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Hello there! Call me Misa. I'm 15, 5'11, and made of awesome.

-I'm one of those people who's never satisfied with anything they have, even though they're lucky enough to be gifted with a lot.

-I'm the kind of girl who will scream out the car window, just because it feels good to say what I think and keep moving.

-I love my stupid, immature, too-nice, crazy, insecure, beautiful, incredible friends and could not survive without them.

-I'm not really passionate about anything, but now that I think about it, I think I'm most passionate about finding the good in myself and humanity.

-My one vice? Obsessions. Here are a few: Maximum Ride, Books (too many to remember), Anime (Chobits, OHSHC, Elfen Lied, 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, Lucky Star, Lovely Complex, Kare Kano, Naruto, and FullMetalPanic), TwilightNewMoonEclipse, sissy music, Art, and Thai Food.

-I hope my writing isn't too terrible... sometimes my brain just needs to babble and occasionally that turns out pretty cool.

-I think waaaaaaaay too much.

Love me anyway. Read my work, love that too. Thanks a bunch.

Any questions? Message me.

If you love the whole blind, pyromaniac, mutant, baker thing about Iggy, post this in your profile.

If you would kill to have wings, post this in your profile.

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Erin: "Why can't a real-life Fang and Iggy just show up at our school, fall in love with only us, and then ask us to marry them? Why are good men only fictional?" Me: "Oh, that's not true. Just breathe, little buddy." Erin: "You don't understand, Haley. I'm seeing hearts in EVERYTHING." Me: "... really?" Erin: "YES! -whisper- Don't you see them??"

Kate: "Like three guys said I'm sexy. How am I sexy? Look at me. I guess I just text sexy or something..."

Erin: "Water is magical."


Megan: "Does anyone have an extra cookie?" Ashley: "I do." Megan: "Ah! Yay! What's your price?" Ashley: "-odd look- ... your soul."

Lia: "-high pitched voice- Its a soccer ball. Wanna kick it? -kicks- There it go."

Kate: "I'd totally do Bret. Would you do Bret?" Me: "I don't know, I'm kinda saving myself for Miley Cyrus." Kate: "-nod- ... -looks at me- what?" Me: "I don't know."

Hope: "It goes like this- you stick your ass out, and I hit it. Got it?! ITS NOT THAT DIFFICULT."

Me: "I could see your butt." Lia: "No you couldn't." Me: "Could so." Lia: "Liar."

Me: "DUDE! YOU'RE ITALIAN, AND I'M GOING TO ROME!" Megan: "I'm french." Me: "-checks pamphlet- I'M GOING TO FRANCE TOO!"

Miranda: "Well, for my project, I did my brother Llyod." Me: "Can't hear you, darling! LOUDER!" Miranda: "I DID MY BROTHER LLYOD!" Me: "Good for you!"

James: "-in front of the entire class performing a monologue- OMG. I LOVE THIS COCK. I FREAKING LOVE THIS ROOSTER."

Me: "I'm more of a fondler than a lover."

Zach: "My testicles really hurt in these pants- LOOK! You can see 'em!"

Olivia: "OooOOoo! It's the bestfriend pocket! Put your hand insiiiiiiide!"

Jenna: "My head itched and you scratched it and it felt nice."

Me: "I think you're laughing. It feels like it, that's all."

Me: "It laughs at YOU for ME!"

Rebecca: "What part of you is touching me?"

Jennifer: "Ohmygod. Can you believe we just licked a cactus in Algebra class?" Me: "Oh, can I ever! :D"

Zach: "Oh sugah, what's that in your haulin'? Oooaaah."

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