson/Artemis

    Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson/Megan Morse

    Kid Flash=Wally West/Artemis

    Kid Flash=Wally West/Artemis/Cheshire=Jade

    Superboy=Conner Kent/Zatanna

    Superboy=Conner Kent/Harem

    Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson/Harem

    Kid Flash=Wally West/Harem

    Artemis/Cheshire=Jade/M'gann M'orzz=Megan Morse/Zatanna/Tul/Batgirl=Barbara Gordon

    Kid Flash=Wally West/M'gann M'orzz=Megan Morse

    Nightwing-Robin=Dick Grayson/Superboy=Conner Kent/Kid Flash=Wally West/Aqualad =Kaldur'ahm/M'gann M'orzz=Megan Morse/Artemis

    Kid Flash=Wally West/Perdita(older)


    Aqualad=Kaldur'ahm/Tula /Garth

    Lex Luthor/Mercy

    Notes for young justice:

    The show only kinda good most of the time but there are a few things I don't like on the show: It has the worst version of The Joker ever. also naming a town happy harbor is so lame. Also I'm not sure I like this 5 year jump between seasons1-2 yet, it's seems kind unnecessary.

    Xiaolin Showdown:






    Raimundo/Kimiko (i just don't like this paring but i will still read it if it's done really well)

    Rugrats/all grown up:

    Phil/Lil ( because it' a great pairing)





    Johnny Test:






    Gravity Falls:

    Dipper/Mabel (fav)

    Dipper/Wendy (fav) (also the age difference is to small to be a real problem and won't even be noticeable when dipper gets taller.)




    Notes for Gravity falls:

    Not much for notes yet

    Rocket Power:

    Otto/Reggie (but there only 1 & it's not the romantic kind.)


    My Life as a Teenage Robot:




    Megas XLR:



    Coop/Jaime/Kiva (sharing)

    Lilo & Stitch:




    Life and Times of Juniper Lee:





    Jackie Chan Adventures:

    jade/Hsi Wu

    jade/Chow & maybeRatso ,Finn

    jade/Paco ( i Dislike this paring and i don't read it)

    jade/Super Moose ( just because)





    The Grim Adventure of Billy&Mandy & Grim tales form down below web comic:


    Billy / mandy

    Grim jr /MiniMandy

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:

    Mac/Frankie (so Frankie older big deal it's fiction)


    Fairly Odd Parents:

    Timmy/Vicky ( not sure why i really like this one the best)



    Scooby Doo:













    Ed, Edd n Eddy:



    edd/Marie/nazz/Sarah harem



    Ben 10:

    Ben/Gwen ( because it's best paring. so what if there cousins ,some of the most famous people in history marred there cousins (just go google cousin marriage) and it's fiction anyway)

    Kevin/Gwen ( This paring just doesn't work at all. Come on Kevin almost killed Gwen & more then one time and would have if not for Ben saving her life, the people working on Ben 10 AF are killing the show with this lame paring that doesn't work. i can't say just how much i dislike this paring)






    (Movie or Toon)


    Danny Phantom:








    Danny/ harem

    Dexter's Laboratory:

    Dexter/ Dee Dee & her two friends that i can't remember there names and don't feel like looking up.

    Hey Arnold:
















    Notes: for Hey Arnold:

    Well I saw the new move Hey Arnold!:The Jungle Movie 2017 It's good although a bit silly with some stuff.

    American Dad:


    Star Vs the forces of Evil: (I'll add more pairings and change stuff later.)

    Star Butterfly/Marco Diaz

    Star Butterfly/Oskar Greason

    Marco Diaz/Jackie Lynn Thomas

    Janna/Star Butterfly

    Janna/Marco Diaz


    Hope/Janna/Jackie Lynn Thomas

    Sabrina/Brittney Wong

    Chantelle/Sabrina/Brittney Wong

    American Dragon: Jake Long










    Spud/harem (spud rules!)




    Kim Possible:











    Phillip J. Fry/Turanga Leela

    Phillip J. Fry/Amy Wong (I think I like this one the best.)

    Amy Wong/Turanga Leela

    Bender/Amy Wong

    Phillip J. Fry/Amy Wong/Turanga Leela

    Amy Wong/Kif Kroker

    Avatar: Last Airbender: (Adding more pairings later)




    Zuko/Azula/Ty Lee/Mai




    Katara/Azula/Ty Lee

    Azula/Ty Lee




    Aang/Katara (sometimes)



    The Legend of Korra:















    The Legend of Korra & Avatar: The Last Airbender: (assuming there the age that they where in each of there shows)





    Notes: for Avatar:

    I hope to see time travel cross-overs with the new show or using water/blood bending to stay young or for Cryogenics, possible some accidental cryogenics.


    Kill La Kill: (I'll add more later.)

    Ryuko Matoi /Satsuki Kiryuin (Favorite)

    Ryuko Matoi /Senketsu

    Ryuko Matoi /Mako Mankanshoku (Favorite)

    Ryuko Matoi /Aikuro Mikisugi

    Ryuko Matoi /Nui Harime

    Ryuko Matoi /Isshin Matoi

    Ryuko Matoi /Ragyo Kiryuin/Satsuki Kiryuin

    Satsuki Kiryuin/Nonon Jakuzure (Favorite)

    Satsuki Kiryuin/Nonon Jakuzure/Houka Inumuta/Uzu Sanageyama/Ira Gamagoori

    Satsuki Kiryuin/Houka Inumuta

    Satsuki Kiryuin/Uzu Sanageyama

    Satsuki Kiryuin/Ira Gamagoori

    Mako Mankanshoku/Ira Gamagoori

    Nui Harime/Satsuki Kiryuin

    Ragyo Kiryuin/Satsuki Kiryuin

    Isshin Matoi/Ryuko Matoi /Satsuki Kiryuin

    Notes: for kill la kill:

    No ideas right now.

    Naruto: (After that ending I'm don't really like it as much. Also in the Anime I like it in Japanese with subtitles.)

    Naruto/Sakura (The best pairing with 15 years of canon build up that got bait and switched at the very end for no reason)

    Naruto/sakura/ino (my favorite sharing paring of all time, if only there where more stories with this paring)

    Naruto/harem (the only time i don't like this is when they cut the main girls out because they like one of the other main girls better.)

    Naruto/Kyuubi female




    Naruto/hanabi (sometimes although I hate that they made her weaker in the feller to make Hinata look better.)

    Naruto/Hinata (i like to read it but only sometimes & any anti-sakura stuff is a sure way to get to stop reading the story instantly and it being the ending pairing was told bullshit because the lack of any build up and that Neji had to guilt trip Naruto into it and it being Naruto settling for her when he couldn't get the girl he loved.)

    Hinata/Neji (I really like this one)







    Naruto/Tsunade and/or Shizune


    Naruto/Ayame ( the ramen girl)





    Orochimaru/harem ( because it will never happen )









    Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura (the only way i like Sasuke & Sakura in the same paring.)

    Naruko/Naruto (because it's great)


    Menma Uzumaki/Sakura or rtn Sakura





    Suigetsu/Jugo/Sasuke/Karin (sharing Karin)



    Hidan/harem (Hidan is great!)



    ino/Choji (when Choji not Fat , not that it matters)

    Yugito Nii/naruto

    Yugito Nii/ Hidan

    Notes for Naruto:

    Well not much for notes right now other then I really dislike stories that are hateful to Sakura, mostly because I don't get the reason why some people hate her at all in the first place, although I guess it could just be because Naruto in love with Sakura & not in love with Hinata or in love with whoever else they want him with instead of her.

    Also I'm a fan of Orochimaru & wouldn't mind if he took full control of Sasuke body & completed his goals.

    Well after reading Chapters 699,700 and seeing all the ending pairings that where picked for the end of Narutp, I have to say all the ending pairings are all fucking revolting although Temari/shikamaru was nice but it's kinda over shadowed by all the shit pairings and the 15 years of build up to Naruto/Sakura being a ending pairing that still seemed to be happening up till chapter 691-698 only for them pulled a bait and switch at the 11th hour. Also it's kinda a hollow victory for Naruto/Hinata fans seeing as naruto gave up on his true love and only settled for Hinata as a 2nd choice and had no romantic build up with Hinata like he had for Sakura over the storyline and only gave Hinata a chance because Neji guilt tripped him to give Hinata a chance even though at that point Naruto didn't have romantic feelings for Hinata and was still in love with Sakura.

    I guess Naruto never giving up ninja way was a lie after all, seeing as how he gave up on Sakura the girl that he is in love with form chapter-1 to chapter-698 and ends up settling for a background character that he has never shown any romantic feelings for at all. Also what about all those parallels between Jiraiya/Tsunade and Kushina/Minato and Naruto/Sakura, what was the point in having that if they were just going to do a bait and switch at the end. Although there was that little thing about how Naruto and Sakura kids Salada and Bolt possible liking each other but that doesn't make up for the shit ending pairings at all and the glasses on Salada make her look like she could be Karin kid. Also I guess Kushina advice means nothing to Naruto, seeing as who he end up with was the opposite of the advice she gave him.

    As for Sasuke/Sakura, he flat out said he felt nothing for her to her face and tried to kill her multiple times and trapped her in a genjutsu of him killing her by literally ripping her heart out over and over again for a day/night and they end up together...Really what the fuck.

    The Sai/Ino pairing and last of the other pairings just seem like pairings for the sake of pairing characters with no thought put into it at all like they just pick random names out of a hat or something like that and i didn't like how they had Anko let herself go.

    I still can believe the ending went to shit so fast, I'm so disappointed with the shit ending pairings but I guess I may still watch anime up to the point it goes to shit around chapter 698. As for the last movie I read about it in a wiki and the movie just like every thing else after chapter 698 is complete dog shit and a pathetic attempt at damage control, like them saying Naruto was only in love Sakura because of his rivalry with Sasuke but that's bullshit because Naruto already had feelings for Sakura before his rivalry with Sasuke started and part of the initial reason the rivalry started on Naruto side of the rivalry was Naruto was trying to win Sakura over by trying to be better then Sasuke and others so she would like him. Although for Sasuke side of the rivalry it had nothing to do with wining a girl feelings, just revange and the need for more power for making that revange poissbe.

    So it's not that Naruto was only in love Sakura because of his rivalry with Sasuke but that Naruto only initially started a rivalry with Sasuke because Naruto was in love Sakura.

    If I had my pick for ending pairings that would still work best with the storyline unlike the ending pairings we got I would go with the following few Pairings:

  • Naruto/Sakura
  • Sasuke/Karin
  • Hinata/Neji (if he lived or came back) or Tenten/Neji (if he lived or came back)
  • ino/Choji (possbile) or Ino/Gaara (because the pairing works about the same as Ino/Sai but adds the Naruto & Gaara friendship and Sakura & Ino friendship to the mix.)
  • Orochimaru/Tsunade or Orochimaru/Anko (but that's kinda pushing it to work with the storyline.)
  • Temari/shikamaru or ino/shikamaru
  • o0o

    Also I know of Naruto Gaiden but anything past chapter 698 of Naruto is dead to me unless something unlikely happens like Hinata being assassinated and Naruto and Sakura somehow getting together like they should have already been and some other stuff that would need to be fixed.

    Dragon Ball/Z/GT: ( lot of incest here, like i care)

    android 17 / android 18 (I like this pairing because there twins i guess!)

    Goku/Bulma (young or old it's a great paring)

    Blulma/M. trunks or trunks or bra


    young Goku / Pan







    Super 17/18

    Super 17 or normal 17/bulma




    Hideki Motosuwa/Chi (Elda)

    Chi (Elda)/Freya (Dark Chii)

    Hideki Motosuwa/Chi (Elda)/Freya (Dark Chii)

    Yumi Omura/Hideki Motosuwa

    Hideki Motosuwa/Yumi Omura/Chi (Elda)


    Hiroyasu Ueda/Yumi Omura

    Hiroyasu Ueda/Yumi(Persocon)

    Hiroyasu Ueda/Yumi(Persocon)/Yumi Omura

    Minoru Kokubunji/Yuzuki

    Hiromu Shinbo/Hibiya Chitose

    Notes for Chobits:

    Fix the switch.

    Hiromu Shinbo/Takako Shimizu

    Death Note:



    Kiss X sis:

    Keita/Riko/Ako (favorite when it's Riko/Ako & Keita/Ako & Riko/Keita at the same time)


    Notes for Kiss X sis:

    sadly there are not very many stores for this fan fiction.

    Big O:

    Roger Smith/Dorothy

    Roger Smith/Angel

    Bleach: (there are to many so here only a few)


    Ichigo/Rukia Ichiruki Favorite)





    Rukia/Renji (I just don't like this pairing at all.)






    Byakuya/Rukia//Hisana Kuchiki

    Byakuya/Hisana Kuchiki



    Yoruichi/Kisuke Urahara


    Orihime/Ichigo or Huchigo

    Chad/harem (Why not?)





    Karin /Yuzu (because there twins.)

    Ichigo/Karin /Yuzu (because it's fiction.)


    Ichimaru Gin/Matsumoto Rangiku


    Ikumi/Kaoru (seems amusing)



    Riruka/Rukia Ichiruki

    Notes for Bleach:

    Well Bleach has ended and the end was alright but kinda really disappointing and rushed and I'm alright with Ichigo/Orihime even though it always been shown as one-sided and it's a given that Ichigo/Rukia is a far better pairing with their feelings being two-sided for each other with a lot of build up to show the romance between them and I think Orihime/Ishida would have also been better together, as for Rukia/Renji I'm going to have to give that pairing a really big fuck no! It would have been better to leave it without the parings so the ending was open ended as far as pairings seeing as they didn't use Ichigo/Rukia. I guess the Anime ending was better as a true ending as far as being open ended.

    Cowboy Bebop:









    Furi Kuri: FLCL:





    Naota/Eri Ninamori

    Ergo Proxy:


    .Hack//Sign-(Infection/Mutation/Outbreak/Quarantine)-Legend of the Twilight-Roots-G.U.(Vol. 1 Rebirth, Vol. 2 Reminisce, and Vol. 3 Redemption)-Liminality-Returner-Link-Versus-The Movie-AI buster1&2-Zero-Another Birth-Epitaph of Twilight-Cell-GnU-Alcor-G.U.-4koma-XXXX-Bullet:

    Haseo/Alkaid (fav)


    Haseo/Pi (fav)







    Shugo/Rena (twincest)


    Haseo/Atoli (only sometimes because she is annoying)

    Haseo/Mimiru (fav)



    Mai Minase/Tomonari Kasumi



    Shugo Kunisaki/Rena Kunisaki (twincest) (fav)











    Nuke Usagimaru/Rachel



    Eureka Seven:

    Renton/ Eureka



    Renton/ Anemone


    Renton/ Anemone/Eureka

    Anemone/ Dominic Sorel


    Kodomo No Jikan:

    Rin/Reiji (i just like Reiji)

    Rin/Mimi Usa

    Rin/Kuro Kagam

    Rin/Kuro Kagam/Mimi Usa

    Kyōko Hōin/Daisuke Aoki

    Rin/Daisuke Aoki (maybe)


    Harry potter Books/movies: (there are sure to be some pairing that i like and forgot to put down possible).

