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Errrmmmm Yeah welll... There really isn't much...

I've got my one story I started working on. I only really like to do one stroy at a time, so I don't get too many going and can't keep up with them all. The only anime's I've finished watching are Blood+ and FMA. So Those are the only ones I'd write anything that takes placeafter the series. I'm trying to finish watching Inuyasha, Solty Rei, and MushiShi. so yeah.


Curently I am working on "Life Is Hard, Love Is Harder".

I have gotten two chapters up in two days.


Saya goes to sleep for her 30 year sleep, but what happens when she wakes up? How many years has it actually been? This Is my take on what I Think should Happen after the end of the series. So if you don't think that it's what happened and you're planning on flaming me for it, Newsflash ISN'T YOUR STORY. If you don't like it, too bad. It's what I wanted to happen.

I think the weirdest part about me making this story, is that in a weird sort of way, I'm sort of against Saya/Hagi pairings. The facts that we learned during the series proved that it wouldn't work out between them. I don't mean to ruin everybodys day, I think it's a cute pairing, It's just SO predictable, and it wouldn't work out is all.

Sorry, Scratches back of neck, I just don't have anywhere else to go to be an Anime nerd. None of my friends give a shit, well, not enough to listen to me complain. then again you probably didn't care about that either so... ummm sorry.

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