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Captain Combat Beard

First off, write like you don't have fans (for authors of 1 or 2 stories, this is probably the case). You want great quality to draw more people in every time you get working. Every chapter, every scene, you want well written and good enough to keep people satisfied. Always write with this mentality. However, when looking back over the chapter, think twice about the jokes that you think no one may find really really funny and may set fire to the reviews section (i.e. Sonic saying "The only thing my fanbase is good for is the porn they create, which I don't think they should even be making", or something along such controversial lines). Unless you're aiming for a crazy no-rules fuck-fans-I'm-doing-this-for-great-justice story. Then be my guest. However, if you're on people's favorites and alerts, be nice let them know if something happens and you won't be able to do anything story-related for a while.

Write details. Details details details. One reason why New Save File (NSF, it'll be abbreviated) is all gory is stuff because it trains detail. The situations that happen in the story that require detail for the full effect thing allows the reader to imagine what it looks like (and to see why Sonic feels disgusted by it). Since I'm done with the main, more twisted parts of NSF, I'm going to downgrade to T stuff because, right now, I'm writing fanfics based on a series starring a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog, not your average spess mahreen. It's not needed, and, as said blue anthropomorphic hedgehog has stated several times, it just isn't his style.

Buffer. This is much more important than details, as if you suffer writer's block while your story us up, you can still be able to update. Buffer is to have some of the story completed before you upload it, instead of uploading one chapter at a time. This combats never-ending "hiatuses" that lead to you dropping the whole thing. This has been the downfall of many an author, and it's a common mistake. It still gets me, too.

My inspirations for my stories are as follows:

The original source of the series I am writing in.
Musical artists such as King Crimson, Diablo Swing Orchestra, among others.
Actual artists such as JonasDeRo (formerly Jenovah-Art) of Deviantart.
I try to scrounge up inspiration from other authors here, but great inspiration is few and far between.
Very recently, the short film The Backwater Gospel has found a place in my heart.

My Stories/Plans for Them:

--The Sonic Stuff--

Rocket Jump Waltz: The oldest story I have on this account. I got inspired by the song from Team Fortress 2 of the same name, as I imagined a chaotic scene, and then suddenly, a rocket flies and explodes right nearby, and the entirety of the song is played in the background whilst the person caught in the blast would look around in slow motion, confusion, and slight awe. Not to mention pain. It survived the great chopping block, when I wanted to start anew with this account.

New Save File: My rather glorious reintroduction to this site after quite some hiatus. Well, glorious compared to the bad part of the older stuff, which I deleted. Also my first really completed fic. Sorry, but here's a little history lesson: at first, I was just the typical Sonic fanfic-writer; that is to say "cringeworthy". I left, and when I came back, fresh with the thought of "What if Sonic performed crazy scientist experiments on SatBK", and having read a couple books, I realized my flaws. I threw almost everything off my metaphorical desk, started over, and began to write something big. And that big something was this, New Save File. I started writing four months prior to when I uploaded it though, and I got to Chapter 13 before I uploaded it. It's a practice I wish I could remember to do.

Plans for it: I have plenty of side-stuff typed up, but I'm not sure in what order I should upload them in. They're all pretty crazy, and not because they're plain random. I need less crazy ones before I can upload the rest. There needs a progression as the place slowly turns into a well oiled machine, and when summarized, a very silly joke.

The Fall: I don't have much actually written, but I decided to use an outline this time. All the skeleton of a story I have completely written out needs now is some flesh. Most of which you have seen. Sorry, but this needs to be made before you can read it, and I STUPIDLY uploaded it too early. That's a lesson I will learn; don't start stuff too early.

Plans for it: Currently trying to buffer it, give it a good lead to what you get so I could update with some consistency, and not be Gone with the Blastwave 2.0.

Goodnight: A oneshot AU fic I just launched, right when it's needed. I'll tell you right now, it's a different kind of AU fic, and it kind of jokes with that, but to find out how, you have to read it. I'm not spoiling it, and the Joker said it best: It's not funny if you have to explain it.

Humpty Dumpty: I guess you could say a spin-off from Goodnight's AU? Anyway, after holding Angel Island for a short while before losing it to Sonic and his friends once again, Ivo Robotnik decides to pull out his wild card: Destroy the Master Emerald's altar, sending the entire island into a plummet to the ground, while using high explosives to blow off parts of the island in case it failed. Written for the Kelviniana Forum's writing contest, for September.

--And then there is--

Team Fortress: My rendition of the TF2 universe and team. It was going pretty good, but I hit writer's block and nothing was clearing it.

Plans for it: Might scrap it, redo it with all the lore that has been added in.

--Future Maybe Plans--

Some Demon's Souls oneshots: I noticed while playing that certain corpses are placed in very peculiar places. I wonder what their story is...

Well I don't know what I'll do next, but I can assure you, it will be of high quality, because if I keep going at this rate, I can only get better.


Now, I know that everyone loves a good beard. My icons have plenty, proving that I am a manly man who does manly things that they don't talk to other men about, such as write Sonic fanfiction and never insult the things I like so no one can find my guilty pleasures. Among my skills are coming up with genius plot elements, good charisma, and hair genes of the gods. Notice how drawing art is not among those traits. So, on the off-chance someone out there with better skills wants whip something up for me, PM me.

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