    Harry/Hermione -(Favorite paring) (In books 1-7, with the exception of the early parts of Book 1 & tiny parts of Books 6 & 7, the characters with the closest relationship are Harry and Hermione. In all the books, every time Hermione is given a choice between Ron and Harry she picks harry over Ron all the way to the epilogue. I also I liked how Rowling seemly unwittingly made Harry/Hermione a very possible & at times the most likely cannon pairing all the way up till the very end of Book 7 before Hermione without reason kisses Ron as a 11th hour fix for R/Hr to somewhat work in the storyline even for a short time and even after the kiss the H/Hr pairing still seems more likely and only after the epilogue does it seems very unlikely in cannon anyways. Also I liked how without the epilogue it is still open ended enough for Harry/Hermione to still work with the storyline and that even J.K.R. admitted the obvious fact that it could have gone Harry/Hermione. Also I don't think anyone is buying that very obvious cop-out by J.K.R. that Harry & Hermione see each other as siblings unless they're both into incest, not that Harry or Hermione could know what having sibling like feelings for each other would be like anyway as they both have no siblings.Another thing is that Harry & Hermione also have a lot in common with each other. Also Harry & Hermione care more deeply about each other then any other characters to the point that it seems they care about each other romantically. Also I find it amusing that other characters in the story such as Dumbledore ,others & even Ron himself can see that Harry & Hermione would be good together or believe that Harry & Hermione already are together just by seeing how close they are. also it seem that in the latest news even J.K.R. herself is a Harry/Hermione fan.

    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that the fact that Rowling picked Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny in the end over Harry/Hermione is a BLACK-MARK on the series for the Majority of the fans!)

    Ron/Hermione(i just don't like this pairing at all, it's not that i dislike Ron (Ron is a good comic relief side kick thing) i just can't see him ending up with Hermione ever, even at the very end of book 7 at the point where Hermione seemly without reason kisses Ron. Even then they still did not get together in books 1 to 7 till after in the epilogue.They also have little to nothing in common with each other besides being friends with harry. Also there is some conjecture of some dubious sexual tension between Ron & Hermione but the only thing to really see to the between the two of them is a lot of obvious deep unresolved personality conflicts, I think that their personalities clash too much, and I don't think that either of them would be able to appreciate the other in a relationship, they just wouldn't work with each other for obvious reasons. Also the epilogue seems false to me because only the most uncritical readers could ever believe something as unlikely as that relationship lasting 19 years when even seeing it lasting 19 weeks is very hard to believe. I would even go as far to say that Hermione would be better off alone with Crookshanks then with Ron.)

    Ginny/Harry - ( I like it in fan fiction as long as their is not a Ron/Hermione pairing in the story with it but not in cannon, also it just seems to come out of nowhere at the begging of the book 6 storyline like Rowling had to scrambled in the 6th and 7th books to try to make Harry/Ginny work & also be believable and still fail in the end. Also at the end of book 6 it seemed to be finally be over for Ginny/harry when harry dumps her after only dating for 3-4 weeks at the most and then nothing till the end of book 7 where they still did not get back together till after in the epilogue. Also Ginny only really has one decent conversation in the series with harry (at the end of Book 6 and even then it's not much of a conversation. i guess before the epilogue i really just saw her as Cho 2.0 she was more then a little better then Cho but only because Harry knew her a little better then he knew Cho but still Ginny is not anywhere near as good as Hermione would be with harry. also it's amusing that Ginny is possible Harry's distant cousin (but I do like cousin/cousin pairings most of the time). Also the way I see it Ginny wasn't even really in the way of Harry possible getting with Hermione in between the 3-4 weeks harry and Ginny dated & sometime between the end of book 7 & the epilogue because they weren't together at the time.)

    Harry/Hermione/Ginny (sharing)

    Harry/Hermione/Ginny/Luna (sharing)

    Ron/Harry/Hermione (sharing, i really like this one but it's hard to find & is one of the only ways I like Ron with Hermione.)

    Draco/Harry/Hermione (sharing)

    Ginny/Ron/Harry/Hermione (sharing & incest)

    Draco/Hermione (sometimes)


    Horcrux-Harry/ Horcrux-Hermione


    Remus/Tonks (I love the age difference in this pairing)


    Lily Evans/Severus Snape (Love this Pairing always)


    Draco/Ginny (I really like this one)









    Harry/Cho Chang (but i didn't really like her after the 4th book)

    Harry/Cho/Hermione (sharing)

    Cho Chang/Cedric Diggory

    Harry/Fleur Delacour




    Gellert Grindelwald/Ariana Dumbledore (Also I'm assuming she a Obscurial)








    Harry/Fleur/Hermione (sharing)





    Neville/Hannah Abbott











    James/Lily (the only reason I like them together is because they made Harry but from what I read in the books and the little information there is on James I get the impression that James was a arrogant bully and a complete spoiled rich ass-whole that acted nothing like Harry and I think it's likely the fast changes he made to himself in his 7th year to get Lily are most likely was nothing but a facade that he used around Lily and teachers.)

    George /Fred/Ginny(sharing)

    George /Fred/anyone(sharing)

    Notes: for harry potter

    Resurrection Stone, cheating death idea:

    I was wondering if assuming that the Resurrection Stone brings a entire Soul (or souls if you call more then one at a time) without corporeal form back form the land of the dead side of the Veil and is temporarily anchoring that Soul to the Resurrection Stone in the land of the living side of Veil , Then could the Resurrection Stone act somewhat as a temporarily Horcrux but instead of anchoring just a fragment of a Soul it would be temporarily anchoring a entire Soul? If that true then then all you would need is a corporeal form aka a new body to infuse that Soul into get around that magic can't bring back the dead thing i guess?

    The Mirror of Erised

    (I show not your face but your heart's desire) idea:

    I was thinking about a new ways The Mirror of Erised could be used in stories, like changing how the Mirror shows you your heart's desire so instead of it just showing you a illusion of your heart's desire I would change it so the Mirror is really a window/gateway showing you one of the infinite denominations where that hearts desire has happened with the possibility of maybe using the Mirror to cross over into that denomination and merging or not merging with your other self or pulling someone out of that denomination to your own denomination for many different reasons. Also I guess this could be used for a kind of time travel by using the Mirror to go to a denomination that's either behind or ahead of the timeline of your own denomination and merging with that denomination versoin of you.

    Although now that I think about The Mirror of Erised in cannon already has the ability to store objects like the stone in a pocket denomination on the other side of the mirror so i guess it's plausible that the stone wasn't just in a pocket denomination on the other side of the mirror but in a parallel universe on the other side of the mirror where that universe's Harry was told by his versions of Dumbledore to to only transfer the stone back to the cannon universe to himself or cannon Dumbledore.

    I wounder if Rowling only picked Ron/Hermione Harry/Ginny in the end because she only really badly wanted Harry,Hermione & Ron to be related by marriage without any thought to how bad a Ron/Hermione relationship would very likely turn out?

    Also I was thinking about the prophecy and candler dates form what I know it seems the prophecy was made in winter so around January 1st, 1980 with Dumbledore possible doing interviews during the winter break, I'm guessing Neville's & Harry's conceptions was around October 31st, 1979 going with the stuff happening on Halloween theme unless Harry was a premature birth then his conception could have been after the prophecy was made. So it's possible that Lily was 2 moths along and may not of know she was pregnant yet because she was not showing yet or not pregnant at all at the time when Severus learned of the prophecy and tells Voldemort about said prophecy. But because of possible of a premature birth Voldemort would have to wait till august 1st 1980 and see if they were to parents who have thrice defeated him to be sure who all the possible targets were as he wouldn't want to miss any if his own life was on the line then he would have to pick between Neville's & Harry and verify if their parents have thrice defeated. It seems Voldemort likely rewarded Severus for this life saving information and gave him a Favor to cash in at a later date as Severus couldn't have know of Lily being pregnant if she even was at the time of the prophecy so in all probability Severus didn't likely ask for Voldemort to spare Lily life tell after august 1st 1980 and Severus didn't tell Dumbledore that Voldemort thinks the prophecy is referring to Harry and didn't asks Dumbledore to hide Lily till after Harry's birth sometime in autumn so Voldemort may have taken his time to pick his target followed by Severus asking him to spare Lily at some point. It seems Lily stopped fighting when she found out she was pregnant whenever that was because with the war going on I don't think it was planed pregnancy but they didn't go into deep hiding under a Fidelius Charm till after Severus gave Dumbledore the warning to hide all of them and became his spy in the fall of 1980. Also with Peter Pettigrew becoming a Death-eater in October of 1980 it seems he kept the Potters secret for a year or Voldemort didn't act on the information year so he could keep using Pettigrew as a spy or Voldemort was busy doing other things. I guess Severus never saw Pettigrew with the Death-eaters or he kept his mask on as Severus still beveled in 1993 that it was Sirius that turn on the Potters. although I could be wrong on dates because of JKR math thing.

    Also I don't like it when stories use guns and bombs but over look all the obvious ways magic could easily make them unusable, like a ward the stop guns form firing or makes them backfire or or a shield like the one Dumbledore use that would turn bullets in to snow as they pass though or something else or Impediment Jinx to slow down the shooter and stop the bullets in midair and side step them. I imagine a wizard could easily make the gun backfire. In the end Wizards and Witches are unassailable by muggle tech, plain and simple there is a spell that can counter/disable everything. you can't sneak up on a wizard because of spells to alert them of your presence you can't shoot them with a gun if they put a protective bubble around themselves or vanish your ammo out of your gun and you can't bomb them because they can shunt aside kinetic energy if the bomb even gets to go off before it's vanished or one Wizard or Witch apparates with the bomb some where else and back before it goes off and just having magic around well Short circuit most detonators and possible security cameras. The real point of Wizards and Witches hiding from the muggles isn't to protect wizards, its so wizards don't retaliate and kill all of the muggles. Also with the use of enchantments with the Impervius Charm and Imperturbable Charm they have armor for repeling and blocking every thing other then magic.

    Also it's a bit annoying sometimes when a author changes it so the Deatheater are a small group with most members being know instead of a large organization that used to be a secret society and still is somewhat secret at least when it comes to membership and stuff other then that the organization itself exists. I think one of the most dangerous things about the Deatheaters is that other then Voldemort no one really knows how many exist or who is and isn't one, also a lot of authors seem to forget that Voldemort wasn't only letting pure-bloods join the Deatheaters but also half-bloods and even the rare muggle-born.

    Also I don't like Hermione nicknames. ( it's better just to call her Hermione.)

    Also I like Lily's nickname Sev for Snape.

    Also I don't get why some people don't seem get that Hermione just had a suntan at the start of 3rd year right after summer vacation, I guess it's just wishful thinking on their part but it should be really obvious that it's a suntan to anyone that's not being purposely obtuse about it.

    Also I like when Authors use bit of text from the books to intertwine there story with the story in the books sometimes.

    Also I'm not really a fan of Ron bashing but I just love how Ron can so easily be bashed and at the sametime stay completely in-character.

    Also I don't like automatic marriage, if there going to get marred they should ask the other to marry them but it shouldn't be automatic.

    Also I'm not really a fan of when the Author makes so any and all death-eaters have the Dark-Mark on their arm instead of only Voldemort's inner circle although I guess Peter only got the mark as part of his deal with Voldemort for turning traitor.

    Also I'm sometimes alright with soul-bounds as long as they don't seem to circumvent freewill.

    Also I like it when authors have Crookshanks in there stories ,even if it's just a very small part in the background.

    Also when I read Harry potter fanfics I picture how they look in the movies but with the right color plata and for some reason i like to think of older Lily Evans looking like Karen-Gillan instead as her act is way to old to pass as 21.

    Also I wound assume that contraceptive charm is just built into the Hogwarts wards for a school wide area effect and that having a 100% effective contraceptive charm would have a strong effect on wizard and witch culture assuming such a charm would have be around for 100's of years out of necessity and may be a factor in the smaller magical population word wide.

    Also I really hate it when stories change it so being a powerful witch or wizard circumvents all kinds of contraceptive so the witch or wizard can't have sex without pregnancy just to prevent/delay the characters form having sex for this bullshit reason and ignoring how that would be a problem in the future for the characters. also it just doesn't make any sense that they don't have a working magic contraceptive with so many families that only have one or two kids and the low overall population of witch or wizard and the lack of sexual repression religion.

    Also I won't read any stories that are Cursed Child compliant because the plot is a abomination form what little I know of it, but also simply because I don't like Ron and Hermione being together.

    Also i find it interesting that Voldemort possilbe did not really care about pureblood supremacy and was only using it to get followers.

    Also it's a bit annoying when authors have Voldemort half-blood status be told to his followers like it some shocking secret when it's hinted in the 4th book that he openly shared his origins with them, and did not try to hide it & that he saw no shame in his half-blood status.

    Also it's a bit annoying when authors have one deatheater give up the rest of the deatheaters even though Voldemort is the only one that knows who all deatheaters are to prevent that very thing from happening.

    Also I find it hilarious that world without Voldemort stories have a Jamies/Lily Paring even though without Voldemort Lily would have ended up with Snape.

    Also I don't like when authors dumb down & under-power Voldemort or suddenly makes almost everyone not fear him anymore even though at one point they were so scared they feared to even say his name even after his amused death, unless it's humor.

    Also I don't like it when suddenly seemly everyone knows what a Horcrux is even though it is almost a completely unknown lost form of dark magic even among dark magic users, with Voldemort being the only one to even try to make more then one.

    Also I kinda like some 6th year love potion stories where love potions are the reason for Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny although i kinda like those stories better when Ginny & sometimes Ron are unaware that love potions are being used or are even being used on them as well. As for the person using the potions in these stories I kinda like it when it's Molly as she seems likely to have the most to gain politically & financially forum Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny ending up together although it also works when Molly is not looking for political & financial gain and is just playing matchmaker and using potions becuase she believes she knows better when it comes to who ends up with who. Although i guess Dumbledore could be the person using the potions in these stories for political reason or as part of his plan to end Voldemort.

    Another thing I don't like is that is in some Harry/Hermione stories that take place in the book-7 in the tent and they make Hermione very reluctant to fall for Harry because she believes she is somehow cheating on Ron even though Ron & Hermione are not dating or in any kind of romantic relationship at this point and they make Harry reluctant to fall for Hermione because he believes he is somehow cheating on Ginny even after he broke up with Ginny after dating for only 3-4 weeks at the most and the longest Harry even talked with Ginny was when he was barking up with her.

    I really want see some romance FanFics stories where Sanpe with some difficulty fully resurrects Lily from the dead then tries to win her over, taking place sometime after the 6th book or 7th book with some some Harry/Hermione on the siide with maybe some draco/Ginny.

    Also I really do like the Marauders enough that I can over look it most of the time but really they were a group of arrogant cruel bullies that were inconsiderate assholes that picked four on one fights with Snape and I get the feeling that Snape wasn't the only target just the only one that tried fighting back the most. I mean it started on the train ride there when James went acting like Draco Malfoy on Snape in the compartment on the train that Lily and Snape were sharing (I guess james was trying to drive lily and Snape apart with his bullying, that or he was just being a dick for no reason.) and after the sorting the bullying just gets progressively worse for the next five years till the point that Sirius though it would be funny to try and trick Snape into going down a tunnel to a small building with one exit with a werewolf-Remus inside and was under the impression the rest of the Marauders would be alright with his attempted murder of Snape because how bad they act towards Snape so far.

    Now at best Sirius is a moron just trying to give Snape a good scare and is not thinking about what would happen if Snape made it to Remus, like Snape being turn into a werewolf if Remus so much as scratches him or Remus waking up surrounded by blood and body parts the next day, At worst this was Sirius making a attempt on Snapes life thinking that because the level of bullying they already did to Snape at this point and the hate between them that the other Marauders would be on board with his attempted murder or turning of Snape into a werewolf and possible thinking Remus would eat all the evidence.

    Either way James went off to "save" Snape although with the level of hate between them I'm thinking James was only doing this to save Remus from the consequences of eating or turning another student and not for any kind of care for what happened to Snape and given that Sirius was in the common room with Peter when he told James of his "Prank" on Snape and seeing how Sirius wasn't on his way to the tree to stop Snape form going all the way into building with Remus and that James running down there only just made in time to save Snape makes it doubtful Sirius had any planes to stop Snape from making it to Remus.

    Anyway in the end Dumbledore covered the whole thing up and kept Sanpe form talking form Snape even though from Snapes point of view it was a attempted murder and with no way for Snape to know if James was involved in the plan or not it makes it seem that James just got cold feet at the last minute form Snape's point of view. Not really sure why Dumbledore covered this up other then Dumbledore own ass being on the line for having a secretly werewolf in the school and may be something to do with Snape being form a poor family and James and Sirius being from rich and influential families or to save Remus. in any case form this point on the Marauders know that they can basically get away with attempted murder without consequences.

