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I'm Frozen-Tundra88 and I like a lot of things.

My favorite shows include: Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Code Lyoko, Inuyasha, DBZ, One Piece and quite a bit more.


My NaruSaku Rant

This is my rant on why I think Sakura is the best girl for Naruto.

In the beginning, Sakura hated Naruto, like when Kakashi interviewed them. Kakashi: And what do you hate? Sakura: Naruto! She thought, for the most part, Naruto was annoying. And yet, already in the beginning, we see that her dream came true, from Naruto's words. When he transformed into Sasuke, he said the EXACT words Sakura wanted to hear. "You sure have a large, charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it..."

"All I want... is for you to acknowledge me," This sentence made Naruto realise why he liked Sakura soo much, they both wanted acknowledgement. Really, Naruto's plan backfired, and basically made Sakura like Sasuke even more, because of his words. When the real Sasuke showed up however, he just hurt sakura more-so.

Of course, all the scenes where Sakura begins to see Naruto in a better aspect. During the bell test, when Naruto suprises Kakashi by using the kage-bunshin no jutsu to capture him, Sakura blushes fiercely and says "Wow Naruto, you're pretty good!"

After Zabuza knocked off Naruto's headband, he got it back, even against a Jounin-level ninja like Zabuza. Sakura then proceeds to say: "What's this feeling...? Naruto is so..."

Everyone remembers the chuunin exam, and when that 10th question arose, she acted on Naruto's behalf. "But that silly dream of yours... I don't want to see it crushed." Not even concerning Sasuke's feelings about passing, she proceeds to raise her hand so Naruto could continue his dream.

When the chuunin exam reached stage 2. Sasuke was forced into a desperate situation. Against Orochimaru. Sasuke freezes up and cannot continue to fight. After Naruto saves Sasuke from certain death, he is then thrown off the trees, where Sakura saves him. She then yells at Sasuke: "He may be an idiot, but at least he's not a coward like you!"

During the preliminaries, Sakura was overtaken by Ino. She was about to give up, until Naruto shouted at her to never give up. It's because of this Sakura is able to throw Ino's mind out of her, and continue enough to at least tie the match. After, she thanks him.

During Naruto's fight with Kiba, Naruto says some things about his way of the ninja, sakura then says: "I used to make fun of those words, but I was wrong".Even more so, she says: "Naruto... Tell everyone..." then Naruto finished her sentence, which is again the EXACT same thing she was thinking, by saying "Don't underestimate me!".

When Sakura was seated in the arena for the third part, she says: "I'm kind of jealous of you. When I watch you fight, I feel like I have to do my best, and that is an incredible thing," However, Sakura shows no sign of interest in Sasuke when he fights, where-as she did when Naruto fought. She was only worried that Sasuke wouldn't show up, and she would think the same thing if Naruto wasn't, if not more-so.

During the Gaara fight, Sakura's peril drove Naruto to extract all sorts of chakra to save her. "Sakura-chan...I will save Sakura-chan!" When he was getting thrown around, one glance at Sakura gave him enough strength to begin fighting again. Afterwards, when Sasuke told her it was Naruto who saved her, she smiled, having no doubts. She was happy it was him.

Right before Sasuke left the village, Sakura asked Naruto out on a date. Of course it isn't a romantic one, but back in the beginning, she would have thought of this interaction to be taboo. Instead, she could have just told him the problem. During the date, the Ichiraku ramen guy (forgot his name) praised Naruto for bringing his girlfriend on a date. Naruto imminently shot up saying he wasn't her boyfriend, in caution not to get hurt. But instead, Sakura did nothing. This worried Naruto, knowing it wasn't her usual self. Naruto then assures Sakura that Sasuke wouldn't do anything bad, because he's strong, this brings a smile to her face.

Later on, Sakura went to see the 5 genins off, after she got throughly shot down by Sasuke. After seeing Sakura pained, he smiles, in an attempt to make her feel better, saying he knows her pain, a pain where you love someone who doesn't love you back in the same way. After Naruto said this, she instantly had a flashback of chapter 3, where she realized how she was so wrong about Naruto, this then changes her thoughts of Naruto completely. "Thank you!" she said honestly. Since Naruto was a very special person to her now. After that, Naruto made a promise that he would bring back Sasuke FOR Sakura, because he loved her enough that he would sacrifice himself for her. He didn't want her to feel the pain he had experienced. He really wanted her to be happy.

In episode 135, after Naruto returned empty-handed, Sakura, whose view of Naruto had completely changed, assured him that nothing was wrong, so as to help keep Naruto from breaking down. She wanted him to stop then and there, SACRIFICING her happiness (giving up hope on Sasuke's retrieval) so Naruto could be happy. Yet, Naruto said he would never back down. Sakura then grasps her chest, thanking Naruto again, for what he's trying to do. Then, because of Naruto, she asked Tsunade to make her an apprentice, and vowed that next time, they both would go together! At least this time, Sakura could watch out for Naruto.

