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Author has written 4 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Dragon Ball Z.

I my display name used to be TheMuseMalik but I changed it so if your looking for the old one, well this is one its just updated. I personally got bored with it and moved on from the previous state I was in. Now I'm better and over the damage that was done. Horray for me!


I'm not obessed with Yugioh but I do base alot of my work from the series. Alot of my ideas have been floating within my head for years and finally I'm putting them in public use. Though with all the stories I have read to fill that satisfication, some have came close but not as nearly. Maybe writing the stories I have wanted to write for so long will help others with that satisfication as well.

I don't mind people who offer advice. I'm not a professional in writing but a expert at daydreaming. Just dont completely put me down if I do some things wrong, I am human and I put myself down majority of the time so don't harm me with flaming.

If any of you have any stories you want in mind for Malik go ahead and message me about the story and maybe I'll get around to it. As I said, advice is appericated.

The pairings for YUGIOH! are...

Malik x Yami Marik is a good pairing to me. Yami Marik has always been rather attractive to me and he's been my main man for fanfiction stories that I have yet to write. Even with having a OCC pairing turns me on. ;)

Yami Bakura x Malik. For my first story, I call Yami Bakura Touzoku for a personal thing I got. But with my other stories that I will create, it will be Bakura or Yami Bakura.

Ehhh, I'm not much of turned with the other pairings such as Joey and Yugi or Yami and Yugi. Kinda sickens me a bit. I'm not a fan of Ryou and Bakura with each other either. Especially not with Ryou and Yami Marik. Hell no, that just crosses the line for me right there. Nobody else seems to really make me that interested in either.

I love the bad boys in Yugioh, espeically the villians. The heroes just seem to corny to me, unless they are some kick ass fighters like Alice from Resident Evil . That chick is a major badass and my idol.

Guilty Gear

I'm not to much a humorous person within my stories. If I crack a joke, it's to go along with the story and I'll never force into there like some fanfictions do. I wont try to be funny/ humorous. Enough said...

Another one of my favorite stories are majority from the games that I play. My top favorite is Guilty Gear. It's a fighting game for PS2 and it rocks my socks off. My favorite character is Sol Badguy, Dizzy and Jam Kuradoberi (that's one crazy chick)

My favorite pairings for GG are...

Sol x Dizzy. Those two are too cute for each other. Sol contantly saves her and treats her differently from all the other people he encounters. He seems ''softer'' to her than he usually is. I don't support that Sol could be Dizzy's father just because these two are my favorite and there isn't any proof that they are related. I think they are cute together and that all that counts. Not to mention there is plenty of artwork that they directors have made that show Dizzy and Sol. They wouldn't of drawn that if there wasn't some emotional feeling for each other. The chemistry is there I tell you!

Jam x Ky. Jam flirts with the Holy Knight all the time and Ky seems a bit shy when she flashes him her panties when kicking in the air. Anyway, I think they seem really cute when they commuicate. Ky needs a love life since he seems like he is over obessed about fighting Sol and doing his job. I think Jam has a lot to offer.

Millia x Zeto/ Millia x Vemon. There's something there within those three. Millia may hate Zeto but I don't know, I can dream. At least her and Vemon could be together, or something... I'd make sense in the terms of ''no sense''. I know, makes perfect sense. lol

The next fighting game is my third favorite. I would of never of thought I'd like this game but continuing to play it, I decided that it was worth playing. Especially the chemistry between two of the characters. Arc the Lad: Twlight of Spirits.

I don't mean to put down the gaming system but the way those character's walk is funky. Their legs don't bend unless they run and I didn't think that it was possible to keep your legs straight while walking. Looks uncomfortable. Anyway, my favorite character was Darc. He is half human, half monster/dragon and is cold hearted until he meets Lillia. I definately think he starts to fall for her. Through out the game there are plenty of hints that he likes her and contantly thinks about her. There's nothing better for a cold, mean, heartless character to fall in love with the complete opposite of himself. I heard rumors that the ending isn't what Darc x Lillia fans wanted but there was definately chemistry! One of these days I will write a story about both Lillia & Darc and how things grow between them...definately a possiblity.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z hits one of my top favorites (side by side with YUGIOH!) I've known this anime for years and its become a personal thing I would never let go. Dragon Ball Z rocks my socks off with its major fighting scenes and its comic moments. Goku is one of my favorite characters, being the only one who can really crack a joke about something.

One of things that really pissed me off about the show was that he didn't revive Raditz or Nappa back from the dead. They could of been great assets to the G Fighters (after all, they're Saiyens.) I guess we will just leave that to the old japanese man who created the series. Thanks to fanfiction, we can dream and add in stories that never happened! Haha, we can create our own.

However, other than Goku, Raditz's is my personal favorite character from DBZ. I don't know but I've always felt drawn to him when I started watching the shows years ago. (I'm not that old so it was really only a couple years ago actually.)

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