    Also I not 100% sure but I think the attempted murder/attempted infection may have happen just few weeks before the Marauders attacked Snape again by that tree where Snape called Lily a mudblood when he was lashing out at everyone and anyone around him after being tormented by the by people he believes tried to kill him and got away with it but could aslo be in part beacuse he didn't want to look weak. Given that Snape was unarmed and upside down with James wand point at him it's easy to see how a compulsion charm could have be used to get Snape to call Lily a mudblood and seeing how James has been trying to drive them apart scene he laid eyes on them I can totally see him doing so. I not even going to go into the Marauders running around the by the edge of the forest with a Werewolf-Remus that could kill or infect anyone that sneaks out on the grounds to make-out under the full moon or If Hagrid just happens to walk by and runs into a stag, grim, rat and Werewolf and got himself killed or infected or killed one of them.

    Defending Severus Snape Wall of text: I kinda feel like like Defending Snape. One thing that I was thinking about was when Lily stop being friends with Snape after 7 years friendship because of some unsubstantiated rumors & Snape calling her mudblood. It got me thinking that maybe James & his friends started the rumors to drive them apart, so Snape would be out of the way for James to try to be with Lily and seeing how James had Snape upside down at wand point at the time, then it wouldn't be hard at all to believe that James would cast a compulsion charm on Snape to make him call Lily a mudblood and seemly confirm the rumors for Lily. After that I guess Snape tried to apologize a few times but Lily was still ignoring him so he gave up or maybe Snape didn't think Lily would believe him once her mind was made up so he never tried to apologize after the 1st try. Then with the only friends Snape had left being in Slytherin I guess he decided join up because his friends where & because he could learn more about the dark-arts & possible because of Lily getting together with James and/or possible Lily already believing that he joined the death-eaters anyway so Snape decided to go ahead and join them to get whatever benefits because it wouldn't change how Lily saw he either way at that point. As for the idea that Snape joining because he dislike of all muggles-borns I find it unlikely, Also because of Snapes unending love for Lily I find it almost impossible to believe that he had any real dislike for muggle-borns. As for the time before Snape put his life at great risk to became a double agent to try and save Lily I would guess he could have possible killed a few people but I would think most of his work would be as a death-eater spy just finding information with some potions work on the side. although I do believe that Snape dislike muggles because of his father and how Petunia acted to Lily and believes like most Witches and Wizards on both sides that having magic makes them better then muggles. Also even after Snape became a double agent I find it inserting that he got Voldemort of all people to agree to spare Lily (a muggle-born) as a backup plan if Albus plan fails, no mystery way Snape didn't ask Voldemort to spare James for one Snape was already pushing his luck with just asking Voldemort to spare Lily and Snape rightfully hates James for what he did to him for 7 years & taking Lily from him, also I guess Snape thinks Lily would be better off without James. As for way Snape didn't ask Voldemort to spare harry well I would think with harry being the main target Snape would know that it would be pointless to ask. As for Snape not being a nice teacher I guess it has to do with how dangerous potions can be, I also find it likely that Snape never wanted to be a teacher at all & was forced to on Voldemort orders as a spy & then as part of a deal with Albus when he became a double agent to keep his cover. As for Snape acting like an jerk to Harry & Harry's friends, I think Snape is doing just that he's acting a prat for his cover, Snape wouldn't be a very good spy if he couldn't act but I guess some of it could have to do with Snape seeing James & Lily when he's looking at harry as a reminder of losing Lily and that he lost her to his tormentor but I don't believe Snape really thinks Harry acts like James. Well that's about it although I like story where Snapes kinda good but I also like stories where Snapes super evil,mostly in humor or parody.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events:


    Twilight: ( not really a fan so i got most of my knowledge about is from Twilight-Wiki & the movie)


    Bella/someone form a Crossover




    Alec/Jane (twincest)


    Bella/Charlie (but i don't like it when authors make Bella adopted because it kinda makes it pointless then)




    Bella/Edward (somewhat OOC Edward)


    Bella/Jacob/Edward (somewhat OOC Edward)










    Carlisle/Esme/Emmett/Rosalie/Jasper/Alice/Bella/Edward (orgy of love & stuff)

    Notes: for Twilight

    The most important thing to remember is Abstinence is never ever the answer, if you didn't know the answer would be safe sex.

    So if you make a Twilight story and take out the detrimental Abstinence form the books then you have already done better then stephenie meyer.

    Also I really didn't like the imprinting, it wasn't so much who they imprint on but how it seems to circumvent freewill and the mated for life thing with sparkle-vampires although different is almost just as bad.

    As for the team-Jacob or team-Edward, well I'm on team-threesome although Edward needs to be O.O.C. , Also I'm on team- Charlie

    I think I like Jacob better but I like real-Vampire more then i like werewolfs.

    Also I like crossovers stories with real-vampires like in True blood,Underworld,Buffy,Angel,Dracula,Supernatural and Sanctuary in that order or a mix

    As for some ideas, Maybe a Hybrid werewolf/real-vampire Jacob or just a real-vampire Jacob. other then that a smarter Bella is nice.

    A Song of Ice and Fire: ( I'll add lot more pairings later)

    Jaime Lannister/Cersei Lannister

    Jon snow/someome

    Notes for A Song of Ice and Fire:

    Well I like cross-overs.

    Hunger Games: (I'll add more parings later I think.)




    Notes for Hunger games:

    Robin Hood: men in tights cross over.

    Picture of Dorian Gray: (the book but mostly the 2009 movie)


    Dorian/Sybil (sometimes)

    Notes: for Picture of Dorian Gray:

    it would be nice if Lord Henry didn't try to kill Dorian at the end of the movie. Other then that it would be nice if there were more Crossovers.


    Pirates of the Caribbean:

    Jack/Elizabeth (Favorite)




    Blackbeard-Edward T./Angelica


    Tia Dalma/Jack


    Will Turner/Elizabeth

    Notes for POTC: not much to say although I think movies 1,2,3 are all great while 4 is not as good but still good enough and 5 is not as good as 1,2,3 but is a little better then 4 or tied with it possbile. Also In 5 Jack kinda seems like things have been going bad for him for some time and I would think it would turn around for him by the end of the movie but it doesn't really do so other then getting back his ship.

    Toy Story 1,2,3:


    Hook 1991: (not many pairings here.)

    (young)-Peter Pan/(young)-Wendy Darling

    (young or older)-Peter Pan/Tinker Bell

    Peter Pan/Moira Banning

    Notes for Hook:

    Not much to say other then I like this version of Never Neverland the best as far as the look of the island.

    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


    Sweeney-Todd/Eleanor lovett

    StarWars Movies and Games: (I'll add more pairings later)





    Luke/Leia (Oddly it's very very hard to find stories with this pairing. I wish there were more!)







    M&F-Darth Revan/Mission Vao

    M&F-Darth Revan/Bastila Shan (I like it when their on the darkside/bothside)

    M&F-Darth Revan/Bastila Shan/Mission Vao

    M&F-Darth Revan/Meetra Surik

    Mission Vao/Bastila Shan (darkside or lightside)

    Zaalba/Mission Vao

    Notes for StarWars Movies and Games:

    Also I like the Idea of the Death-Star-2 being 900km rather then 160km.

    Also I like Vader and stories where he becomes Emperor and gets Padmé to go along with his plan to take over and stories where he wins the fight with Obi-Wan or gets him on his side or gets Ahsoka to join him on the darkside and story where Leia and/or Luke join on the darkside or even get them to join him with out going darkside.

    Also like stories where Padmé is secretly working with Palpatine but still is sincerely obsessively in love with Anakin/Vader and stories where she becomes Empress.

    Also like stories where they use both sides of the force.

    Well I was wondering what would happen if Palpatine really did have a force power to keep those around him from dieing/resurrection & decided to stay on friendly trems to anakin & Padme after Anakin became his sith apprentice. Another part of this idea would be Anakin making a deal earlier with Palpatine and not telling the Jedi about Palpatine being a sith & Anakin wearing something to hide identity when he attacks the Jedi temple later. So when the jedi go after Palpatine to make him give up his emergency powers they wouldn't be ready to fight Palpatine at his office or Palpatine having Anakin as backup. Because of this Obi-Wan wouldn't know Anakin changed side till it's to late or to target Anakin or really have any idea whats going on. Also Anakin would have to tell Padmé something differet about whats happening & possbile get Padmé to go ahead to Naboo and that he would meet up with her there after finshed off Separatists on mustafar for Palpatine. Not sure if Padmé would still go into early labor when she is on Naboo or if her life would still be in danger but if her life is till in danger Anakin would save her with his new force power or Palpatine would. As for the Jedi I guess there would be less survivors & they would still be unsure of what was really going on.

    As for KOTOR-1 I love playing it on the PC with mods for bug-fixes, new textures, Revan's full-Armor & weapons for pick up on Taris so he can were it all game if i feel like doing so and a Save Mission mod that gives the option for Darth Revan to persuade Mission Vao to stay with his crew and serve Darth Revan in the darkside ending rather then dying. I also like using a save-editor with KOTOR-1 so I can keep Revan in full Darkside but still do whatever as far as being nice sometimes.

    As for story ideas for KOTOR-1, Maybe a story building off the darkside ending story with possbile a Darth Revan/Bastila Shan/Mission Vao pairing, With lot of use of the Star Forge to build a infinite fleet and possblie using the Star Forge to build a imporeved Star Forge or armor or weapons or other stufff that could be made with a combination of the Star Forge, Sith magic and Sith alchemy and possbile give the Star Forge secondary power sources. Maybe have Revan learn all their is to know about Rakata technological and then learn some Sith magic, Sith alchemy and more abourt the force.

    Also if anyone wanted to know what I think about the Disney Star Wars: The Force Awakens I think it has better CGI and it's good to see the old cast but it's story line is weak and has some poor writing in parts and feels a bit rushed like they should have gone into more detail or been an hour longer to fit more in and over all it's not even as good as the star wars prequel trilogy. As for Kylo Ren his face lacks of any resembles to Han or Leia to the point that it makes it hard to believe their related. Although I do really like Rey even though she seems to pick up how to use the force and flying and other things with to little effort but I guess their could be a good reason for that in later movies like her being Luke's or somehow Leia's kid (twin to Kylo? it's not like passable family resemblance was taken into account with Leia, Han and Kylo) or something so she could have that chosen one power level thing passed down form Anakin but it seems that's not it, so she just a girl-power character with some Mary-sue like attributes. Also I like 1200k starkiller base but it being a small planet makes it not as interesting or as impressive as a man made space station like the 120km Deathstar or 900km Deathstar 2. So the movie is still really good but not as good as the other six. Don't get me wrong I really like the movie and would see it again but I not blinded to it's flaws just because it's starwars movie. Also I guess I may like it more with repeated viewing. As for the The Last Jedi, visually it look great but the story-line is not great at all but it has good parts to be found in it although Finn's adventure could have been skipped over, also didn't care for how Luke turned out or Rey's parents seemly being random scumbags although that could still be a trick. anyway as it stands so far The Last Jedi is in last place with it being my least liked starwars movie with it being a lot worse then the The Force Awakens in parts and not even anywhere close to being as good as the prequels or Rogue One or the original trilogy.

    Also I loved Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    Jenny/Jamie (Favorite)










    17 Again:


    Mike=17Mark/Maggie (Mike would just stay 17, not sure if Maggie would find out about who he use to be unless she into that kinda thing.)



    notes for 17 Again:

    The only big thing I hate in this movie was Mike moronic

    Sex is only for people in love that are preferably married and only if it's to make a baby & not for pleasure, pro-abstinence speech.

    Also it kinda makes Mike/Mark sound like a massive hypocrite as abstinence obviously didn't work out for Mike & Scarlett, Now just imagine if mike wasn't for pro-abstinence and when Mike & Scarlett had sex they had safe sex instead, guess what happens, well for one mike keeps his chance at a basketball scholarship and college & can still marry his not pregnant girlfriend at the age of 17 if he likes.

    Also one more thing, Why is it that in 1989 Mike high school girlfriend decides to tell him she’s pregnant right before he walks onto the court to play the biggest game of his life for a possible scholarship & more? I mean I know it's important to let him know she pregnant & for some odd reason she worrying he would leave her after finding out but really would it have killed her to wait tell after the game was over to tell him about her being pregnant? I think not.

    As for ideas maybe something like X-men cross-over where turn out the Janitor had nothing to do with it and Mike has a mutant power to control his age & the age of other people or maybe some power over time instead.

    The Matrix &The Matrix Reloaded &The Matrix Revolutions & The Animatrix & The Matrix Online: (I'll add more pairings later)





    Event Horizon:

    D.J./Lt. Starck

    Lt. Starck/Captain Miller

    Lt. Starck/Cooper

    Claire/Dr. William Weir

    Dr. William Weir/Claire[ship or ghost]

    Dr. William Weir/Lt. Starck

    Justin/Peters[Med Tech]

    Lt. Starck/Peters[Med Tech]

    Lt. Starck/Claire[ship or ghost]

    D.J./Peters[Med Tech]

    D.J./Claire[ship or ghost]

    Notes for Event Horizon:

    Well for the most part I would like to see a lot more stories for this movie & Crossovers too, possible with mass effect.

    Cheaper by the Dozen:

    Sarah/Jake (favorite)






    Athena/Frank Walker old or young

    Athena/Casey N

    Athena/Casey N/Frank Walker old or young

    Notes for Tomorrow-land

    not much for notes other then hoping for more stories and crossover stories.



    Notes: for Limitless

    I hope to see a lot of crossovers.

    Ginger Snaps - Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed - Ginger Snaps Back:

    Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ginger Fitzgerald

    Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ghost

    Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ghost/Tyler

    Brigitte Fitzgerald/Sam McDonald

    Brigitte Fitzgerald/Ginger Fitzgerald/Sam McDonald

    Notes: for Ginger snaps

    Can't think of much other then some yuri Romance & full/more control over transformation.

    Terminator: 1-The Terminator 2-Judgment Day 3-Rise of the Machines 4-Salvation Terminator Genisys & Sarah Connor Chronicles:

    Cameron/John C. (favorite)

    John C./Allison


    John C./Allison/Cameron




    John C./Kate/Cameron

    John C./Kate/Cameron/Allison










    John C./Sky-Net



    T-X/John C.

    John C./Riley (I really dislike this pairing.)

    Notes for Terminator:

    Not much for notes other then liking Cameron in cross-over stories and I hope the new Terminator movies inspire more Cameron/John C. fanfiction possible with John getting a upgraded.

    Also here a small list on the order I think the Terminator movies are best to the worst so far compared to each other although I like them all.

    1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day 2
    2. Terminator
    3. Terminator Genisys
    4. Terminator Salvation
    5. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

    Cruel Intentions:

    Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont (Favorite!)

    Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Merteuil

    Cecile Caldwell/Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont

    Marci Greenbaum/Sebastian Valmont

    Tiffany Merteui/Edward Valmont (no reason)

    Cassidy Merteuil/Kathryn Merteuil

    Notes: for Cruel Intentions:

    I don't really have any big ideas for it right now other then Sebastian possible faking his death or getting Kathryn to fall for him or maybe coming back as a ghost, Like as in the kinda ghosts in Beetlejuice (1988) possible haunting Kathryn & romancing her after he gets her to blieve she not going crazy seeing her dead step brother I guess.

    Crimson Peak:

    Lady Lucille Sharpe/Sir Thomas Sharpe

    Lady Lucille Sharpe/Sir Thomas Sharpe/Edith Cushing



    Sylar/Claire (favorite of all time)














    Tracy/Jessica/Niki (not sure how they would get together?)





