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(Sweet merciful F, how long has it been since I updated this!?)

Welcome. I'm SL the Pyro.

As most Zelda fans might have guessed, I'm a major Shadow Link fan and a bit of a Pyromaniac. Shame that both names were taken, so I combined them into something unique.

Favorite Games:

1) Super Smash Bros. - This will likely never leave the #1 spot. I love it, and the fandom opportunities are endless.
2) Earthbound - I absolutely love Mother 3, and loosely love Mother 2.
3) Sonic - This will probably take #2 when I get my greedy little hands on Sonic Unleashed.
4) Mario - Super Mario World ROMhacks. Little slices of heaven/hell that I enjoy to watch, play or (if I can find the bloody time) create.
5) Metroid - What can I say? I love the mixture of exploration, adventure and multitude of ways to blow things up.

For anyone who is surprised that Legend of Zelda isn't on that list, I've grown kind of distant from it in respect to other game series... my name sticks, however.

Favorite Animes:

1) Yu-gi-oh! - Is, has been and always will be.
2) Bleach - Super-powered swordplay for the win.
3) Fullmetal Alchemist - This was just gripping, but at the same time tragic. Shame I never got to see the movie...
4) Gundam Seed - Like I said, gripping. But it kind of lost its flair when it went into Destiny, IMO.
5) Inu-Yasha - Interesting, but they only did the first half of the series; the rest exists manga that I don't really care about.

Current Projects:

('Fraid this has to be closed down; I'm lucky to get any time to write anymore because of my college homework, and when I do it's usually a story I pick on a whim or something entirely new. This problem will likely vanish in mid-December though, as that's when my current college semester ends, thank God.)

For my Secret Santa (Star's Challenge):

So, you have to write a story for me, eh? Well, here's a list of what I would prefer:

-Super Smash Bros. and/or Mother 3. They're on top of my Favorite Games list for a reason.
-Any story genre is fine with me, I like them all. But if you do Romance, do NOT do yaoi (boyxboy), yuri (girlxgirl) or beastiality (monsterxanything); I'll likely just stop reading the story there if I see that. Crack pairings are fine, though.
-OC's (original characters) are fine, but make sure you give them an good and/or interesting backstory, don't just randomly dump them in. Especially if they have a main role.
-Self-inserts are fine to an extent. If I see SI's that have a main role or are overpowered, you're going to invoke my wrath rather than my praise. I do like to see them randomly appear to screw with the main characters, though; be creative.
-USE. PROPER. GRAMMAR. I can't stress this enough, I've seen so many stories with good potential and plot end up as nothing but word soup.

Kind of strict, I understand, but I've seen so many stories on this website that I have to lay down the law at some point. Otherwise, I think I've left plenty of room for you to go nuts. Good luck, my Secret Santa.

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