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Author has written 7 stories for Sekirei, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Kämpfer/けんぷファー, GUNxSWORD, and Bleach.

I'd rather keep my mystique^^ I live in the land of earthquakes... for those that don't know what I'm talking about thats California... Um a few of my favorite animes are... Fight Ippatsu! Juuden Chan!, ScryED, Sumomomo momomo, G Gundam, Pretty much all Tenchi but TIT... FKing hate TIT... and the list is growing...

I am a harem Addict... there I said it, and I don't care^^

Some of my favorite characters from animes... are... Kenpachi Zaraki, Rock "PsychoBrow" Lee, Goten Son, Kazuki Shikimori, among others... If I get into girls, the site will crash^^

I'm currently working on three fanfics.

One Be My Master, a story about Minato and his 'tenants' living in the slums of Tokyo. Minato lives the life of a man looking for something to stand for, and all the while juggle intimacies with Sekirei, make ends meet, and struggle within not only stopping the S plan, but make it as a musician...

The second one I'm working on is my Hollows Unleashed series, the second chapter will be up soon, and yes I will issue the disclaimer, obviously I don't own most of the stories I write... Else they'd be EPIC^^ Hollows Unleashed is a crossover between Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball... I should also note that the main point of having Hollows in the title means that all the main heroes have Hollow forms... Yes, ROCK LEE AND GOTEN HAVE HOLLOW FORMS!!! Its a drama fic with some action scenes, lots of fluff, and a considerable amount of death. Based of previous Harem-fics I've done in the past.

The third and final fic is a work in progress being a massive crossover between the following animes: Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Zero no Tsukaima, Sekirei, Fight Ippatsu! Juuden Chan!, Rosario+Vampire,Magikano, Maburaho, Sumomomo Momomo, School Rumble, To love Ru, Omamori Himari, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, and Princess Lover!... Yeah, I actually think I'm decent enough to tie all of these into one massive crossover of epicness that will destroy the Ultraverse^^ Its going to take forever just to write the first chapter, it might be a BOOK!!!^^ but yeah, a work in progress^^

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