    Sylar/Elle (sometimes)







    Notes for Heros:

    I found it a bit odd that Claire never tried to use her blood to bring back Nathan when she found out he was really dead, I mean I don't think there a time limit for her blood working although I guess Claire hasn't knowing used her blood to heal others before and possible doesn't know she can but Peter knows Adams blood does so he could have told Claire.


    Walter Bishop/Astrid Farnsworth

    Astrid Farnsworth/ALT Astrid Farnsworth

    Walter Bishop/Elizabeth Bishop

    Walter Bishop/Olivia Dunham

    Olivia Dunham/ALT Olivia Dunham

    Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop

    ALT Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop

    Rachel Dunham/Olivia Dunham

    Walter Bishop/Rachel Dunham/Olivia Dunham

    Nina Sharp/William Bell

    John Scott/Olivia Dunham

    Lincoln Lee/ALT Olivia Dunham

    ALT Lincoln Lee/ALT Olivia Dunham

    (2036)Henrietta Bishop/Olivia Dunham

    ALT Charlie Francis/ALT Olivia Dunham

    Walter Bishop (Walternate)/ALT Elizabeth Bishop

    Lincoln Lee/ALT Olivia Dunham/ALT Lincoln Lee

    ALT Lincoln Lee/ALT Charlie Francis/ALT Olivia Dunham

    Walter Bishop/(2036)Henrietta Bishop

    House, M.D.:



    House/Cuddy (sometimes)



    House/Martha M. Masters

    House/Jessica Adams

    Thirteen/Jessica Adams

    House/Chi Park (maybe)

    House/Thirteen/Jessica Adams/Chi Park

    Notes: for House M.D.

    I'm kinda hoping that someone makes a House M.D. / Tron Crossover because of Thirteen & Quorra.

    Lost Girl: (I may add more pairings later)

    Bo/Ryan (favorite although for reasons unknown his name is not in the characters filter?)



    Bo/Kenzi (other favorite)

    Lauren/Bo (it's alright sometimes)




    Dyson/Bo (not a fan of this pairing, don't like Dyson looks & I find him a bit boring)




    Notes for losr girl:

    not really any notes right now, although Team-Loki i guess.

    House of Lies: (there are other pairings i could add later maybe)


    Liv and Maddie:

    Liv/Maddie (Twincest is always good.)

    Once upon a time & Once upon a time in in wonderland:

    (I have not had time to see the show so I'll add pairings later.)


    Olivia "Liv" Moore/Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti

    Olivia "Liv" Moore/Major Lilywhite

    Olivia "Liv" Moore/Peyton Charles

    Olivia "Liv" Moore/Evan Moore

    Peyton Charles/Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti

    Peyton Charles/Blaine


    Carly/Sam/Freddie (fav)





    Melanie/ Sam (just because there twins.)






    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Angel & Comics:

    Buffy/Spike (favorite)













    Cordelia/Angel (sometimes)

    Cordelia/Conner (rarely, but only because i find it amusing.)






    Buffy/Angel (sometimes)



    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Fred

    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Illyria

    Lilah/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce





    Willow/Kennedy (sometimes I guess)



    Angel or Angelus/Darla/Spike/Drusilla

    Angel or Angelus/Darla/Spike/Drusilla/Buffy

    Faith/Richard Wilkins III



    Xander/Buffy (sometimes)

    Xander/Willow/Buffy (sometimes)




    Buffy/Riley (I just don't like this pairing at all mostly because I just don't like Riley as he is initially heavily prejudiced and is kinda two faced and him being very jealous and insecure and other parts of his behavior just make me not like him to the point that I wish Spike or someone would have killed him or just maybe beat him up and it doesn't help that he has a inferiority complex. he also seems kinda out of place like he doesn't belong with the rest of the characters in the show. I mean the only one I like less then Riley with Buffy is Parker and Parker was more of a plot device although Riley really only their to be a rebound guy that I think stay around way to long for my liking. Also Riley just does not have the same level of devotion to Buffy that Angel and Spike have for her and he seems like a bit of a hick in a bad way sometimes.)



    Cordelia/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce




    potential slayers/potential slayers (Sleep-over orgy I guess)

    Notes for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Angel & Comics

    No big ideas for now other then I like the idea of Buffy being a slaypire with a soul as a long term solution for her ending up with Spike or Angel before aging becomes a problem.

    Also I kinda want see a story were someone just kills the "The Immortal" in revenge or let Angelus and Spike get their hands on him.

    Also I kinda wounder what would happen if Dawn Spell had worked flawlessly in Episode 17: Forever.

    Also I kinda wounder what would happen if Holtz was killed sooner.

    Also I like the idea of Illyria god king of the primordium VS Glorificus hell god although I think Illyria would obviously win.

    True blood:

    Eric/Nora (favorite)

    Eric/Sookie (other favorite)


    Sookie/Bill (I only somewhat like this one.)


    Sophie Ann/Sookie


    Eric/Sophie Ann

    Godric/Sophie Ann





    Jason/Sookie (maybe)



    Sophie Ann/Pam

    Sophie Ann/Sam






    Notes: for ture blood

    I wonder if Sam could change into a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

    The wooden bullets with a silver core thing is really odd to me, I mean think about the speed that most Vampires can move with the older Vampires being faster. It dosen't seem like it would be all that hard to get out of the way of some bullets or even run up and take the gun out of the shooters hand. They could also possbile glamour the some shooters.

    I kinda hope to see some stories where Eric saves Nora, also I kinda wounder what would happen if Eric got Lilith blood instead of bill or maybe he drank half of it or something but still got all the new powers.

    Also I kinda want see some true blood time-travel stories.

    Warehouse 13:


    Claudia/Artie (favorite)

    Myka/Helena G. W.

    Helena G. W./Claudia

    Helena G. W./Pete


    Helena G. W./Artie




    Crossovers pairngs


    Notes: for Warehouse 13

    I wonder what would have happen if Helena G. W. found out that corporeal time travel was indeed possible. ( as we know it's possible in the show thanks to the 2 crossover episodes of Eureka/Warehouse 13)


    Jack/jo (my favorite, also it seems that it's now somewhat cannon, even if it takes place in a V-reality thanks to season 5 ep.1 & somewhat possbile out of V-reality)




    Zane/Jo (I really like this one although there seems to be way to many of story with this paring )



    Jack/Allison (I use to sometimes like it but I now dislike it in the later seasons but I'll still read maybe.)





    Nathan/Allison (i kinda like it)

    Jack/Tess (liked it better then Allison)




    Henry/Kim (I really liked this one.)




    Jo/Taggar (I like this one because they don't let a arbitrary age difference stop them.)


    Luca/Zoe (I never liked Lucas with Zoe)

    Henry/Grace (I just don't like this paring mostly because I liked Kim a lot better)

    Crossovers pairngs


    Notes for Eureka:

    Well the show over now it seems.

    Gilmore Girls:







    Jess/Rory (sometimes)

    Lindsay/Dean ( I never liked Lindsay with Dean & wouldn't like her even if she wasn't with Dean.)

    Crossovers pairngs


    Dexter-show & books:

    Dexter/Debra (It seems Debra is in love with Dexter in the show.)

    Masuka/Nikki Walters




    Notes for Dexater:

    I'm kind want see AU endings.

    So Little Time:

    Riley/Chloe (sadly there only 1 story where they get together so far. It would be great if someone could make a lot more Riley/Chloe romance stories.)

    Two of a kind:

    Mary-Kate Burke/Ashley Burke

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

    Sabrina/Katrina (I would love to see some stories where they fall for each other.)


    Gotham: (I'll add more later.)


    Smallville: (there a few pairings I dislike in this one.)

    Clark/Chloe ( Favorite )











    Oliver/Anyone ( There is just something about Oilver that makes me really dislike him around anyone.)

    Jimmy/Chloe ( I never liked this paring at all! )

    Davis/Chloe ( I don't like this Pairing but not as much as dislike Jimmy/Chloe.)

    Notes: for Smallvile

    I'm really big fan of the Lexmas alternate future where Lex/Lana & Clark/Chloe get together!

    Also I despise the writers of Smallville for making the show progressively unwatchable in that last few seasons, mostly because what they did with Clark/Chloe but there are other reasons the show got progressively bad too.

    The Flash: (I'll add more pairings later.)

    Barry Allen/Iris West (Favorite)

    Barry Allen/Dr. Caitlin Snow-Killer Frost

    Savita/Barry Allen/Iris West

    Savita/Iris West

    Barry Allen/Felicity Smoak

    Barry Allen/Thea Queen

    Barry Allen/Patty Spivot (I like it well enough but like I guessed she didn't stay around kinda like her comic counterpart.)

    Jay Garrick/Dr. Caitlin Snow-Killer Frost

    Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (somehow?)

    Wally Wes/Jesse Quick

    Notes for the flash:

    I don't really care one way or the other that they change Iris West and Wally West race as it was need for Joe's character or that they made them brother and sister instead of nephew and aunt as it would need a side story to work in Rudolph West and some age changing. Not sure if Iris and Wally are in character beside the race and family tree changes as I haven't read about their comic book counterparts enough to make a comparison. although I can see why the changes would annoy fans that are more invested in the characters as even small changes can be annoying let alone bigger ones like changing race and family-tree.

    Also nice to see Dawn Allen at the wedding but no sign of her twin Don Allen although the ponytail makes me think she could be XS.

    Well I like Season 4 so far. although I call bullshit on ep9 as Berry had more then enough time,speed and CSI skills to hide the body a clean p all evidence and have time to make a coffee run. also hope Killer Frost isn't gone for good.

    The Arrow: (I'll add more pairings later.)

    Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen (Favorite so far, also liked the random marriage just hope it will last

    Oliver Queen/Thea Queen (2nd Favorite incest)

    Oliver Queen/Sara Lance

    Oliver Queen/Laurel Lance (Although Laurel can be sometimes foolish and kinda annoying in season 2 & 3 but she is better in 4.)

    Laurel Lance/Sara Lance

    Oliver Queen/Shado

    Thea Queen/Malcolm Merlyn (incest)

    John Diggle/Lyl

    Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak/Thea Queen

    Oliver Queen/Sin/Sara Lance

    Sin/Sara Lance

    Sin/Thea Queen

    Sin/Roy Harper

    Thea Queen/Roy Harper

    Sin/Thea Queen/Roy Harper

    Sin/Laurel Lance/Sara Lance

    Oliver Queen/Laurel Lance/Sara Lance

    Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance

    Felicity Smoak/Ray Palmer

    Isabel Rochev/someone

    Isabel Rochev/Oliver Queen

    John Diggle/Carly

    McKenna Hall/Oliver Queen

    Tatsu Yamashiro/Maseo Yamashiro - Sarab

    Kendra Saunders/Cisco Ramon

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-OverGirl/Führer Oliver Queen

    Notes for Arrow:

    Well I wonder how long Laurel will stay dead, although I like her better as Black siren.

    I would love to see some dark horror/romance stories with Kara Zor-El-OverGirl/Führer Oliver Queen romance with Earth-X conquering the multiverse and maybe some Reverse-Flash romance with some Nazi doppelganger and maybe Kal-El-OverMan/someone.

    Also it was a little strange that they still had death-camps around on Earth-X given that the Nazis had been in power for around 67 years so you would think all those poor innocent people would be long dead by then or that they would run out of people to kill in camps that fit the criteria, also odd that the camp was seemly out in the open given that it would likely be kept secret form the Nazi public at large.

    Also it would have been darkly amusing if Kara Zor-El-OverGirl really went supernova with the resulting shock wave and heat boiling away the side of the Earth facing Kara Zor-El-OverGirl and possible effecting the orbit.

    Also OverGirl death by excessive solar energy absorption seem like CW bullshit as it would have supercharged all her abilities greatly magnifying her ability to heal and even if she was somehow dying form solar healing energy she should at least have been so supercharged by it till she died so that Supergirl would seem super weak by comparison.

    Well I like Season 6, don't really care about Oliver's son like at all and he seems a little stupid so far.

    Legends of Tomorrow: (I'll add more pairings later)

    Kendra Saunders/Sara Lance

    Kendra Saunders/Ray Palmer

    Sara Lance/Ray Palmer

    Laurel Lance/Sara Lanc

    Damien Darhk/Nora Darhk

    Zari Tomaz/Mick Rory-Heat Wave

    Nate Heywood-Steel/Sara Lance

    Alex Danvers/Sara Lance

    Nate Heywood-Steel/Amaya Jiwe-Vixen

    Sara Lance/Amaya Jiwe-Vixen

    Amaya Jiwe-Vixen/Mick Rory-Heat Wave

    Mick Rory-Heat Wave/Sara Lance

    Mick Rory-Heat Wave/Amaya Jiwe-Vixen

    Jefferson Jackson-Firestorm/someone?

    Vandal Savage/Kendra Saunders-Chay-Ara (Before she remembers him or her older self

    Notes for L O T:

    I've notice that they do that thing were they make male characters look bad to make female characters look better by comparison instead of just making the female characters equal to the male characters. Also their a pattern of male historical characters being made to look bad or fabrications to make male historical characters only good because of female characters.

    Well I like Season 3 so far. although citizen cold is coming off as annoying.

    Supergirl: (Well I choose to watch this after all because of the ties in with the other shows)

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Alex Danvers (because fake-incest is kinky.)

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Mon-El-Mike-Matthews (Also bounces points for hedonism)

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Winslow Winn Schot

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/James Olsen (I guess)

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Winslow Winn Schot/James Olsen

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Barry Allen-The Flash

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Cat Grant

    Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Kal-El-Clark Kent-Superman (because real-incest is kinky too.)

    Leslie Willis-Livewire/Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl

    James Olsen/Lucy Lane

    Maxwell Lord/Alex Danvers

    siobhan-silver banshee/Winslow Winn Schot

    Alex Danvers/Kara Zor-El-Kara-Danvers-Supergirl

    Kara Zor-El-kara-Danvers-Supergirl/Kara Zor-El-OverGirl

    Kara Zor-El-OverGirl/Alex Danvers

    Notes for Super girl:

    Well I like the show so far but their are parts that seem like sexism against males in the show in the first season but it happens very infrequent and they sometimes do that thing were they dumb down male characters to make female characters look better by comparison instead of just making the female characters equal to the male characters. Their also some cringe worthy on the nose feminist propaganda mixed in with some of it being the good kind and some of it being different levels of the bad kind in the show but again it's infrequent. Anyway I think i can ignore all that and still enjoy the show as it thankfully happens very infrequently.

    Also I guess their the thing about James(Jimmy) being nothing like his comic book counterpart as he is too tall and his personalty isn't the same or his race, I mean if they just changed his race that would be alright but he is basically Jimmy in name only and not really in name as he goes by James, Although with all that being said I actually like this OCC version of Jimmy so far but I still think it would be much better if they added new characters for diversity instead of mutilating old characters for it. Also it kinda seems like they are targeting redheads for "diversity" witch is strange because real redheads are really rare like 1–2% of the whole human population kind of rare. Also not really a fan of the Guardian thing.

    Also not a fan of this weaker version Kal-El-Clark Kent-Superman as he should of been much stronger then Kara because of his yellow sun radiation exposure during his early development years and the following decades of yellow sun radiation after that should have given him a edge over Kara in power and that is without factoring his advantage in male muscle mass although admittedly this version of Clark Kent doesn't really have that big of a difference in muscle mass over Kara.

    Also it seems instead of blue sun radiation giving Superman Vision and making Kryptonians and Daxamites incredibly powerful, even more so than they would under Yellow sun radiation in this show the showrunners decided that blue sun radiation depower Kryptonians and is very lethal to only males (WTF) ,This along with Overgirl dying by excessive Yellow solar energy absorption that would have supercharged all her abilities greatly magnifying her ability to heal and even if she was somehow dying form solar healing energy she should at least have been supercharged by it till she died and Superman doesn't seem to have a advantage over Supergirl in power in form spending more a time under a Yellow sun so it seems only Red sun radiation still has the right effect. So in other words solar radiation effects on Kryptonians in this show is FUBAR.

