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Author has written 2 stories for My Life as a Teenage Robot.

If you're reading this, You happen to be one of the lucky (Or unlucky as you might view it) people to see my bio for Fan fiction.net. I really don't feel the need to be particuarly verbose, but I thought it might be nice to have somthing filling all that dreadful white space in my profile.

I started this profile as a way to test my writing skills. The best way to test somthing I have always felt, was to have it repeatedly maimed, and then discover where it first began to buckle. It is a rather scientific approach, with numerous variables to consider, and it allows for obsesive editing. I sometimes picture myself as a wizened scientist, probing the chared remains of the story and periodicaly noding and scribling some arcane text on on a clipboard. One can only hope that after the best of sessions, I will be able to divine useful and well thought out ideas.

In short, I'm throwing out my Hackneed plots and ideas for all too see, and hoping that I get some good feedback. My first story I like to think of as a metaphorical Bull in a china shop, grinding puctuation and spelling underneath its clumsy hooves. Oh no! There goes a semicolon, and the period, oh god the period! Perhaps a good explination of what I think is goinging to happen could be found in one of Penny Arcade's numerous Mr. Period and the punctuatiuon posse strips.

In any event I hope you enjoy the wild ride that is soon to follow.

Oh, and if you absolutely need to stab your eyes out, come visit me on DeviantArt at


Well, I survived the first story with out major physical Trauma, I think it’s about time to try another one. That is if I can pull myself away from Mass effect of the Orange Box for any length of time (Prognosis: Bleak)

But hey, lets see how it all turns out

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