Finally, after two and a half years, Naruto returned home with Jiraiya. Sakura is shocked to see him and instantly asks: "How do I look? Have I become more womanly?" She wants HIS opinion of how SHE looks! Afterwards, when Naruto disregards Konohamaru's request of performing the sexy no jutsu. She admired Naruto for it, thinking: "More than just his height had grown... Naruto, you've become an excellent man." After, Naruto smiles and says he has a new and improved ultra-perverted jutsu, while Sakura was still caught up in the moment, says "Yeah, your new ultra-perverted jutsu.."After returning to her senses, she punches Naruto like old times and says: "Where the hell do you expect me to put the way I felt about you earlier?!" As said in Japanese for romantic feelings.

Naruto then asks Sakura on a date, except this time, she accepts! However this time, they don't have any important matters to discuss. And of course Naruto has to pay, when someone asks someone on a date, the one who asks is prompted to pay.

Now, Sakura learns of Naruto and everything he had gone through/ is going through. She now states that she'll save both of them, meaning if they rescue Sasuke, she would do anything in her power to help him against Akatsuki. Sakura then finds out about the Kyuubi, she cries in sympathy for him. Naruto, thinking that she was worried about Gaara, tells her that everything will be alright, again, not wanting her to worry. Naruto says: "Don't worry, I'll save Gaara!" Sakura replies by saying: "I... Naruto... it's you that I'm-" and was cut off then and there from Naruto, who said in response: "Let's hurry!" A moment where something related to Sakura's feelings were cut off, some Kishi doesn't want us to know yet.

Now we have a new teammate, his name is Sai. Sai had been reading on emotions and remarked about Sakura's emotions towards Naruto. He says: "Sakura-san, it's times like this that... Hmm... How should I put it... You're very nice to Naruto-kun. Where those feelings come from is something I don't understand, but in a book, it said this-" and once again, was cut off, more feelings for Sakura that are yet to be revealed. Naruto cut her off by saying: "Everyone, it's time to go."

During the Heaven and Earth bridge arc, Naruto goes into his KN4 form, which he cannot control yet. He goes into this form after hearing Orochimaru badmouth Sasuke. Sakura was worried about him, a guilt trip ran down her spine as she saw Naruto trying even harder than before, just to get Sasuke back. She really didn't want to see Naruto like this, and after Kabuto made a smart-ass remark about Naruto, Her emotions ran free as she recalled the Naruto who promised to bring Sasuke back. Crying as hard as she was, she ran in to try and calm Naruto down, just like she attempted to do to Sasuke in the FoD. Unknown about what that form could cause to Naruto. She tried to tell him things didn't have to be like this, but the sheer force of the Kyuubi knocked her away.

After Orochimaru retreated, Yamato sealed the Kyuubi. Sakura, seeing this technique, wanted to learn how to use the technique so she could help Naruto survive. After Yamato assured her she couldn't, she said: "It's always like this... The things I can do for Naruto are so small."But, even though Yamato had Naruto in a stable condition, she still wanted to help him, in any way possible. Because Naruto had always helped her. She wanted to help Naruto too. Finally, after watching Sakura's emotions run, Yamato says: "It's not a matter of big or small. What's important is the strength of feelings you have for Naruto. Sakura, I can tell by looking at you. In reality, you-" and once again, the third time, he was cut off by Naruto. More of Sakura's feelings toward Naruto yet to be released.

And of course, in chapter 319, Sakura takes a look at the picture of team 7, and cries. After the tear drop falls, we see Naruto staring at the sky, who said: "Cool, a shooting star!" Which then he flashbacked about Sasuke. Another scene that shows Naruto and Sakura are perfectly in synch. Naruto then proceeds to split the waterfall in half, which seemed impossible before.

Let's not forget the cute little moment where Sakura volunteered to feed Naruto ramen with a smile. (The smile itself can be interpreted as being suggestive)

Also, the scene where Tobi blew Naruto back and Hinata got really worried about him. Sakura said that it's gonna take far more than that to stop Naruto. That shows that she has complete confidence in him.

Also, Naruto needs a girl who'll keep him in line and I think Sakura's the only one who's really up to the task.

This is why I like NaruSaku. They are perfect for each other and have grown to understand each other.


Here's a link for those who love NaruSaku for your enjoyment or who thinks it doesn't have a chance to prove you wrong.


Edit (5/5/2014): Hi, everyone. I'm so sorry to the fans of my current fics that I've stopped writing for so long. Between real life and some other stuff, I haven't really found much time to brainstorm and plan, much less write the chapters out.

I'm hoping to get back to it sometime this year, but don't hold me to it.

I'm going to record the results of my current poll and put up a new one. As much as I'm sure people want me to get back to IIJ, I need to get back to my notes and plan a bit before I can.

The new poll will instead be a two-way choice between two other fics. One will be a collection of oneshots like IIJ (though these oneshots will actually be connected) and the other will be just a oneshot. Note that even if it's the former, I don't plan to finish that fic before eventually releasing my next IIJ.

PM me if you have any questions.

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