    Also I really love Cat Grant character in this show and it's very disappointing that their will be a lot less of her on the show as she hasn't been around this season.

    Well Season 3 is only just alright so far because whoever is doing the writing has ham-handed thinly veiled onesided political nonsense into the story line. Also great singing in the Earth-X crossover. Also I guess Superman to busy to help while Kara in her coma.

    Black Lighting: (seems alright so far)

    Jennifer Pierce-Lightning/Jefferson Pierce-Black Lightning (Inecst)

    Anissa Pierce-Thunder/Jefferson Pierce-Black Lightning (Inecst)

    Jennifer Pierce-Lightning/Anissa Pierce-Thunder (Inecst)

    Jefferson Pierce-Black Lightning/Jennifer Pierce-Lightning/Anissa Pierce-Thunder (and even more Inecst)

    Notes for Black lighting:

    Also Anissa Pierce-Thunder face mask/goggles something about them looks off , as in nor good, I think it's the V in the middle covering to much eye socket area?

    Supernatural: (Still love this show)

    The Darkness-Amara/God-Chuck Shurley

    God-Chuck Shurley/Becky Rosen

    The Darkness-Amara/Dean


    Lucifer/Anael (I like it but I don't think it well last.)

    Dean/Daphne (ScoobyNarural)

    Sam/Velma ScoobyNarural)

    Maggie Stark/Don Stark



    Sam/Amy (it's kinda sucks that Dean killed her for something she only might do. I wounder how pissed off Sam will be if he finds out?)
































    Sam/Dean/any-female (I fine with Sam/Dean incest as long as there sharing a girl.)








    Crossovers pairngs

    Sam/Rory Gilmore


    Notes: for Supernatural

    can't really think of much right now maybe some Vampires stuff or Crossovers or a Heros Crossover with a unstoppable Sylar taking abiltes of Supernaturals and over powering anything that trys to stop him or somthing or Gilmore girls for Sam/Rory Gilmore.

    I noticed they really like killing off side characters in this show even bring back characters only to kill them later after doing some stuff rather then leaving them alive off screen no loose ends I guess.

    Well I like season 13 so far.

    Brady Bunch:


    brady orgy

    7th Heaven: (not a really a fan most of what I know of the show is off wiki)
















    Simon/Carol & Sue Murphy

    Notes: for 7th Heaven

    I really want see some stories where All/Some of the camdens become atheists and how it would affecet the show storyline for the better.

    Maybe a Addams Family cross-over.

    Dog with a Blog:


    Home Improvement: (well their are more pairings but these ones stand out to me.)





    Al/Dr. Ilene Markham





    Star-Gate: SG1-Atlantis-Universe: ( I'm sure I'll forgot some with so many pairings. )

    Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter (favorite, Also I'm assuming that after the events of "Threads" they got together & have been together ever since.)

    Daniel Jackson/Sha're

    Daniel Jackson/Ke'ra

    Daniel Jackson/Sarah Gardner (favorite)

    Daniel Jackson/Samantha Carter

    Daniel Jackson/Leda Kane

    Daniel Jackson/Hathor

    Daniel Jackson/Reese

    Daniel Jackson/Daria Voronkova

    Jonas Quinn/Kianna Cyr (favorite)

    Jonas Quinn/Ayiana

    Teal'c/Ishta (favorite)


    Teal'c/Krista James

    Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson/Teal'c

    Replicator Carter/Samantha Carter

    Samantha Carter/Samantha Carter Ph.D civilian (SG1: "Point of View")

    Samantha Carter/Samantha Carter(SG1: "Ripple Effect")/Samantha Carter(SG1: "Ripple Effect")/Samantha Carter(SG1: "Ripple Effect")/Samantha Carter(SG1: "Ripple Effect")/Samantha Carter(SG1: "Ripple Effect")

    Cameron Mitchel/Vala Mal Doran

    Jace/Vala Mal Doran

    Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson

    Daniel Jackson/Jennifer Keller

    Daniel Jackson/Adria

    Cameron Mitchel/Adria

    Adri/Vala Mal Doran

    Daniel Jackson/Adria/Vala Mal Doran

    Vala Mal Doran/Samantha Carter

    Jennifer Keller/Samantha Carter

    Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller

    Ronon Dex/Amelia Banks

    Jennifer Keller/Rodney McKay (favorite)

    Rodney McKay/Samantha Carter

    John Sheppard/Larrin

    John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan (sometimes)

    John Sheppard/Teer

    John Sheppard/Chaya Sar=Athar

    Teyla Emmagan/Jennifer Keller

    Teyla Emmagan/Sora Tyrus

    Larrin/John Sheppard

    Laura Cadman/Carson Beckett

    John Sheppard/Jennifer Keller

    Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard

    Chaya Sar/John Sheppard

    Elizabeth Weir/Jennifer Keller

    Carson Beckett/Elizabeth Weir

    Laura Cadma/Rodney McKay/Katie Brown

    Nicholas Rush/Amanda Perry (favorite)

    Nicholas Rush/Chloe Armstrong (favorite)

    Ginn/Eli Wallace

    Chloe Armstrong/Eli Wallace

    Camile Wray/Eli Wallace

    Alan Armstrong/Chloe Armstrong

    Camile Wray/Chloe Armstrong

    Nicholas Rush/Camile Wray

    Nicholas Rush/Jennifer Keller

    Lisa Park/Nicholas Rush

    Lisa Park/Eli Wallace

    Rodney McKay/Vanessa James

    Vanessa James/Nicholas Rush

    Vanessa James/Tamara Johansen

    Varro/Tamara Johansen (mostly because I dislike Everett Young)

    Vanessa James/Ronald Greer

    Ronald Greer/Lisa Park

    Ronald Greer/Tamara Johansen

    StarGate notes:

    I kinda wounder what would happen if Rush achieved Ascension but didn't tell anyone?

    Well I was thinking about the characters in SG-1,Atlantis & Universe and one thing that stands out to me is that I loved all the characters in SG-1 & Atlantis even the bad guys but in Universe there is more then few characters I just don't like.

    I guess Everett Young is the character I dislike the most because he seems to be incompetent and has trouble listing to reason and he is kinda a asshole to other people.

    I guessing Matthew Scott was supposed to be in the Jack O'Neill or John Sheppard role for SGU but he just doesn't measure up not by a long shot, he seems to be far too naive & inexperience & at times incompetent. Matthew also kinda boring and seems to have his head up Everett Young or his own ass sometimes and I didn't like how he kinda used Vanessa James and then just left her to go after Chloe Armstrong without even ending whatever he had with Vanessa first and give enough time i wouldn't be surprised if he did what to Vanessa to Chloe if he had some one-else to go after.

    I guess dislike Ronald Greer because he seems a bit psychotic, sometimes incompetent, he seems to have serious anger issues and he can be a even be bigger asshole to other people then Everett Young can be and more often too.

    Although i like Eli Wallace for the most part he can sometimes can be incompetent because he doesn't have all the information or makes bad assumptions and can be a bit arrogant. Eli is a good example that just because your smart doesn't mean you can't act stupid.

    Doctor Who & Torchwood & UNIT: (I'm sure to be missing pairings I like on this one)

    Doctor-10/Rose Tyler

    Doctor-11/Clara Oswin Oswald (any of the 3 i guess)

    Doctor-10/Clara Oswin Oswald

    Doctor-12/Clara Oswin Oswald



    Clara Oswin Oswald/Ashildr

    Clone-Doctor-10/Rose Tyler

    Amelia Pond/Clara Oswin Oswald

    Doctor-9/Bad Wolf entity

    Doctor-10/Martha Jones

    Doctor-11/Amelia pond

    Doctor-10/Amelia pond

    Doctor-10/Donna Noble

    Amelia Pond/Amelia Pond (S06E14 Red Nose Day Special 2011 Space and Time)

    Amelia Pond/Rory Williams

    Doctor-11/Amelia Pond/Rory Williams

    Captain Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler

    Captain Jack Harkness/Martha Jones

    Captain Jack Harkness/Gwen Elizabeth Cooper

    Captain Jack Harkness/Doctor-10

    Captain Jack Harkness/Malmooth

    Captain Jack Harkness/Sarah Jane Smith

    Captain Jack Harkness/Jenny

    Captain Jack Harkness/Anyone

    Melody Pond=River Song/Doctor-10 & 11

    River Song/Doctor-11/Amelia pond

    Doctor-10 & 11/Jenny

    The Master/Lucy Saxon

    Notes: for Doctor who

    not really much to say other then Doctor Who can Crossover with anything & everything it seems.

    If you wanted to know 10 is my favorite Doctor so far although Amelia,Rory,Jack,Martha,Rose,Clara and Donna are my favorite Companions.

    Also I look forward to 13 although i worry that instead of being a male in a female body witch could be really interesting they will instead turn him into a anti-male feminist.

    That '70s Show:

    Eric F./Jackie B. (Favorite)

    Eric F./Donna P

    Steven H./Jackie B. (without the weird beard)

    Steven H./Donna P

    Michael Kelso/Jackie B.

    Jackie B./Donna P

    Laurie F./Eric F.

    Fez/Donna P

    Fez/Jackie B.

    Eric F./Jackie B./Donna P

    Eric F./Jackie B./Michael Kelso/Steven H./Fez/Donna P./Laurie F. (orgy)

    Steven H./Angie Barnett (Some incest)

    Notes for That '70s Show:

    Maybe something to do with time travel or crossovers?


    Morgana Pendragon/Morgause

    Morgana Pendragon/Arthur Pendragon

    Arthur Pendragon/Guinevere Pendragon

    Merlin/Morgana Pendragon

    Lancelo/Guinevere Pendragon






    Mithian/Arthur Pendragon

    Helio/Morgana Pendragon

    Morgana Pendragon/Cornelius Sigan (in Merlin body)

    Notes for Merlin:

    One thing I really like is storeis were Morgana wins although she could be a better rule if she regained some of her old self.

    Also I think the most evil person/tyrannical-monster in the show is Uther Pendragon as It was likely his own fault that his wife died then after that he enacted genocide against innocent people for his mistake, including children. Uther also cretated a lot of the villains by given them good reason to to harm Uther or Camelot and for the most part they all deserved to have their revange. Sure there are some villains that don't have anything to do with Uther but for the most part Uther is the root of all evil in the show. I know he is trying to do the right thing in his mind but that doesn't make him good just delusional and twisted.

    Girl Meets World & Boy Meets World:

    Riley Matthews/Maya Hart

    Isadora Smackle/Riley Matthews/Maya Hart

    Lucas Friar/Riley Matthews

    Lucas Friar/Maya Hart

    Lucas Friar/Riley Matthews/Maya Hart

    Rachel McGuire/Jack Hunter

    Rachel McGuire/Eric Matthews

    Jack Hunter/Rachel McGuire/Eric Matthews

    Eric Matthews/Topanga Lawrence

    Eric Matthews/Topanga Lawrence/Cory Matthews

    Shawn Patrick Hunter/Topanga Lawrence/Cory Matthews

    Topanga Lawrence/Cory Matthews

    Angela Moore/Shawn Patrick Hunter


    (I have not really seen a lot of the show yet just read about on the wiki)

    Fiona/Declan (Love me some Twincest)

    Notes : for Degrassi:

    not much for notes but i would love a Fiona/Declan romance with dark humor were the go Cruel Intentions on the rest of the cast.

    Stranger Things: (I guess I will add more later.)

    Nancy Wheeler/Steve Harrington (I just like better I guess.)

    Joyce Byers/Jim Hopper

    Mike Wheeler/Nancy Wheeler

    Mike Wheeler/Eleven-EL

    Jonathan Byers/Joyce Byers

    Jonathan Byers/Nancy Wheeler/Steve Harrington

    Notes : for Stranger Things:

    Not much for notes although Winona Ryder was the reason for me seeing the show in the begaining.

    The Gifted: (no category yet)

    Lauren Strucker/Andy Strucker (incest)


    River/Simon (fav)








    Jayne/? ( well I like Jayne with someone just not sure who. )

    Notes : for FireFly

    Well not much for notes other then I like crossovers for firefly.


    Final fantasy 10 & 10-2:

    Tidus/Rikku (I really like this pairing and how it's cannon depending on the number of Affection Points Rikku has accumulated with Tidus in FF-X, to bad it didn't do any thing to the end pairing of the game.)


    Yuna/Brother (it's a bit cannon as Brother does tell the barkeep that he is in love with her but no information on if Yuna feels anything back for him.)






    Paine/Auron (possible.)

    Paine/Gippal (I guess if Paine had to pick out of the 3 Nooj, Gippal , and Baralai)

    Rikku/Gippal (I just do not like this pairing, I get that it's somewhat weakly implied in game but thankfully Rikku denies it out right and Gippal just seemly doing it as a joke to mess with her. Although their is the part where Rikku is talking with Paine and say she has some one that makes her hart beat faster too but again thankfully it left so ambiguous that Rikku could be talking about anyone with the possibilities that come to mind being Tidus or Paine or even Yuna seeing how her brother Brother is in love with it may be possible that Rikku isn't hung up on them being related. Also don't get me wrong I like Gippal I just like him being just friends with Rikku.)

    Notes :for FF10 FF10-2

    For my head cannon I see the best ending pairings being Tidus/Rikku & Yuna/Brother & Lulu/Wakka & maybe Gippal/Paine.

    Also I find the Dream-Zanarkand fascinating, also seeing how Sin can make Tidus become more then a dream/real I wounder if that would work for the whole city and all the Dream people in it. Like as a story idea have Jecht as Sin "accidentally" use Sin power to make the Dream-Zanarkand that is being summoned out on the ocean near Baaj real, then have Rikku and the other al-bhed be on their ship be near by when Dream-Zanarkand is made real maybe even have them dock on the same dock as Tidus's boat-house with Auron near by to tell them where they are or whatever. Maybe even have Sin be so weakened by making the City and all it's people real that later when Operation Mi'ihen happens it's far more suspenseful maester of yevon want it to be with Sin being crippled by the attack and driving people away form yevon. Or as another simpler idea just have all of Dream-Zanarkand and it's people rise up out of the ocean near coast of Besaid Island with Tidus at the end of FFX-2 making a Zanarkand Faction to go with the others, Youth League, New Yevon, and Machine Faction of Spira.

    For another idea maybe Just have Tidus & the real Zanarkand Abes mysteriously show at the start of blitzball season during FFX-2 on the docks in Tidus's boat-house with Dream-Zanarkand mysteriously replacing what was left of Zanarkand.

    Final Fantasy 7 & Crisis Core & Before Crisis & Dirge of Cerberus & Advent Children:


















    Vincent/Lucreci/Hojo (sharing)


    Elena/Gun(player named older sister to Elena)







    Rufus/anyone female

    Sephiroth/anyone female




    Notes for Final Fantasy 7:

    not much to say other then I'm looking forward to the PS4 remake and replay FF7 on the PC.

    Final Fantasy 8:














    Zell/Library Girl




    Notes for FF8:

    As for time travel in FF8 I going with a dynamic time-line with different forms of time-travel with in it so the past can be changed but with multiverse time travel possible happening as while as in universe time travel.

    Like at the end of the game having Ultimecia and Squall form universe-1 end up in universe-2 with U1-Ultimecia giving U2-Edea her powers and deing in frount of her with Squall going back to universe-1, then later when U2-Ultimecia took over U2-Edea she would find out about the death of U1-Ultimecia but mistake for her own future death thus setting in motion the events of FF8 that could lead to her death and U2-Ultimecia giving U3-Edea her powers and deing or time compression.

    Also thinking of the multiverse I wounder if Hyne could be a male version of Ultimecia that was able to time compression in his own universe before moving to the universe FF8 takes place in?

    As for THE RINOA = ULTIMECIA THEORY , I'll read stories with it but I don't think that's the what happened.

    As for Sorceresses and possible immortality it hasn't been stated one way or the other but I beliave that the part about them not being able to die till the pass on their power to the next Sorceress means that they don't die form old age possbile with their power stopping their ageing at a center age to keep them alive till they pass their powers on or are fatally wounded. So Sorceress are immortal but being fatally wounded will force thier bodies to relinquishes their powers and immortality to a successor, although I wounder if their was no successor near by what would happen to a fatally wounded Sorceress that was healed with Cure magic or items by someone else like by her Kinght would that keep her from having to relinquishes her powers with the reason she doesn't heal herself being she unable to do so with magic because it's trying to move to a successor but I guess she could heal with iteams herself? Also that part sorceress avoiding spreading their power too thin makes me think they can relinquishes to muiltple successos but avoid doing so. As for thoses sorceress killed in time compression I assume Ultimecia asbsorbed their powers so they die or were absorb in time. Also I wounder if a Sorceress has female children are they automatly Sorceress by brith or just successors?

    As for Time Compression I guess if Ultimecia did pull off Time Compression she would have absorbed all the other Sorceress powers before and after her time in doing so and the other half of Hyne hiding in her universe become a all powerful goddess and ending up in the void between universes after she fished absorbing time and Space in her universe , then I guess she would make her own new universe to live in.

    Final Fantasy 9:




    Zidane/Eiko (with her age doubled at the minimum)




    Final Fantasy 12:






    Final Fantasy 13 & 13-2 13-LR:

    ( I'll add more parings to this later I guess)

    Snow/Serah (Favorite!)

    Serah/Lightning (but i don't like it when they make Snow out to be the bad guy.)











    Notes for FF13 1 & 2 & 3 :

    Well The Future is Hope

    is the ending I like the most so far for FF13-2. So it would be nice to see some stories that continue off of that ending for what happens next but I did like ff13-LR ending.

    Tomb Raider:

    Lara/Amanda (I really like this one)






    Lara/Werner Von Croy

    Devil May Cry Devil May Cry 2 Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

    Devil May Cry 4 Devil May Cry manga Devil May Cry: The Animated Series:

    (DmC not on the list because it's a abomination)














    Metal Gear Solid 1-2-3-4:

    (I sure I missed some pairings I like in this one)

    Solid Snake/Meryl Silverburgh

    Solid Snake/Mei Ling

    Solid Snake/Dr. Naomi Hunter

    Solid Snake/Nastasha Romanenko

    Frank Jaeger/Dr. Naomi Hunter

    Dr. Hal Emmerich Otacon/Dr. Naomi Hunter

    Dr. Hal Emmerich Otacon/Emma Emmerich

    Dr. Hal Emmerich Otacon/Sniper Wolf

    Dr. Hal Emmerich Otacon/Sunny

    Sniper Wolf/Meryl Silverburgh

    Roy Campbell/Meryl Silverburgh

    Roy Campbell/Rosemary

    Vamp/Dr. Naomi Hunter

    Jack(Raiden)/Olga Gurlukovich


    Jack(Raiden)/Emma Emmerich

    Vamp/Helena Dolph Jackson(Fortune)

    Olga Gurlukovich/Solid Snake

    Vamp/Emma Emmerich

    Emma Emmerich/Solid Snake

    Big Boss(Naked Snake)/EVA

    Big Boss(Naked Snake)/Para-Medic (Dr. Clark)

    Zero/Para-Medic (Dr. Clark)

    Donald Anderson (Sigint)/Para-Medic (Dr. Clark)

    Big Boss(Naked Snake)/The Boss(The joy)

    The Sorrow/The Boss(The joy)


    Ocelot/Dr. Naomi Hunter

    Ocelot/Olga Gurlukovich

    Psycho Mantis/Screaming Mantis

    Solid Snake/Laughing Octopus

    Solid Snake/Raging Raven

    Solid Snake/Crying Wolf

    Solid Snake/Screaming Mantis

    F . E . A . R . 1,2,3:

    Alma Wade/Point Man

    Point Man/Jin-Sun-Kwon

    Michael Becket/Alma Wade

    Michael Becket/Keira Stokes

    Genevieve Aristide/Norton Mapes

    Alice Wade/Point Man (assuming they don't know.)

    Alice Wade/Alma Wade

    Harlan Wade/Alice Wade

    Aldus Bishop/Alice Wade

    Notes for FEAR:

    Also given that theirs no FEAR4 yet I going to assume the third child is a reincarnation of Alma, thus letting Alma get a new living body with possible better control of her powers as I think it would be a better motive for Alma than just being horney and wanting a new baby to hold and look after. Also it seems Alma got her ravage and a lot of extra ravage -collateral damage- although she may still want to hunt down most of the Armacham Technology Corporation's Board of Directors and possible Senator David Hoyle and others that where involved but out side of Fairport at the time.

    Not many ideas for now but Armacham Technology Corporation's Project Paragon could be used in a crossover with FireFly as Project Paragon had kinda simlar goals as the The Academy although had some differnt methods to get to those goals. Maybe even have Point Man's slow-mo ability be something that River has a simler verson of, that could be why she is is virtually unstoppable at hand-to-hand combat if she had a simler ability. Maybe even use Alma as part of the reason that Earth-That-Was was abandoned with ATC making up some cover story.

    Last of Us:

    Ellie/Joel (romance)







    Notes for the Last of Us:

    Not much for notes other then me believing that the Elie in game is likely bisexual and me also believing that the part in the abandoned ranch house where Ellie and Joel tell each other that they don't view their relationship to each other as daughter father one is the truth about how they view their relationship to each other as far as father daughter goes because their real in game relationship is more of a mentor and apprentice relationship and comrades in arms relationship that over time turns into them viewing each other as very close friends and partners with a strong trust with each other by the end of the game with the potential to be more then that making Ellie and Joel relationship to each other by the end of the game kinda resemble Joel's relationship with Tess for the most part rather then his relationship with Sarah.

    Also I wonder what it would take to take back the planet form the infected, I mean they would need a working vaccine but the surgeon recording found in the Firefly hospital overall states that a unknown number people that where immune like Ellie had already had the same kind of surgery that Elie was going to resulting in their deaths with the Fireflies being no closer to finding a cure, in other words the Fireflies have killed a unknown number people that where immune like Ellie for nothing. Assuming that a working vaccine was found their still the problem of getting it out to the people that I'm guessing would take years and even when vaccine stoping others form being infected it still won't stop the infected form killing people outright but it would put a cap on the possible number of infected out their, also I guess the infected population of the world out numbers the uninfected population. I'm guessing even with vaccine stopping more infected form being made and a vaccinated army it would take decades to kill off the infected population of the world and even if they waited to let most of the infected turn into wall fungus form not feeding they would still have to clean out all the spore making wall fungus building by building for years. Also even with the infected being dealt with their still the problem of hunters and groups like them, the tyrannical (FE.D.R.A.) ,food shortages, rebuilding cites and lines of communication.

    Uncharted drake's fortune & Uncharted among thieves & Uncharted drake's deception:

    Nathan Drake/Elena Fisher (Favorite)

    Nathan Drake/Chloe Frazer

    Victor 'Sully' Sullivan/Chloe Frazer

    Life Is Strange 1,2,3,4,5 & Before the storm 1,2,3: (I'm happy I waited till all 5 came out before playing them.)

    Max Caulfield/Chloe Price (Favorite)

    Max Caulfield/Chloe Price/Warren Graha (2nd Favorite)

    Warren Graha/Brooke Scott

    Warren Graha/Stella Hill

    Rachel Amber/Frank Bowers (3rd Favorite)

    Nathan Prescott/Victoria Chase

    Samantha Myers/Nathan Prescott

    Rachel Amber/Steph Gingrich

    Steph Gingrich/Mikey North

    Victoria Chas/Courtney Wagner/Taylor Christensen

    Dana Ward/Trevor

    Dana Ward/Trevor/Justin Williams

    Joyce Price/William Price

    Joyce Price/David Madsen (Although Davis an asshole)

    Michelle Grant/Samuel Taylor (I just found it amusing that it's hinted at subtlety in game by some Michelle stuff being in Samuel work room.)

    Juliet Watson/Zachary Riggins

    Lynn Marsh/Kate Marsh (needed a inest pairing i guess.)

    Eliot Hampden/Chloe Price (but I rather they just be friends with benefits although he would have to be a bit OCC because of his obsessive love for Chloe, jealousy issues and Chloe seemly obliviousness that she was just using him perhaps unintentionally.)

    Notes for Life Is Strange:

    Also before I get to the other stuff I though I share something I do to make the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay 1000x times better, What I do is when max gets to the point where she gets to choose the ending I quickly hit the ESC key go to settings and turn the in game music volume down to zero, then I Alt-tab to my desktop and setup WMP to play the song (The Power Of Love) form the Back to the Future soundtrack then I hit play on WMP and quickly Alt-tab and hit the ESC key so it goes back to the cut-scene with the song just starting out as Max destroys the photo. I think it's makes the ending better then the default sad music. also I didn't like them having happier music in the kill Chloe Price ending. Also If you do it right the Lyrics line up with the cut-scene nicely with the song ending right as the cut-scene ends if you get the timing right by starting the song at the same time as Max destroys the photo.

    Well not many ideas yet other then giving Max's power to other people in crossovers.

    Also I think the "true" ending bullshit is nonsensical, I get it they finished the Sacrifice Chloe ending first but then run out of Time when working on the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending it's that simple.

    As for the ending on my 1st play though I did (Go Ape & Kiss Chloe & Kiss Warren) and went with the Sacrifice Chloe as I wanted to see that ending just once, Then on my 2nd play though I had Max not Go Ape with her kissing Chloe & no kissing with Warren and went with the Sacrifice Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending and used collector mod to see the other ending for the Kiss and after that rewatched the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending again.

    Anyway after seeing the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending I have to call bullshit on that being a E6 Tornado because the damage to the town by the beach that we see form Chloe's truck matches up with EF2 Tornado damage although I guess it could be a E6 Tornado if it stayed on the beach because it would have flattened the buildings that didn't have steal reinforcement to the ground if it was a E6 that made it to land fall.

    Also I have to say the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending is better. I know it makes it seems like Max is letting all the people in town possible die for Chloe but after seeing the ending and thinking about it I think the people in town lived anyway as the buildings near the beach like the Diner are still standing and the road is clear making successful evacuation likely to have happened before Max & Chloe got there, As for why their not anyone around or many dead-bodies when Chloe & Max drive out of town in the morning it is because naturally a lot of people evacuated from Arcadia bay because of the mandatory evacuation order that can be can heard on the radio and the town did have time to evacuate because the Tornado stayed out at sea for what must have been hours as Chloe had time to make it form her house to the beach parking lot in her truck and then walking up hill supporting sleeping Max's body weight on a very long hiking trail to the light house up hill in the rain. Also by looking at the time stamps on Warren's texts it shows that the Tornado formed and took shape way out in the bay around 9:00am on Friday morning with Warren's other texts showing that Tornado didn't hit the town till some time after around 11:48am so maybe around 1:00pm to 2:00pm or later. So they had around 5 hours to get out of town.

    Also when Chloe reads through the files you find in the barn we're told that in the past the Prescott Family brought a bomb shelter boom to town meaning their should be many old underground bomb shelter in town possible made for other lesser Tornadoes or the cold-war. also I guess Chloe & Max stayed awake in the light house till the storm passed with them sleeping in the light house then making a long walk back to the truck thus giving anyone that waited out the storm in town time to get out of town before them as it's possible that Max & Chloe didn't leave till Saturday morning. As for Warren failed text it's likely because cell towers transmit to each other and to base antennas at higher radio frequencies that occasionally straddle the resonant frequency of water vapor, causing wireless signals to be blocked and absorbed by passing storm or Warren cell battery die or he's in a bomb shelter. Also with Chloe & Max at Chlo's house before going to the light house instead of in the dark room and dead at the junk yard it's possible Joyce stayed home with them with David and the cops dealing with Mark in the dark room as some of the cops that were with David where dead out side the Diner in the other time-line so it's likely no one was at the Diner in the new time-line and even if they were still there their is no fire damage on the Diner in the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending and the building is still standing and the road is clear outside the Diner, so no gas trail meaning no fire death, also the gas trail came form Warren's car and it's not by the Diner in the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending either.

    As for the Sacrifice Chloe ending I love the romantic kiss and declarations of love between Max & Chloe but it doesn't really make a big difference for the people in town as theirs only one confirmed death by piece of debris from the storm with that body under the car with the rest of the town likely evacuated or in bomb shelters or in all those buildings that are still standing meaning the people likely survived in the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending. So really in the Sacrifice Chloe ending your really just trading Chloe life to avoid damaging empty buildings and letting Nathan & Mark live so they can go to jail later with Nathan possible ending up in a asylum and even then the town is still doom economically because of the fish being gone even if the Prescott lose some power over the town.

    As for the dead animals I guess it's because of the magnetic navigation in the brains of birds & blue whales being effect by Max's time travail or give that the number of fish is really low in the bay already it could just be some kind of toxic dumping in the bay killing the fish and birds that ate the fish.

    As for fate in this game I think Max's powers in the game shows that their truly is no fate in this game, as you change fate all the time. So I don't think Chloe will have to keep avoiding death because of fate wanting her dead as William Price was saved without fate trying to keep killing him again showing that Chloe possible deaths were just coincidence.

    Also I always save Kate Marsh form jumping even if I have Max pick all things that would make Chloe happy like not taking Kate's call and finding some of the stuff on her white broad amusing ,that being said I strongly dislike her detrimental and nonsensical abstinence campaign as abstinence has never worked.

    As for Max's time powers I'm assuming their biological with them growing more as she uses them with them possible stabilizing later, also her eye sight and memory seems to be tied to her powers, also I noticed how long Max can rewind varies as it seems Max can rewind longer if she stays in one area and the number of things she does in that area.

    Also I always have Max & Chloe take the money as both ep5 endings make it a nonissue and the game makes the "handicapped funds" seem like the funds are really just Prescott bribe money with a fake label, also their are not any handicapped people at Black-Well for the funds to be used on and handicapped-Chloe in the other time-line wasn't let into Black-Well. Also it's $5,000 in cash in a shady envelope makes it seem like more likely it a bribe. But in ep4 it turns out that taking the money just means that they postponed building some accessibility ramps that would cost much less then $5,000 and aren't really needed because the lack of any handicapped students and in the bad ending Chloe is not alive to take the money and in the other ending most of the school would need to be rebuilt before reopening anyway.

    Also I wounder what would happen if Nathan killed Mark when Mark went to kill Nathan before the party.

    Also I hope their are a lot of post ep1,2,3,4,5 stories with Max/Chloe

    Also it seem Arcadia Bay is based off of Tillamook Bay.

    Also I'm not really a fan of the in-game music but I like the game enough to overlook it.

    Also with Max's time power rather then use it less to fix the time-line she should use it more to fix imperfections and try try again assuming that no amount of fucking with time will do permanent damage to time.

    Also I find it a bit annoying when stories have Max and/or Chloe suddenly realize their gay like it's a big shock to them, when it's painfully obvious in game that their both very bisexual and have know this about themselves form before the start of the game.

    Another idea is Max could takeover her younger self with a selfie jump and write a book to her younger self with a note to take a selfie every day so Max can use those selfie to micromanage her timeline.

    Also for post game story ideas maybe have Chloe get Max to buy a hug jackpot lottery ticket and take a selfie just before buying the lottery ticket then having them wait till the wining number are revealed on TV and have Max use the Photo to go back and tell Chloe the wining number so they can both buy a wining ticket. Then after maybe use some of the money to rebuild the town with steal reinforcement in the buildings just in-case.

    Notes for Life Is Strange before the storm:

    As for the game the game-play wasn't as fun without max's time-power although the D&D was nice and moving hair was nice too

    Word of warning Before the Storm has somewhat more apparent SJW bullshit and even a few little bits of anti-white and anti-male propaganda.

    Also Steph and Samantha were great.

    Also still playing as a unrepentant thief that pays people off and looks out for number one. Also still don't like David so Chloe shows her hate.

    Also Chloe has narcolepsy going on it seems.

    Also love that in Chloe's unsent letters to Max she admits to rubbing one out to Pris and Deckard and that's kinda amusing and why I still think she is Bi like Max, also it seems Eliot was likely her first and they did it a few times so I guess that's part of her boytoy phase although it's unclear if their were other boys but her still having around condoms years latter when Max is back makes it seem like she still enjoying sex with guys. So even though Chloe can be romantic with Rachel it seem they never went into a exclusive relationship or didn't stay in one during the 3 years before Rachel died. Also interestingly Rachel and Frank seemed to give each a look in the junk yard and the way Frank reacts to some dialogue and actions I wouldn't be at all supersized if Rachel and Frank where already crushing on each other or possible together and having sex already during and after Before the Storm before she dumps Frank and hooked up with Jefferson for how ever long that lasted before she is killed.

    Also it seems Rachel may have a supernatural air/fire elemental power that she is likely oblivious to because it seem to be controlled by her subconscious given how the wind & fire intensifies with her with screams and given that the fire somehow extinguished itself around the time she was dying of bleed-loss a lost conscious. i wounder if that means that the tornado is tide to Rache's power/Death and if it was targeting Jefferson rather then the town although for that to work it would mean that Jefferson was for some reason transferred to a jail outside of town when Chloe was killed before tornado-day but was still in the town jail for some reason when David Madsen and the cops got him and the tornado still targeted Jefferson corpse if he was killed in the Darkroom, so maybe their a point of no return for the tornado so it doesn't show up if Jefferson is out of town by Wednesday but show up if he is still in town on Thursday. I say it's targeting Jefferson because I still not sure if Nathan really killed Rachel as he seems to think Rachel was alive in the diner when Max was dressed like her and it's possible that he was dunged for the photos with Rachel and Jefferson was just scapegoating him but I guess it could of been Nathan.

    It seems Rachel's and Max's activated at first by extreme emotion or possible traumatic events.

    As for Eliot I don't see him as a bad guy just misinformed by being to far out of the loop and blinded by his obsessive love for Chloe so he can't see that Chloe is to some extent to blame for the trouble she in, so he put all the blame on Rachel because of jealousy and being misinformed or possible being somewhat insightful about Rachel but coming to the wrong conclusions. although it could have been avoided if they where both more honest with each other about their feelings or lack their of and if he was kept in the loop. maybe even having him as backup although I don't think that would work because he wouldn't want Chloe to be in harm's way.

    Bioshock 1 & 2 & bioshock infinite:

    Booker DeWitt/Elizabeth

    Rosalind Lutece/Robert Lutece

    Subject Delta/Eleanor

    Andrew Ryan/Jasmine Jolene

    Andrew Ryan/Diane McClintock

    Andrew Ryan/Brigid Tenenbaum

    Andrew Ryan/Julie Langford

    Anna Culpepper/Jasmine Jolene

    Andrew Ryan/Jasmine Jolene/Diane McClintock/Brigid Tenenbaum

    Jack/Brigid Tenenbaum

    Jack/Julie Langford

    Jack/older versions of the 5 Little Sisters he saved

    Notes for bioshock:
    I kinda want see some stories where the city of Rapture is saved or rebuilt.

    I really want to see someone write a crossover with The One (2001) & Bioshock infinite with Booker DeWitt instead of dieing in the pond at the end he would instead travel the Multiverse via Tears with Elizabeth to hunt down all variations of himself as Comstock and/or possible Booker & killing all of his other selves (becoming the last version), and absorbing their life energies believing he will become a godlike being. Also I guess I would want see some Booker/Elizabeth romance even if it is incest.

    Also I really hate Burial at Sea 1 & 2 it is almost complete DOG-SHIT in fact beside the bioshock-1 information i wish i could unplay it. I liked that it gave us some more information on bioshock-1 but I deeply hate what they did with Elizabeth, 1st they kill her painfully with a big daddy & some rod iron to the hart so she loses her powers for the plot-line (shouldn't she have seen that coming, you know, being omniscient and all? ), then she brought back to life with no powers, some memory loss and has an illogical obsession with saving a little sister named Sally that she doesn't know or have any bound with at all and does it in the stupidest way possible, then she helps out Atlas(Frank Fontaine) and later gets tortured by Fontaine and is almost lobotomize by him and then she helps Fontaine some more, then Fontaine kills her by bludgeoning her with a wrench and as Elizabeth is dying she helps Fontaine again by giving the (would you kindly) command to use on Jack so the events of bioshock-1 will happen then gets hit again by Fontaine and dies a cold pointless & needless death alone so that Sally could live in some of the universes where Jack doesn't kill/harvest Sally himself. Also i kinda wounder what would happen (given that Elizabeth can find out that Atlas is Fontaine after she is killed the 1st time) if Elizabet decided to help Andrew Ryan and forget about Sally?

    Anyway I'm going to try and forget about Burial at Sea ep.2 and as for my head-connan ending I thinking that
    Elizabeth traveled the Multiverse via Tears helping more people without being suicidally stupid about it and getting herself killed and I think at some point Elizabeth would go to the universe that her Booker ended up in after the credits and raise her younger self together with booker as husband & wife and have some Booker/Elizabeth incest romance and then possible travel with Booker and her younger self as a family to a better universe to live out there lives together and maybe have a incest baby that turns out fine and stuff like that.

    FallOut 3 & New Vages & Fallout 4: (Also I play with lots of mods.) (Also I'm sure to be missing some pairings.)

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Amata Almodovar

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Sentinel Lyons

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Bittercup

    Herbert "Daring" Dashwood/F Lone Wanderer

    F Lone Wanderer/Mister Burke

    F Lone Wanderer/James

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Madison Li

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Susan Lancaster

    Specialist Olin/F Lone Wanderer

    F Lone Wanderer/Toshiro Kago

    F Lone Wanderer/Private Elliott Tercorien

    Herbert "Daring" Dashwood/Susan Lancaster

    F or M Lone Wanderer/Reilly

    F Lone Wanderer/Dogmeat

    Squire Maxson/Sentinel Lyons


    Lucy West/Ian West

    Madison Li/James

    F or M Courier/Veronica Santangelo

    Veronica Santangelo/Christine Royce

    F or M Courier/Veronica Santangelo/Christine Royce

    F Courier/Robert Edwin House

    Robert Edwin House/Jane

    F or M Courier/Rose of Sharon Cassidy

    F or M Courier/Rose of Sharon Cassidy/Veronica Santangelo

    F or M Courier/Lieutenant Carrie Boyd

    F or M Courier/Mags

    F Courier/Fisto

    F or M Courier/Julie Farkas

    F Courier/Melissa

    F Courier/Doc Mitchell

    Dean Domino/Vera Keyes




    F- Sole Survivor/Preston Garvey/Cait/Piper/Curie/Danse/John Hancock/Robert Joseph MacCready

    Nick Valentine/F- Sole Survivor

    X6-88/F- Sole Survivor

    F- Sole Survivor/Codsworth

    F- Sole Survivor/Cait/Piper

    F- Sole Survivor/Curie

    Note for FallOut:

    Not much to say right now.

    Although on my New Vages play though I used a guide (Hedging your Bets: a guide to delaying your final choice of faction) and then did all the side quests So my Courier ended up idolized by almost all factions in the end with my Courier helping out the NCR but staying accpted by CAESAR'S LEGION for most of the game till when I had the Courier install the platinum chip and lyed to Caesar about blowing up generators in the bucker. Then later with Craig Boone my Courier killed Caesar in his fort. Then I had my Courier help out the NCR till they asked my Courier to kill Houses in (For the Republic, Part 2). Then after almost all the DLC and side questsI had my Courier side with House in the end although I did use a mod so during (The House Always Wins, V) I had my Courier convince House to spare the Brotherhood by passing a high Speech check that was restored as a option thanks to the mod. Then I had my Courier do lonesome road after siding with house because of another mod that fixes lonesome road so ulysses knows what faction my Courier siding with instead of just baesed on fame points.

    As for my Fallout 4 play though it seems like out of the 4 Major factions only the Minutemen are all good with other factions being a mix of good and bad, I kinda saw the railroad as being cluesless and somewhat incompdent and they seem to care more synths lives then human lives and at the same time they want to destroy the Institute even though that would stop anymore gen-3 synths for being made thus dooming them to extinction. I like the BoS in other fallout games but Maxson kinda a jerk and becoming a two faced tyrant and I think the BoS lost their way becoming more about helping themselves then humanity. As for the Institute I was neutral to them for the most part as I saw my character's spouse getting killed as being all Kellogg fault and Kellogg wanting me to blame Institute and go after them just made it even less likely for my character side against the Institute if only just to spite Kellogg. Anyway I ended up sticking with the Institute and had them allied with the Minutemen although I had my character go with the free will option when talking to Shaun about gen-3 synths.

    Also I kinda feel like sharing my view of the Institute as a lot of people buy into the suffice paranoia about the Institute or over look things about them when paying the game.

    One thing that stands out is the stuff that is seen as kidnappings when what is really happening is smart people are being recruited in secret to the Institute or the person taken was really an escaped gen-3 synth, of course their are only 2 confirmed people that that were replaced with specialized gen-3 synth. The first replacement being Mayor McDonough and despite being a gen-3 synth spy is actuality doing a good job running Diamond city, I mean he did kick the city's ghoul population out but he did have the majority of the of the city backing the idea so it's not like the McDonough was the only one that wanted the ghoul population gone and he is ignoring the kidnappings but that's because their really being recruited or gen-3 synth being taken back. As for the other replacement Roger Warwick I find this one more fascinating as it seems the human-Roger Warwick was a lazy alcoholic asshole (possible somewhat abusive if he was like Bill Sutton) that was letting his family starve before he died or was murder and was replaced with the nice hardworking synth-Roger Warwick that got the farm producing more food then needed thanks to help form the bio-science division and seems to care more about the family then the real Roger Warwick, so without Roger being replaced they likely would have all starved to death. Although their is that Terminal that indicates that Roger, along with the crops will be retrieved by the Institute and all evidence will be purged, some seem to think that purged evidence will include witnesses and not just evidence but really it's just left purposely vague and nothing ever happens to them anyway and with the Institute ending the Institute is acting out in the open so they don't really need to cover up their involvement any longer although they shouldn't out synth-Roger Warwick and just have him clam he working with them. Also I guess the Institute gets blamed for kidnappings that where done by others that they had nothing to do with.

    Also their that whole gen-3 synth slave thing where their made to do easy maintenance work and trusted to work as spies, Recon/infiltrator's on missions of importance, although the gen-3 synths never really act like they view themselves as slaves and the ones at the Institute seem happy and very loyal with the Coursers being the most loyal and trusted gen-3 synths. Don't really have a problem with them reformatting traitors. Also it possible that Liam reprogrammed the Synths with the need to escape the Institute as a sick joke. Although with my Sole Survivor as Director I would changes things like possible giving loyal gen-3 synths more freedoms and possible limited Institute citizenship instead of reformatting when they evolve past their programing although their would need to be test runs in limited numbers as Artificial intelligences are potentially very dangerous and their no way I would let them cut ties with Institute. Also with my Sole Survivor as Director I would likely make more use of gen-2 synth. also the gen-3 synth in the Institute are likely living better lives in more comfort then most humans on the surface. Also I see making slaves out of Artificial intelligences as still being vastly different then real humans even though it's still a bad idea if they can't keep control but freeing a Artificial intelligence is also a bad idea. Also I see Curie as more advance then other gen-3 synths as she was perilously programed to develop into being human like and had 200 years to develop where the normal gen-3 synths are not programed to develop like Curie and are reformatted before they develop to far past their base programing if they develop in the first place . As for Nick he has a whole copy of a human mind to work with as a shortcut. Although given that they can be programed it possible they could be programed to not want more freedom or to even actively enjoy being slaves with a strong need to serve others.

    Also I was thinking about synth components, they don't really tell you were they are in the gen-3 synths body but I think it hidden inside the brain, possible with the synth components being the synths real brain and the synthetic-orgainic brain just acting as a outer casing with limited functionality.

    Also their thing about the Institute sabotaging the Commonwealth Provisional Government but thanks to (Director recording #52 Holotape) we know that it was falling apart on it's own and that the Institute was supporting Commonwealth Provisional Government before it failed on it's own, the tape also let's us know that part of the reason for gen-3 synth replacement was to maintain order after the Commonwealth Provisional Government failed by having gen-3 take over the lives of some failed leaders to prevent anarchy.

    Also their was the Broken Mask Incident and thanks to the (Director's recording #8) we know that the synth in the Broken Mask Incident was a prototype not at all ready for field testing and wasn't even approved to be sent to Diamond City.

    Also their the Institute thing about letting the people on the surface die out. I've read some people think that the Institute wants to wipe out the humans on the surface and replace them all with gen-3 synths, I have no idea were they got that foolish idea as their nothing like that in game. Anyway I think it's more likely the people at the Institute just ran number and found out that if nothing dramatically changes the surface life will at some point in future die out on it's own or that the humans up the on surface will kill each other. Also their is the thing with the Institute recruiting humanities best and brightest to join them living underground so humanity will live on and sometimes replace those recruits with gen-3 synths so people wont know they are missing. Also with the Instiute having control of their gene-pool I guess some Eugenics stuff may or may not happen asssuming that post game they expanded their underground population now that power is no longer a issue given that they were already self-sufficient for their other needs for the most part.

    Also the Institute has the a complete pre-war knowledge base and have been furthering pre-war science on top of that knowledge base for 177 years.

    As for the super mutants, form what I understand they weren't trying to make a army but were looking into using it for their gen-3 synths program and then when they were successful at doing that the changed it to looking into using it as cure for all diseases (Like Shaun's cancer), with that being why Shaun wanted to continued the research although i guessing Virgil didn't know about the cancer as he didn't know why Shaun was insisting they continue working on FEV research and other applications for different kinds of FEV stuff. But it does seem that they hit a wall at one point because the people they where using as test subject had been exposed to radiation causing damage to their DNA preventing the FEV form working without side effects and preventing them form getting the results they want and gathering the data they needed for controlling FEV changes and a complete knowledge of how FEV works and how to fix it, I guess that would be why they went after baby-Shaun because they need pure undamaged human DNA and apparently the test with Shaun DNA were successful giving them the results they needed and data they needed for a hug breakthrough that they incorporated into building gen-3 synths to not age or gain or lose weight and the exceptional strength, combat prowess, awareness and endurance as seen in Coursers and other improvements that make synths to dangerous if not kept under control. Although if the synth components are in fact the synth's real brain I guess some weight control could be programed in along with other things regulated by the synth components.

    Also given that they needed pure undamaged DNA it's very strange that they didn't want to take in as many people form vault 111 as possible or that they would needlessly kill them instead of saving them for later. I guess Kellogg went against orders as he was directed not to deactivate the life support for the other residents, with the whole Kellogg mudering the spouse being because he was to impatient rather then him being order to kill them by the Institute.

    Also the real problem with the FEV testing is the use of people as test subject with a ends justify the means attitude being the main reason the Institute is seen as evil by some. Although notes you find in game by Edgar Swann seem to indicate he was a janitor and unrepentant thief/convicted criminal that was part of the early stages of the Institute, it' seems that his punishment was being one of the early FEV test subject apparently he received all of the benefits without the typical adverse effects for a few days and was even appalling to join the FEV research team before whatever was blocking the adverse effects failed. Although being a test subject seem a really harsh punishment for stealing a few cigs even if the Institute in the early stages had a resource shortage and very strict rationing in place in the beginning but I guess it also possible that Edgar Swann had been stealing for a long time beforehand and the cigs stealing was just the only thing they could prove he stool. This makes me wounder if this trend continued with the Institute using criminals as their test subjects and possible Raiders later on as no one going to go look for missing Raiders or ask questions like they would with others. but the whole human test subject is still bad even if they were criminals all and Raiders that would have been killed anyway but it's a lot better then random farmers.

    Also i guess I should point out that by the time you get to the Institute all the FEV scientists have die of old age beside Brian Virgil and the FEV testing has been shut down for sometime.

    Also with Mama Murphy sight you find out that by joining the Institute the Sole Survivor will save humanity unlike with the other factions.

    As for story ideas post Institute ending ideas I guess my Sole Survivor as the Director could recruit more and expanded the Institute into a bigger underground city, also I guess Jack Cabot and his family would be recruited for BioScience on a immortality project as my Sole Survivor doesn't plan to stop being the Director.Also given that the citizens of the Institute already live in a closed environment and have teleportation I think it would be very possible for them to build a research space station as they could build it sections in a large underground wear house and teleport it into orbit and then when it's done use it for research into space travel with the Institute researchers teleporting back to the Institute to sleep and stuff each day. also possibly using more advanced teleportation for matter recycling by teleporting buildings and having them re-materialize as ingots of the base building material to be used later. Also I guess I would have had my Sole Survivor get Brian Virgil to return to the Institute with a cover story so he could work on his work on a cure for all diseases using FEV and FEV cure for super mutants and other FEV research but using mindless clone bodies instead and incinerating all the results instead of just some of them, also guess could work no a cure at the same time by making a serum for each test subject to gather data for making a universal FEV cure maybe develop something new base on FEV with even more control over changes and side effects. Also i guess I would have Curie working in BioScience and maybe get Nick and new skin cover and other upgrades. (I may write more later.)

    Kingdom Hearts: (I'll add more later)















    Sephiroth/(with any girl in the game)

    Mass Effect1,2&3:

    M or F=Shepard/Harem

    M or F=Shepard/Liara T'Soni (fave)

    M or F=Shepard/Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (2nd fave)

    M or F=Shepard/Emily Wong

    M=Shepard/Liara T'Soni/Ashley Williams (Ash never seem like she would go for a threesome)

    F=Shepard/Liara T'Soni/Kaidan alenko ( I still have no idea what Kaidan thinking turning down a threesome )


    Ashley Williams/Kaidan alenko

    Samantha Traynor/EDI

    M or F=Shepard/Kelly Chambers

    M or F=Shepard/Jack

    F=Shepard/Jacob Taylor (with out the cheating)

    M or F=Shepard/Miranda Lawson

    F=Shepard/Garrus Vakarian

    M or F=Shepard/Diana Allers

    F=Shepard/Thane Krios

    F=Shepard/Samantha Traynor

    Samantha Traynor/Kelly Chambers

    M or F=Shepard/Morinth (Where Shepard really is just too strong willed to die much to the shock of Morinth)

    Miranda Lawson/Oriana


    M or F=Shepard/Liara/Tevos/Aria

    Kasumi/Miranda Lawson

    M or F=Shepard/Aria T'Loak

    M or F=Shepard/Kasumi

    M or F=Shepard/Kelly

    M or F=Shepard/Diana

    Samantha Traynor/Diana

    F=Shepard/Illusive Man

    Illusive Man/Miranda Lawson

    Illusive Man/Jack

    F=Shepard/Illusive Man

    Illusive Man/harem


    Ashley Williams/Illusive Man

    Notes: for Mass Effect

    Think I liked the extended cut endings.

    I'm hope to see a lot of Fan made endings for Mass Effect 3. Possible with Catalyst bashing.

    Also I'm a fan of the Illusive Man before he was completely under Indoctrinated in ME3.

    Also i really dislike in stories where they have the Asari go evil and hold the idiot ball just so there can be a fight ageist them and ignoring that Asari culture values consensus and accommodation and that they don't attack one another over differing philosophies rather they try to understand one another instead and that their known for their diplomacy and they are likely the most peaceful and understanding race in Mass Effect, not sure why some stories make them out to be the bad guys.

    I also kinda want see a stories where M or F=Shepard convince the Illusive Man to join him or her when talking on Mars and help stop the reapers. Possible with the Illusive Man breaking free of Indoctrination thought sure force of will after hearing something Shepard said to him, then later making some kinda of Cerberus Anti-Indoctrination tech to block and later revise Indoctrination. not sure about the rest.

    Also i kinda want see a story where the Council beveled Shepard and where secretly or publicly gearing up for war with the Reapers, possible with some Anti-Indoctrination tech.

    Also i kinda want see a story with the synthesis ending but with Shepard rebuilding him or her Self like Dr. Manhattan, then have a reunion with his or her friends & Romantic interest not really sure where the story would go from there other then rebuilding the Galaxy & checking out the uncharted parts of the Galaxy and possible adding more mass relays and fixing the ones in uncharted parts of the Galaxy with help from the reapers.

    Also I would love to see some stories where Morinth goes & saves both Rila and Falere.

    As for the number of Reapers I'm going with the age of the milky way so around 13,500,000,000 divided 50,000 minus 500,000,000 for the Leviathans rise to power so about 260,000 two-kilometer-long Capital Ships per-cyclical and lets say the make about 6 or more Capital Ships Reapers per-cyclical so about 1,500,000 two-kilometer-long Capital Ships Reapers and lets give each Capital Ship 4 160-meters Destroyers escorts each so about 6,000,000 , then theirs the 200 meters to one kilometer Troop Transport Reapers so lets do 10 per-cyclical because they lack sentience, being remotely controlled by the Reapers so about 2,600,000 and lets give each 2-kilometer-long Capital Ship a 100 Oculus drones so about 26,000,000 , then theirs the Processor ships also lacking sentience, being controlled remotely by the actual Reapers so about 10 per-cyclical so about 2,600,000

  • so about 1,500,000 or more 2-kilometer-long Capital Ships Reapers
  • so about 6,000,000 or more 160-meters Destroyers escorts Reapers
  • so about 2,600,000 or more 200-meters to one kilometer Troop Transports
  • so about 26,000,000 or more Oculus
  • so about 2,600,000 or more Processors
  • so about 1 Harbinger Reaper milky way
  • So about 7,500,001 sentience Reapers with the organic minds of of a entire civilization in each Reaper, uploaded and conjoined within immortal machine bodies and about 5,200,000 replaceable Processors & Troop Transports remotely controlled by the Reapers with the 26,000,000 Oculus each needing one person to be made. Although I would needed to take into account Capital Ships and Destroyers losses over time and any cyclical were they made more or less Reapers then average. That seems about right for their numbers to darken the sky on every world.

    I went with the age of the milky way instead of the 1,000,000,000 year old Leviathan of Dis as it's never side that it'b been around as long as Harbingeror or if it was taken down by the Leviathans fight for their lives during the 1st harvest.or if it was taken down by the Leviathan survivors long after the 1st harvest.

    I really like to see some Mass Effect for Crossovers, so here some ideas.

    I'm looking forward mass effect Andromeda and also hope to see some StarGate crossovers for between galaxy travail.

    I also hope see some Mass Effect/Metal Gear 4

    You could possible just have Metal Gear 4 storyline take place right before the events of the Mass Effect back story because the Metal Gear timeline ends in 2014 & the first human settlement on Luna doesn't happen tell 2069 in the mass effect timeline. Then just follow Mass effect storyline for the most part but changes things to show the use of all that great Metal Gear technology that make humanity a bit more advanced in some areas then the rest of the galaxy. Just the use of Metal Gear Nanomachine would have a big effect I would think the variety of Nanomachine Vamp was equipped with would for the most part make humanity immortal as long as the Nanomachine are working, the Nanomachine could even possible be used to counteract reaper indoctrination.

    Also I would guess with the Metal Gear 4 storyline, humanity would have more knowledge on A.I. technology and working with A.I. possible.

    I think OctoCamo would likely be the most helpful with it's abilities replicate both its pattern and texture & it's thermal technology to regulate the temperature of OctoCamo to better blend with what the OctoCamo is mimicking, allowing the object to stay as hidden as possible even under thermal imaging.

    Also it would be amusing in Mass effect 3 if Reapers land on earth only to encounter a almost overwhelming force of Metal gear Rays or some new variety of Metal Gear and humans in a variety of Powered suits & Exoskeletons suits with some High-frequency blades & Haven Troopers, also known as FROGS & some Soliton-Radar.

    There is a lot of other metal gear tech that could be useful so if like the idea of writing a story like this then check out Metal Gear wiki.

    The only other thing I could think of for a good Metal Gear/Mass Effect crossover, would be possible having Snake with his body age fixed and his fox-die cured & him taking over Shepard role in the story & Maybe a version of Cerberus that is really trying to protect and defend humanity.

    I like to see some Mass Effect/Fifth Element but not really sure how these two would mix best.

    I like to see some Mass Effect/Event Horizon, just like the idea of humanity using a working version of the ship Event Horizon with EDI AI being part of the Ship without some evil presence from another dimension in the ship. Possible taking place after the destroy the reapers & ending only with a few differences like the Normandy staying in Sol with the fleet and Edi & the Geth being fine. I guess it would take place a with the people the in fleets rebuilding earth for a few years & the use the Event Horizon to travel around the Galaxy to spared the new FTL technology and rebuild.

    I hope to see some Mass Effect/star-wars Crossovers where humans have some Star-wars technology.

    Also i really want to see a storyline where the Systems Alliance has there own Death-Star-version 2 battle station being constructed or completed in a building location that remained secret from the rest of the Galaxy to use in a surprise attack on the Reapers when they try to invade Earth ME3. then have them go around wiping out Reapers all over the galaxy and saving the others races And possible finding and killing the insane Catalyst-AI. Or maybe giving the Humans The Star Forge.

    Mass Effect


    Sara Ryder/Scott Ryder (For the twincest!)

    Sara Ryder/Peebee

    Scott Ryder/Peebee

    Sara Ryder/Scott Ryder/Peebee

    Scott Ryder/Dr. Suvi Anwar

    Sara Ryder/Dr. Suvi Anwar

    Sara Ryder/Cora Harper

    Scott Ryder/Cora Harper

    Cora Harper/Sarissa Theris

    Nakmor Drack/Sara Ryder

    Dr. Lexi T'Perro/Nakmor Drack

    Vetra Nyx/Sidera Nyx

    Notes: for Mass Effect

    Well after playing the game I really don't like that the new Bioware team deliberately made female characters ‘ugly’ in comparison to the real female models who inspired them but at the same time took the time to make the male character almost identical to the real male models who inspired them although their face modeling isn't that great in general but their are some good looking NPC. Their also some problems with body proportions and scaling and they reused a lot of assets form other mass effect games and some huge animations problems and bugs, although they seem to be trying to fix it. Also their some cringe worthy SJW-bullshit dialogue and apparently some of the people that worked on the new Bioware team are racist or misandrous ,also some of the faces do look temporally better depending very heavily on the lighting. I kinda want see where the story goes but it looks like this game may not get DLC let alone a squeal.

    As for story ides I'm hope to see some crossovers with StarGate. Also I kinda want to read a story with the kett empire in a losing fight against the Reapers controlled by Shepard.

    As for who the benefactor is I betting on Cerberus, One of the reason for that being that is the Initiative is using Cerberus developed weapons with Initiative themed paint on them. (although it's likely just a lazy reuse of assets form the other games.) Also the Illusive Man has the funding and motive to do so and knowledge of the Reapers and knows how to build AIs and I hope Cora Harper is a Cerberus spy. but in all likelihood the benefactor is a AI possible even SAM.

    I'll put other parings for other Games ,Movies ,TV up much later if at all. I wounder if anyone reads that great wall of text.

    Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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    Set in the AU universe of The Arrangement series as a direct sequel to Seeds of an Empire. When former admiral Marcus refuses to disclose his clandestine dealings as Head of Starfleet to anyone but his daughter, Carol has to return to Earth to confront her past and her father, while keeping a secret of her own.
    Star Trek: 2009 - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 27,814 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 5/9/2014 - Published: 4/19/2014 - [John Harrison/Khan, Carol Marcus] L. McCoy/Bones, C. Pike - Complete
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    Just a short flash fiction I wrote for my writer's craft course in school. I personally LOVE Final Fantasy X despite all of it's flaws and it's hallway storyline and love shipping Tidus with Rikku over Yuna for some reason or another. Anyway, enjoy the story and lemme know what you think I can improve! :D
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    Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 84,817 - Reviews: 323 - Favs: 965 - Follows: 350 - Updated: 9/10/2013 - Published: 9/1/2013 - [Harry P., Hermione G.] Ron W. - Complete
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    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 37,675 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 12 - Published: 8/11/2013 - Buffy S., Spike - Complete
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    Set in an AU season 4 where Buffy doesn't get the Gem of Amara from Spike as she does in canon. Goes AU from there on, as that changes everything about how and when they find out about the Initiative, as well as how Spike comes to her for help . Needless to say, it's hard for our two fav characters to spend a lot of time in each other's company without developing feelings...
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 41,863 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 133 - Follows: 23 - Published: 8/9/2013 - Buffy S., Spike - Complete
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    The sequel to A Mother's Plea. Buffy, Spike, Joyce and everyone else are learning to live with her new status as a vamped vampire slayer. Angel isn't handling it as well as he could be, but the Mayor is planning his Ascension and that is the most important thing to worry about just now...
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    Non-canon season 4, right from the beginning. Spike and Buffy get a bit more involved during Willow's spell than they had a chance to on the show and must learn to live with the consequences. The rest of the story is about how they adjust to their new relationship and how it affects them and those around them. Long fic, but posted in several sections for easier reading.
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 106,244 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 8/7/2013 - Published: 8/6/2013 - Buffy S., Spike
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    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 3 - Words: 52,845 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 5 - Published: 8/5/2013 - Buffy S., Spike - Complete
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    The Prologue is set right after Chosen and the end of BtVS. The rest of the story takes place during BtVS early seasons, with Buffy having been sent into her 16-yr-old body. When Spike arrives, he isn't ready for the slayer he meets - but she is more than ready for him. The first of many fics set in the "verse" created here. This one is in two long parts as it is complete already.
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 66,321 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 164 - Follows: 39 - Published: 8/2/2013 - Buffy S., Spike - Complete
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    Rewrite of Halloween episode - what if the spell had lasted a little longer? Maybe a whiff of dub-con? Precedes the already posted "The Gentleman Takes His Leave", which will make more sense once you've read this.
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    A sequel to Even Demons Need Friends. If you haven't read that short s4 fic, all you really need to know is that this is a non-canon Season 5 in which Glory is there searching for her Key, Joyce is sick, Spike is unchipped and living in another city. At the end of the previous story, he'd asked Buffy to call him if she needed help.
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 39,163 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 5 - Published: 5/20/2013 - Buffy S., Dawn S., Spike - Complete
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    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,892 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 55 - Follows: 7 - Published: 5/19/2013 - Buffy S., R. Giles, Spike - Complete
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    Buffy and Spike deal with the aftermath of Willow's spell, while Riley becomes more talkative than he should around Giles and that relationship becomes a no-go. Written for the Good/Evil community, it was supposed to be evil Spike, but it's really a bit more like petulant Spike. :)
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,654 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 4 - Published: 5/19/2013 - Buffy S., R. Giles, Riley F., Spike - Complete
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    Last (for now) installment of my 'Dreaming' series; if you haven't read the others, please do before you read this one or the AU reality won't make sense! Warning: rated 'M' for character death and a flavouring of lemon. Following their trip to Sunnydale, Buffy and Spike are back in England...
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    Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,646 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 4/4/2013 - Published: 4/2/2013 - George W., Ginny W., Fred W. - Complete
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    My first BJxLydia fanfic. It is movieverse. What happens when Lydia starts to regret her choice to betray Beetlejuice. Can she forget what he did. More importantly can he forgive what she did? the "m" rating will be more clear later on. comments mean more
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